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K-Pop tag!

20 Oct

I’ve always wanted to do something like that but never had a chance. And I’ve got too little friends with me who go crazy over kpop. Either those crazy ones are not my close friends, or my friends are just not that crazy.

So, no one tagged me, but I’m doing it anyway.

1. First KPOP Group? SHINee
2. First KPOP Song?  Perhaps love from Princess Hours
3. Favorite Male KPOP Group? SHINee
4. Favorite Female KPOP Group? f(x)
5. Favorite Solo Artist?  BoA
6. Favorite KPOP Song? SHINee – Sherlock
7. Favorite KPOP Music Video? SHINee Replay and 2AM You wouldn’t answer my calls
8. Favorite Ballad? 2AM – Never let you go
9. Catchiest Tune? SHINee – The SHINee World
10. Best Male Dancer? Taemin
11. Best Female Dancer? BoA
12. Best Male Vocalist? Onew
13. Best Female Vocalist? BoA and Luna (Sorry I just had to add Luna in)
14. Best Male Rapper?  Minho/Key
15. Best Female Rapper? Amber
16. Best Male Leader? Super Junior Leeteuk
17. Best Female Leader? SNSD Taeyeon
18. Current song you’re listening to? 2AM잘못했어 (because I was searching for 2AM’s MV…)
19. Previous song you’re listening to? 2AM Never let you go
20. Next song you will be listening to?  I don’t know
21. Current KPOP Group addiction? SHINee
22. Current KPOP Song addiction?  B1A4 Fool (due to my friend playing with my ipod playlist)
23. Female KPOP Idol bias? f(x) Luna
24. Male KPOP Idol bias? SHINee Key
25. Favorite Entertainment Company: SM Entertainment
26. Hottest Male Idol? SHINee Jonghyun
27. Hottest Female Idol? BoA
28. Cutest Male Idol? SHINee Onew
29. Prettiest Female Idol? f(x) Sulli
30. Cutest maknae? SHINee Taemin
32. Are you active on AllKPop?  I am a silent reader.
33. Favorite Couple on WGM? Khuntoria, Teuksora
34. Which Fandoms are you apart of? Shawol, Aff(x)tion
35. Which KPOP Group forum are you most active on? None. >.<
36. What is your favorite Korean Drama? City Hunter
37. What is your favorite Korean Variety show? Running Man
After I do this whole thing, I realised, I am such a SMTown lover. >.< And I am so crazy over SHINee. Awwwwwww.
Done! Not tagging anyone. >.<


20 Oct


The hand…
My drawing of 3 years ago and today. I was actually browsing through that sketchbook and saw this series of pictures with this little girl. (left) And I picked one to redraw. (right) This was the outcome. Was a total fail moment when I found that I was havig the exact same difficulty I had 3 years ago… The hand. I just don’t seem to be able to draw it. Gosh. FAIL! T.T Sadness. This means I made no improvement at all these few years?!?! 😦 I don’t like that! Hmmmms. But I got to say I didn’t draw much these few years though. Due to gaming/study/drama. Oh no I should start drawing again. That was my first interest, and I shall never let go of it. It does hurt sometimes that my drawing aren’t recognised by people. I mean I know my drawings aren’t good but I have pride in them mans. I want people to say aww this is so cute!… And it’s more saddening that people who make negative comments on my drawings are my closest friends. I mean of course only my closest friends will dare say that. If someone keeps telling me my drawing is super nice, either the person can’t draw, or the person always does that, to anyone, anyway. I have such friends. Maybe it’s good that my friends remind me that my drawings aren’t that nice. Sort of make me motivated to draw better. Hurt is one thing, but I am the best person who can get over that hurt fast. Hopefully I will spend this holiday to draw a few satisfyig pieces. 🙂 Shall sketch SHINee, and draw shugo chara. >< Wish me luck!
Love, Carol

[Anime Review] Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day

19 Oct


The story

This story isn’t one that after watching you’ll soon forget. It’s extremely touching. The six kids were childhood friends and an accident, where Menma died, caused them to drift apart. One day, Jinta met ghost of a grown up Menma, wanting him to grant her wish. The story continues with the five reuniting.

Every kid had their little secret they’d never share with the others about Menma. One by one they were revealed and led to the understanding of the whole accident. At the end, Menma fulfilled her wish (which has something to do with Jinta) and she had to leave. That was the saddest, and made me cry.

The characters

Menma: She really didn’t blame anyone for causing her death. Such a kind girl. I sort of hoped she could remain, but there was no chance.

Jinta: He liked Menma, and everyone knew that. He was just a young boy who didn’t know how to express himself. causing himself to live in regret.

Anaru: She isn’t good at expressing herself either, huh? She was jealous of Menma but at the same time she liked her a lot. She just couldn’t get over the guilt of asking a stupid question.

Yukiatsu: I thought he’s got a more of main character look. Just the looks. He liked Menma and he said it. But that was the last thing he could say before the accident happened. Bad enough, he also had to live with guilt.

Tsuruko: She has always been with Yukiatsu, but he never looked at her as a girl. I guess they were just not meant to be. But I thought he would end up with her, but who knows. I love stories that are unpredictable, including the part that Yukiatsu told Anaru to be his girlfriend and Tsuruko overheard. (hohoho!)

Poppo: He got the cutest character, and I thought his character was really similar to Menma. He’s the cute person all animes need to make the atmosphere high.


Overall, I really really really like this anime, and I do recommend everyone to watch it. Oh, that is if you like love/friendship/relationship kind of story. Cute and touching, see if it makes you cry! 😛

[SHINee] Dazzling Girl song/PV review

16 Oct

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love 愛 愛 愛 これは これは Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love 愛 愛 愛 これが これが 愛 愛

The first teaser of Dazzling Girl came out with as a comercial background music. It was really short, and there was someone talking in that comercial which made it hard to listen to the song. But right from that teaser, the above part of the lyrics was permanently engraved in my mind. And I love to go “愛 愛 愛” randomly. The second encounter is the PV teaser, which had a 20seconds appearance of a girl, whom I do not know of. My friend and I thought it was a waste of time, but it was okay, since the point is that teasers are supposed to make you feel like you want to watch the full one. My favourite phrase was still “愛 愛 愛” till then. After a long wait, someone uploaded a full audio (downloaded from itunes in jp I suppose) and that was when I totally fall in love with the rap parts, by both Minho and Key. The “boom boom boom POW” was a hit, and “gimme gimme gimme…kimi kimi kimi…” was totally confusing. But that was the point of the rap. Totally amazing! 🙂 But “愛 愛 愛” still couldn’t get out of my mind, and I guess it never will. ^^ And then, finally, the full PV came out, and I shall rewatch while I write.

Rewatching the PV

Okay, the girl at the start is still UNKNOWN! :O Omo, the starting part is so CUTE! *Eyes on Key* About Taemin, my friend says he looks like Yamapi. (how? O_O) Minho and Onew with the little skirt like weird thingy. And Minho still looks sexy in it. >0< Another set of clothes, OHMY, Key’s tail, IS THAT A RACOON TAIL? Okay, forgive me. And I totally LOVE Onew’s straightened hair. And O_O Key’s shorts and tights again. >< Okay, the PV ended already. But WHY THE GIRL AGAIN? :O Did I write so little? I must have been spazzing. >.< Ohmy, I DID NOT MENTION JONGHYUN DID I? How could I do this! 😡 Jonghyun’s forever sexy, especially in the first set of clothes. 🙂

The dance

I guess I’ve said enough about the song before, so now I’ll talk about the dance. Having tried learning “Sherlock” (by that I meant I paid for lessons>.<), I guess this is kind of within my ability range to learn? I am not that sure though. I may be learning it, if my schedule fits the dance course. But this dance is especially cute at first and third chorus. That part was my favourite dance move. *Kicking legs* But I guess that needs LOTS of energy. 😛 Overall, the dance is totally great, cute, energetic, lovely, AWESOME! 🙂 And is that just me, or is it the fact, I saw moves of Amigo, Hello, Reply, Lucifer in this dance. Okay, I guess it’s just me, but there really was Amigo move. ^^

Those comments

I looked through 3 pages of the comments. Sadness. I see people who write that they do not like this song/clothes/dance/whatever. (Oh my, so you can do better?) And these people say they are Shawol, and that if SHINee continues with this they can’t stand it anymore. (Please, for goodness sake, don’t call yourself a fan of SHINee anymore!) Whats wrong with the song/clothes/dance/whatever. I see nothing wrong with the cute song, nothing wrong with those sexy clothes, nothing wrong with the energetic dance, and the whole thing is so perfect that I am blinded by their SHINE. Weird expression, but yeah, you get what I mean. 🙂 Who is to judge that their dance is easy or not except for themselves? Easy or not, they probably spent plenty of hours/days/months to practice to perfect it. I can’t go on anymore. I guess I’m a little overprotective of my idols, but I can’t help it.

On the bright side, many people still have positive comments about this song. And they support SHINee forever, like I do. Love all! 🙂

Remember, no matter how much they aim to become perfect, they are human beings, and man have flaws, so do they.

Rants: I was blind

16 Oct

For three and a half years I’ve been with my laptop, I never realised Cyberlink PowerDirector existed…

FAIL. I searched high and low for a decent video editor, and tried so hard to get a full version of Sony Vegas 8.0-11, just to realise I actually had Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 in my laptop. I guess it came when I bought it. How I found out? Cause I was just clicking “uninstall or change a program” and happened to organise it in the date of installation. And, the very first date, has this Cyberlink PowerDirector. Okay, I am not very sure if it came when I bought it. I did send it for repair once, and I thought they reformat my computer? I am not sure. I am a computer noob. 🙂 But YAY! Since I have Cyberlink PowerDirector, I can make videos! Forever!! 🙂 Until my laptop retires, which might be really soon. 😦 I LOVE MY LAPTOP THOUGH!

[Anime Review] Another

15 Oct

Officially started and ended one series of anime on 14 October 2012. Firstly, I watched it not because someone recommended it to me, nor was it because I’m a fan of their producer/cast. I was just browsing through anime titles and I found ‘Another’. I found it weird that there was a episode 0 until I went to read the story outline online. It’s to show how the start of all events. The moment I realised events are starting, it was too late. I am not a person who like to watch horror, in fact I find anime like Detective Conan scary. I have a set of Dan Detective School Q manga, but I never dared to read it at night. That’s how timid I am. And the last sort-of-scary anime I’ve watched is like Death Girl. Okay, I know many people will not consider that as scary, but I do… T.T So after the death of the girl getting poked by the umbrella, I wanted to quit that anime, but I found that I couldn’t stop. I wanted to find out more.

The story
I guess it’s just another horror anime. The same kind of mystery/suspense and all. It did keep my interest since I couldn’t quit, but given that I didn’t quit until the end, it don’t seem to be too horror-ish isn’t it? I’m not sure. Maybe over the years I got braver. But I still couldn’t take it at episode 11. I started skipping parts. I probably watched it in less than five minutes.

The characters
Misaki Mei herself brings me creeps. Especially in the doll shop. And I actually suspected she killed her sister with some curse in the dolls beside the bed. Until I knew that was the start of events, and that Misaki Mei was treated to be non-existent but not really non-existent. About Kouichi and Reiko, I don’t understand why Kouichi will not get hurt, is it because the dead one is his aunt? Who knows. Maybe it’s just because he’s the lead character. Somehow, he’ve been protected from all harms until ep11 when everyone went wild. Izumi, this girl, was too brave. The way she died was really making me puke. But the point is Kouichi and Mei could have prevented her from trying to kill them if they said out the truth. And they didn’t, which made the fight between the three become so long. Izumi’s death was horrible, I don’t understand how she was not smart enough to hide/ turn her back since Kouichi actually survived with glasses piercing his back only.

The mystery/clues
After reading some summaries of the anime, I realised there were clues that I overlooked, and clues that were not too clear. I guess I’m just not born to be a detective yeah? I knew there was something wrong when Kouichi’s grandparents said something about Reiko being pitiful. But I didn’t know what was wrong. And when the grandparents talk about funerals, and that the grandparents never acknowledge Reiko’s presence. The problem with no other classes having a co-form teacher is weird. How would we know, and about the part that there we no shortage of desks in classroom but at the staff room. Wasn’t what I expected, but it do make some sense, just that I am not born to connect all these and make sense of them. But I guess people who read/watch detective related novels/animes will definitely get it right away.

Overall, I feel that the anime was not bad, quite entertaining and mysterious in some sense. Okay, these are just my thoughts, I know many people out there may think differently, I respect that, and hope you respect mine too.

[Girl talk] Friends

14 Oct

Every girl has her “friend problem”

There were numerous times I actually cried over a friend. And this time I see a girl-friend of mine, crying over her friend. The fact is, I’ve never seen a guy, crying over a friend(guy). Is it that girls are vulnerable and guys are though? I doubt so. I just feel that it’s because girls have that little thing with feelings. The feeling we cannot hide, the feeling we don’t want to face, the feeling that make us look like cowards, that feeling that make girls weak.
I’m not sure about other girls, but for me, I don’t like that feeling. It makes me care to much, it makes me go beyond what I’m supposed to be. And I don’t like it.
my story
I used to have a friend, whom i treasure a lot. But somehow things went wrong. We kept fighting, we couldn’t stop. I think she don’t care about me, she thinks the same. All these endless fights made me realise how much I care, and how much I can’t stand that she don’t appreciate it. In the end, due to class allocations, we went separate ways. But we continued fighting. Yet, we were able to go on the same overseas trip that the school organised. Being the only two in our level going, we had to depend on each other. Things went fine for a while, later during the 10 day trip, we fight again. But we just end up saying sorry over and over again. We were like fools. I couldn’t take it. After the trip some other things happened. And now I try my best to not talk/avoid her. But it’s not quite possible. She tries hard to get herself updated on my life, trying to stalk me all the time. It’s quite irritating, when you hear things like “so who’s your new target?” (She means idol. And it’s just her funny belief that I like to change idols which is so UNTRUE), and “so do you feel happier now that you can play kpop during cca?” (I complain cca is boring, which is true cause the whole existence of cca is for syf. And she somehow overheard me playing kpop songs? Who knows how she did it? And about kpop, I used to complain it was no good, yet i fall right into the hole of kpop this year. Totally in love now.) So… Having someone saying this to you, often, how is it? I feel so stalked. And i just feel that you’re trying to interfere with my business which I totally do not like. But I don’t know how to say… So yeah, I guess we’ll see how things goes next year.
end of my story
So, it may just be a girl thing that we’re too sensitive and all. It’s kind of irritating to get all those thoughts, but I guess it’s okay. After all, we are girls. But after this story, I learnt to put less effort in my friendship. But I guess this is subjected to people. I am just not suitable for friendship that bring two people too close that they interfere each other’s lives. I know I am a very dependent person, but at the same time, a little independent somehow. But something I sure don’t like is when people poke into my business. And when people that important things from me, especially my phone. (Okay, I guess this should not be elaborated cause it’s another story altogether!)
Let’s conclude, I guess we girls just need to understand ourselves more to make right decisions for ourselves and not fall into the trap of oversensitivity. (Is there such a word?)