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BoA Disturbance MV

28 Jan

Sorry for not posting for such a loooooooooooooong time. Been busy with school and stuff, since a new year and a new term just started. (Not that I have many readers anyway, but hopefully the numbers will increase? I don’t know.) Will post two times today to make up for it.

So, this MV is really DAEBAK! LOVE IT! Not just because Taemin is in there, not just because BoA is singing, not just because it is a SM production, but it is a combined reason for all those above and many more! I know many other companies can do as great, but I am a SM biased person, and I am that kind of girl who just really focus of loving one instead of going around hating every other. (YEAH, and in my next post I’ll talk more about this issue)

Back to BoA! She is definitely the ONE AND ONLY girl in this whole K-pop industry that I respect to my fullest. I mean it’s not easy for a young girl to give up all her ‘life’ and put all her effort into preparing to become an artiste and do not know whether she will make it or not at that point of time. (I don’t know if that sentence was a run-on one, I just write without forming the sentence in my mind before writing, so bare with it.) She decided for herself, and she succeeded, and because she did it, she got all my respect. I’m sure she’s not the ONLY ONE out there having done this at that age, but up till this point, I’ve yet to hear a story similar and to the extent that I will respect the person. Yea, and it’s just BoA.

The MV, it is great partly because Taemin’s in it. But once again, even if it’s not Taemin, it’d still be great, cause there’s BoA. But TAEMIN IS THERE AND I CAN’T IGNORE THE FACT! He’s portraying such a mature image in here and I thought it went quite well. I bet years ago, everyone thought he’d stay young and innocent his whole life. But WOW! he turned out SO COOL in this MV. I know he still lacks a lot in his acting skills, but he was able to pull off such a mature image which was already a great deal.

The MV, honestly, I really didn’t get the whole MV when I first watched it. Confusing, but touching. I had the feeling of sadness in me, but I didn’t know the lyrics at all. I guess that’s really the kind of feeling the song gives. (Just like JYP always says… feelings…) K-pop songs are the only ones that could make me cry even without me knowing the lyrics, well, I’ve yet to try other languages, but yeah. Chinese songs never… And I don’t know why… Well, the MV… It was so confusing that I found an excuse to watch it again. Yeah, I made my mum watch it, so I watched it with her. And I finally got it. At the very end, when there was “Let time go by” and “Go back to the past”. I went like “OHHHHH, I GET IT!” And my mum was looking at me thinking I was crazy. I finally understood that there was a choice of whether to go back, as in gather the courage and go back to the happy days, or just let time go by, and time heals the sadness. And that was before I read the discriptions. And Later I saw the post on twitter about the 2 ending and yay! Got it! I am a smart kid! ^^ I’ve always tried to understand 3-4min MV storyplots that are always so confusing. And this is maybe the one of few times I actually made a correct guess on the interpretation of the story. And between the happy and sad ending, I obviously like the happy one more! I love the way Taemin said “saranghae”, and his smile. But the sad case is they just stood there and nothing happened. Not that I expected them to kiss or anything… The sad ending was sort of… nothing much. Just Taemin being sad and BoA sad too and she left. So, I like the happy ending better!!! ^^ So, really, watch it and LOVE IT! ^^

The song. After consulting various sources for the lyrics translations, I watched the MV again. Wow, I love it. Whether it is from the girl’s or guy’s point of view, I still love it. But for me, I saw it from the guy’s point of view, so that was BoA singing Taemin’s thoughts? WOW! ^^ (That’s just me, disagree all you want!)

BoA is great, and I love her!

P.S. WOW LOOK AT THIS! Such a great choice I made to pick it up when my cousin decided to throw this away. I know it’s kind of not appropriate to pick up someone else’s ring (and I have no idea if it is a couple ring…) but I don’t regret it! It means nothing to him anyway, but it means a lot to me now! ^^