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Keeping myself busy lately.

30 Mar

Hopefully I am doing a picture update… I am not so sure yet, let’s see~

Today, at around 00.10? I am not so sure what time it was. I was at the airport, waiting for my mum to arrive. And there were many people I suspected something was wrong. And it was true. Some stars were arriving, and my dad, went to join the fun. I lost him in the crowd for awhile, then finally spot him. He blended in well with all the fans… ._. Anyway, I prepared my camera, Canon PowerShot SX40 HS, waited and waited, and I figured out Zai Zai Zhou Yu Min and Wu Zun were here. There was someone else, someone I don’t really know of so I don’t remember the name.
You see a Wu Zun? Sadly, I didn’t catch a good shot of Zai Zai (cause I forgot my shutter speed is slow, I should’ve change to sport mode)… T^T So, when Zai Zai came out, those fans just said “hi” and nothing really happened. Then, Wu Zun came and they screamed while I was busy shooting. Then after he walked pass, I checked my camera, and then woooooosh, I got pushed by his fans trying to chase after him. I didn’t like that, but I guess it is unpreventable. I tried that before, being one of the fans of Alien Huang (Xiao gui) I was at the airport, the exact same spot trying to get photos of him. But failed terribly. Which is why I worked and earned $$ to get my own camera, just to realise a x50 zoom came out a year later (for the same price). I almost tore the newspaper advertisement. Heehee. But anyway, my camera came from my hard work, I will still love it. And of course, because the day I went to see Alien Huang was an afternoon, there were more people and people pushed more. I grabbed my friend’s hand and followed after him, till I couldn’t anymore. I was pushed along the way, maybe I was pushing too, but I tried to be careful. But the Wu Zun fan that pushed me was really trying to get me out of her way, that wasn’t nice. Because I wasn’t at the airport as a fangirl, I was waiting for my mum. It was pure coincidence that the stars came, and I just wanted to get some photo for fun, and then the unhappy thing happened. Okay, I have a feeling I am complaining too much. @.@ Anyway, lucky thing is no one was hurt. I urge all fans to really take care of themselves at the airport. You sure don’t want to fall down in front of your idol right?

Well, lately, I’ve been getting into a study mode, and it is a good thing. But I can’t get away from wordpress easily. I want to post, but I am short of time. So I sort of promised myself to post at least once a week. We’ll see how it goes. ^^ And also, during my break time, I started this:
Don’t worry, I fixed it after “painting”
It’s happy and walking~ but let’s take a look at the back!
What do you think it is?
Heehee~~ I really feel that it don’t look perfect. But anyway, life isn’t perfect, so I like the imperfection! ^^ And what do you think I worked with?
YEAH~ NAIL POLISH! Although the base colour is a face it! nail polish, which isn’t in the photo, it came in a nail kit with three colours: pink, yellow and blue. Since it is made to have KEY in it, so it is PINK! ^^ The other nail polish are from SaSa. I hope one day I can make a set of five, with all the SHINee members and send it to them as a gift, provided I know the SAFEST way that it will DEFINITELY reach them. Heehee! ^^ BIG DREAM! But I will always keep it in my to-do list!


Dreams need to go on…

30 Mar

First, I must say that I am really sad for SHINee’s goodbye stages these few days. Or rather there was even an “encore” one, without me knowing the previous was the “last stage”. Gosh, I am not sure if anyone will get what I mean… But anyhow, they are done with Dream Girl promotions, and I haven’t got enough yet! Now, I just have to look forward to the release of ‘The misconception of me’. I am secretly hoping they will do a ballad, because “I Can’t Leave” is such a great song I hope to listen to it every week. LIVE! ^^ Anyway, their goodbye stages… T^T AWW But I must say this is the first time I followed a group one performance after another for the whole duration of their promotion. Wow. I like the feeling that I have something to look forward to every week. ^^ Anyway, here is the best goodbye-encore stage ever! Look at the way they rock the stage! Oh gosh! I’ve never expect Minho to be such a rocker, but he did it! Key is born to be this way. And what’s with that BARBIE Jonghyun?! Aww, Taemin is so sweet to reach out his hands to the fans~~ And gosh, Onew’s stage appearances are always the best because they just feel so different from the Lee Jinki-Onew, or maybe it’s the other way round, just that we don’t know?

I only looked at the translation for Dream Girl properly today, which make me feel strongly for it. These few days I’ve been dreaming of something, seem to be some continuous dream… With a guy in it… Gosh, I seem so desperate, but I really don’t see the face of him. T^T And so I hope one day I will know how he look like. ^^ But oh well, it’s true that we dream and we forget. Maybe I saw his face, just that I forgot. Which is a sad case… Anyway, everyone will not want to wake up from a good dream. And that’s how the song goes. ^^

To make up for SHINee’s goodbye stage, Infinite comes along. ^^ I anticipated their comeback, looked at all their teaser videos. And I surrendered at the first one. Sungjong with a kitten. Really, my weakest spot… A KITTEN! OH MY… I need to be there! T^T And the kitten has FOLDED EARS! RARR! I WANT THAT! Anyway, when I heard the teaser part of “Man In Love”, I never expected the song to turn out like that. Maybe it’s because I overlooked the fact that they have 2 rappers, or maybe I am too obsessed with Sungkyu’s voice that I thought it will be less rock and slower. Or maybe it’s the way the teaser is made that the sentence faded off and it seems like a slower song. I am really no good at predicting. But this song is amazingly nice even if it isn’t slow.
Their comeback was as awesome!! I LOVE THEIR SLOW SONG! And I especially love their costume when singing slow songs. These boys stand in a row and have their shirts tucked in!! LIKE GOOD BOYS! I LOVE THAT! ♥.♥ The dance for “Man In Love” is also great! Fine, overall they exceeded my expectations~ ^^

But I don’t really consider myself an Inspirit, maybe just not yet… It took me a while to accept myself as a Shawol too… Never mind that, Infinite have great boys~~

Mblaq deserves more…

25 Mar

Well, I am doing this at midnight because I realised I owe you guys so much. I promised this quite a few weeks ago, and now finally it is here. And I also owe you a lyrics trans of Fire. Gosh, my schedule is so busy that I couldn’t even get myself to sit down to do a proper post. Although last week was a term break, I had to go back to school 4 out of 5 days of the week, and I had loads of homework that are still undone till now… How is that a term break? Oh well, I guess everyone goes through the same.. So, let’s get started on the topic of the beautiful Mblaq.
I first know Mblaq from the song Run. I didn’t search for it, but it turned up when I was looking for SNSD’s Run Devil Run. Mblaq’s Run did leave an impact in me, but it was just a random song that I listened to. Then later I meet Lee Joon in WGM with Oh YeonSeo. I liked his shy but not shy personality and then I got attracted to Mblaq. I watched their Hello Baby and totally loved their interactions. I went on to watch their other variety shows and became a Mblaq fan. Although this like is not to a large extend, I still feel defensive towards these five boys. I feel that they should get more recognition as Mblaq. Not that I am saying they don’t get enough, I am sure A+ will and have always been really really supportive of their idols. What I am saying is they should be recognise for their respective talents, and that’s what really made me fall for them.
They debuted as a group under the hands of Rain, thus I am sure there were much higher expectations for them than any others, or rather, some may just see them as a shadow of Rain resulting in no interest in them… However, I think otherwise. Also, they came out as guys with eyeliners, some may think it is unsuitable. But to me, those eyeliners are perfect match for them. It somehow emphasises that they are Mblaq, it shows some form of uniqueness in them (not that other male idols don’t use eyeliners… but somehow it was special for Mblaq). I don’t know about expectation meeting because I wasn’t a fan from the start, but I am pretty sure they are up to a certain standard right now, and of course they are improving for the better.
As I’ve said, I am in love with their individual talents… Yes and of course for the dear leader, Seungho, I love how he plays the piano. I am not so sure which video of him playing piano I saw first, but when he played, my mouth was like :O big and I couldn’t close it at all. Then after that my eyes went ♥.♥ FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN, TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY… Here is one of the video that I really like, except for it’s quality isn’t that nice, but you can still tell he plays the piano like an expert. Like one of the best out of all guy pianist I’ve ever seen, except for all those really… (Don’t count legendary Mozart, Beethoven etc in cause I’VE NEVER SEEN THEM!)

And of course we can’t forget how great GO’s voice sounds. That manly and touching voice.. Hohohohoho~ I hope he can sing for me one day… (DREAM ON…) Other than his voice, I really love how he can be a joker yet not humorous. I know it sounds ironic, but he really does things that are meant to be funny but are not funny at all. Really. I don’t know how, but he always makes me laugh at his funny-notfunny actions. ^^
And PLEASE, look at this group, we have a pianist and than be have a MALE BALLET DANCER! WOW! Those are the two groups I admire like !@!$!%#^%$^#$&$&^$@$!@. Because how I wish I could do those, but I never grab my chance when I was young. And especially cause they are guys! I love them for that. Here is a video of both of them together… Really, I don’t know who to focus on already… And gosh, Lee Joon DON’T EVER TEAR ANY SHIRTS! You’ll kill lots of fans.

Thunder probably gained much attention for being 2NE1’s SanDara’s brother. But to me he is thunder. I knew him as thunder before I knew him as Sandara’s brother. Thunder is just thunder, the singer, the rapper, the dancer, and the face of the group. And finally, he is also a composer, for his own song for his own fans. I won’t want to say more. He is like the perfect guy for many, but somehow he isn’t my type here. Maybe because all the individuals in Mblaq attract me so much, I am not especially attracted to this guy.
And the maknae Mir. I would say he is my bias in the group, when I watched hello baby. He is just a big baby, and I like that. I like the way he raps. Maybe he is just like any rapper to you, but to me he is special. I can’t describe how, it is just a feeling. He may be seen and said to be the nothing-too-good in the group, but he isn’t very happy with himself being that either. There were many instances on variety shows that he express his views. He knows himself well, and he is willing to work hard and challenge himself. He thinks for the group and is a kind little kid. Maybe that is what made him my bias, not his ability to rap and sing (because he rarely sings) but because of his personality.
There, Mblaq have 5 boys or men that I like. The don’t reflect on another, but when they are together, they are Mblaq, the one and only Mblaq that attracted me, made me look twice at them, and made me impressed by their talents and skills.

Well, what made me want to write this post is a very random occurrence. When my ipod was on shuffle, it played Mblaq’s Last Luv. And I was not familiar with that song then so I kept guessing who’s song was it, until I gave up and went to check out what song it was and who the singer was. I was pretty shocked that it was a song by Mblaq. I guess I just didn’t expected them to sing such a song, or rather such a beautiful song. But hey, that was just my foolish thought, because the fact is, Mblaq is amazing… Look! The live version was great!

Fall in love with Mblaq with me, because they deserve more!!

Fire, full of hope…

12 Mar

Here’s SHINee’s newest Japanese single ‘Fire’. Well, to start with, I am really pleased with the song because it is in the genre that I love. After ‘1000年、ずっとそばにいて’ and ‘君がいるこの世界’, here comes ‘Fire’, I feel so pampered by all these great productions. ^^
I guess I’ve proven to myself and everyone that I am really not good at doing MV reactions and stuff, so I am going to just say a few words and let everyone enjoy this song!
The MV was really pleasing, as it gave hope to me. I mean I did see the teaser and the short version of the MV but as the names suggest, they are not complete. This complete version of the MV really gave me the feeling of hope. The feeling that even at the darkest moments of my life someone will light my candle, when I am the weakest, key will bring a big fat candle and pass the fire to me. HOW COOL WILL THAT BE! Yes, that is my feeling for this MV. And I love this feeling, I think I will always watch this when I am down or feeling really depressed. ^^
I need to say no more… AND YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG NOW~~ ^^ Enjoy!

p.s. I will do a lyrics translation for this song soon~ ^^

Infinite, towards infinity…

11 Mar

My way to Infinite started with, L… But ultimately, it should be Sungkyu because if not for him, I wouldn’t have noticed L… Last year-end, while streaming kpop gayo daejun, the website had the MV of ’60 seconds’, and it played automatically so it wasn’t really my wish to watch it, but I did. And that was where I spotted Myungsoo, and got attracted to his good looks. Of course, we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it is usually the looks that will get our attention isn’t it? And then I searched for this song some time after it, and found Sungkyu’s album. The voice and songs that attracted me. His album, ‘another me’, is so great that I replayed the album on my ipod for almost a month, not that I listened to it ALL THE TIME, but I will listen to it when I go to school. For me, I particularly liked the slow songs, especially ‘I Need You’ and ‘Only Tears’. And when I heard the recent concert version of ‘I Need You’ I was so touched. Especially when Sungkyu had tears rolling down his face. He is standing on stage on such a cold night, singing… But all the fans cheered so loudly, it must have touched his heart that tears started coming out of his eyes… And I totally LOVE this live performance.

Then in the later part of the video was Infinite H, it did feel a little odd when I first saw the video because I was not getting enough of Sungkyu’s sad song and then ‘special girl’ starts playing. But it’s fine, and I want to talk about how Hoya and Dongwoo actually amaze me. They are rappers of the group, and it was a brave move to put two rappers in a sub-group to start with. And there they are, shining like stars. ‘Special girl’ is a song that seem like it is nothing special, but you can listen to it for many many times without getting bored of it. That’s what I think, I’m not sure if others think this way too. And I didn’t start off to like ‘special girl’ to be honest, but after hearing it a few more times, I find this song really nice. ^^ YOU’RE MY SPECIAL GIRL~~ ,,,who’s going to sing to me???

Only Tears is a song that I heard from SungKyu’s solo album. I didn’t know it was Infinite’s song then, but Sungkyu’s voice was definitely suitable and enough for the song itself. But with the whole of Infinite singing it, it does seem more complete. I am a very live person, so I like to look up for all the live performances, and this came up in my youtube suggestions. I like how it is actually live, meaning with a live band and all… As for the video below, it is a comeback on a music show, which is quite impossible for a live band and all, but I like it as well because I like live singing. Both are really cool, in terms of singing, the comeback show is nicer but I prefer the Beautiful concert version cause I like the live instrumental too.
And have you realised Hoya sings like a #@!$!%#$^@^#%!$@$#! It is too nice for me to describe. He is going to be included in my list of favourite rappers. ^^ (In the list: Minho, Baro,,, maybe someday I will write a post on this)

Enjoy Infinite’s songs, I look forward to their bright future!

Next group related post: Mblaq

You are my Dream Boys

4 Mar

jjong cards
Left: Jonghyun Dream Girl photoard; Right: Jonghyun, SHINee Collection Starcard (#47 I guess? I DONT REMEMBER)
Dream Girl
Yes, I exchanged my jjong DG PC to group! I found out that there were many people trying to trade for jjong PC, so I let it go. But there were so many people I feel bad I only can trade with one. Plus I offered 2 people, and I could only trade with the person who replied first. They had group and key PC respectively. I am kind of lucky I got the group one, though I was really tempted to set my paws on the Key PC… But the girl who exchanged with me was kind enough to travel from the south to west of SG. I wanted to surprise her with jjong starcard, but I think she’s probably 80% done with collecting the whole set. When exchanging, I didn’t expect her to give me a Key starcard, so it eventually became a fair trade. Shawols are all so cute!! ^^
Did you see that? I AM A DREAM BOY. Yes! You are my DREAM BOY! ^^ All five members of SHINee are my dream boys. Each of them have very different personalities, and I like them all. I like how Onew can try so hard at making people laugh at times, and get so awkward because no one gets the joke, or people are trying to laugh so he feel better. Yet, Onew on stage as SHINee leader, is so focus, so dedicated, so serious… I like how he can dance when to me he doesn’t have the dance body nor the dance face. I like how Jonghyun can be one of the oldest of SHINee yet be the kid that needs all the attention. Jonghyun always let out an awkward “hehe” as if he is not confident enough or uncomfortable. He is so cute when he does that. I love his muscles for sure! Needless to say, I like Key so much that it is beyond explanation. Key is a playful boy yet who have his unique way of thinking. As much as he is attention seeking like Jonghyun, he is way beyond a kid, he is a baby. A baby who have his own thoughts? Does that even make sense? OPPS… Then there is Minho who is the second youngest yet have this mature feel. I like how he look mature on the outside but have a young heart. He seldom show his weak side to everyone but that doesn’t mean he isn’t all that. He is confident, and he aims to achieve the best, I like how he can always push himself to do whatever he aims for, like becoming an artiste. Then comes baby Taeminnie who have grown up a lot since debut. Always cute and beautiful, I like how he suit long hair so much. Every time I watch his audition video, it reminds me of how much this 12 year old child is so brave and so confident. Then I think about now, he is still as confident as before. He has grown a lot, in terms of manliness, and in terms of singing skills. He was known as the dancer, but now I will also label him as a great singer. My dream boys came together to form SHINee, and I am glad they are SHINee, I am glad I got to see them, I am glad I got to feel their atmosphere… I am so glad they are the ones who caught my eyes…

So here’s my current collection of starcards, and I am not planning to expand it anymore. It will soon be 9 cards because I am giving a Taemin card to my friend. She’s been quite moody these few days, hopefully she can cheer up a little. I am so lucky that out of both packs I got Key cards. I finally got my dream Onew card, and my next hope will be for a Jonghyun card to finish just a solo of each of SHINee. Maybe I will trade Minho for a jjong. ^^

It’s good, to meet up once in a while…

1 Mar

Hi I am back! Just finished 2 tests, math and bio, and I am so exhausted. So I decided to give myself a break, and I went out to shop with my friend. It’s been a long time since we met up, due to certain conflicts and stuff. But recently we got closer again. And I found out the reason why she always ran away from me last year. But whatever passed has passed, we’re looking towards a brighter future.
We went around looking for girls stuff first. And later we went to comic connection where we stopped for like forever… And I got some official SM photocards? I have no idea what they are really called…
I’m really lucky the pack of 5 came with 2 keys, a SHINee, a taemin and jonghyun. I just didn’t like that it didn’t have a Onew card… Or Minho, cause I can always give to my friend. But I am still very satisfied. ^^
Also, I made my trip to popular trying my luck on finding a Dream Girl album. And there!! 2 were there waiting for me. And then I put it down for a while and went inside CDrama to look around… And when I went back, there was only left with 1!! Oh my! I immediately grabbed it. Paid for it and finally end our shopping trip.
edited jjong
BTW, IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN EXCHANGING KEY’S OR WHOEVER’S PHOTOCARDS WITH JONGHYUN’S PLEASE COMMENT~ ONLY SINGAPORE THANK YOU!! I am just not a great jonghyun fan, and if anyone wants it more than me, I am willing to let it go. But I LOVE HIS MUSCLES!~
First time using my VAIO camera… Okay. It isn’t great at all, but I am too lazy to transfer from my phone, though I transferred the photo of the photocards…

It’s been really really long, like 1 year since I went out with my friend like that… Because of some foolish conflict between us… But I guess after that we all grew up a little and we’re able to accept our differences and get along well now. We used to do this like once a week last time… But now due to studies and other commitments, we only meet when we have to. This is the only time we’re meeting on our own free time. This year is going to be a tough year, I guess we’ve realised that and decided to give ourselves a break from all the fighting. Because we realised that as long as we are able to accept that we will never think the same forever, we will know each other’s limits and try to avoid conflicts. Also, now we have much better things to do than to fight with each other. ^^ I think it’s really a good thing to find back my friend. We might never be as close as back then, but no matter what we know we’ll be here for each other. ^^

P.S. Today is the release of 2012 A levels results… I am so determined to get my name up on the screen saying pupils scoring 6As or 7As or more… Thinking about it… 7As is my limit… Okay I will aim for 6As… And I MUST GET AN A FOR PROJECT WORK! REALLY!! *prays*