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7 Apr

jjong bday 2
Sorry I am still using such old photos becasue I only have these… I hope he is happy, I hope he is celebrating with everyone, I hope he is smiling this second, I hope he will be happy for the whole year. I hope he will recover soon!
And I hope key is beside him!
jjong bday1

As you mentioned, jonghyun, SHINee World is your girlfriend, so we all are your girlfriends and your girlfriends will all make this wish together for you to recover. I hope you will be telling us you are smiling! Assure us you are alright. Tell us you have SHINee members with you, and tell us you know we will always be with you!
jjong bday 3

I didn’t manage to make the JJONG be@rbrick yet, due to tuition and homework for the weekend… And tmr I have tuition again… HOW AND WHEN DO I DO IT?! T^T


Man… I’m in LOVE~ ^^

4 Apr

I am so happy for these guys!!! Day by day, as I look at the interactions between SHINee and Infinite, I start to fall deeper and deeper in love with Infinite. This isn’t their first win, but I am equally happy for this win. Inkigayo videos are hard to find on youtube since SBS ban them, I saw some without the logo, but sadly, they don’t play the full encore stage. Nevertheless, I saw Key hugging Woohyun and I am happy enough! ^^ I like how they can be such close friends in the circle. For once Key didn’t snatch the camera for his own sake, but to get closer to Woohyun cause Woohyun is at loss of words. Hehe, and of course I didn’t miss out how L had tears in his eyes. His eyes got watery within seconds, and the others too. Could tell they were touched and all. Heehee~ I AM SO PROUD OF THESE BOYS! And I am so happy for them!!

*whispers* Did you see a jealous Jonghyun behind Key and Woohyun… Heehee. Okay, forgive me~

Today, I was watching last week’s M!Countdown on Mnet channel. Yeah, I realised I have Channel M on MioTV some time ago. It’s last week’s episode. And Hoya, Seungyeol and Sungjong were mc-ing. My mum saw, and she was like “gosh, these guys so handsome arh!” I was totally “OF COURSE!” Heehee, I shall slowly bring her into the fandom on Infinite too, but I can’t do much now since I am supposed to put studies first. Heehee, it will slowly proceed! ^^ I am quite confident because I successfully got her to know some people in SHINee, first was Taemin because of his long hair during Sherlock, then Minho because of To The Beautiful You, and Key my favourite boy. Anyways, Infinite win on M!countdown this week!! ^^


1 Apr

Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 during SWC2SG in 20121208.
On the way back home I saw this…
[Translation of Dispatch article] cr: @eimanjjong
She is one of my favourite fansite unnie and I’ve personally met up with her before (we exchanged DG PC) I am so sure she is really sad because she is jjong biased but she still bothered to do this translations and I am really thankful for that. Cause if not for her I probably will depend on Allkpop again, even though I really don’t like it.
Anyways, I am really really regretful this happened. Of course, it’s not like I can do anything to prevent it from happening. I can’t even relate to how sad SHINee members will feel now. Jonghyun is their important teammate, their important friend, and their family. If this matter is affecting me so much that I keep thinking of it, how badly will it affect SHINee members? Oh no… I REALLY REALLY HOPE KIM JONGHYUN GETS WELL SOON, AND APPEAR JUMPING SINGING DANCING AROUND WITH SHINEE REAL SOON!
And FIGHTING! for showcase, you guys must work hard, including the share of jjong’s and do your best for showcase. And of course I trust you all will~ while Jonghyun will be happily watching you all from afar.
Don’t feel sad, I love you, all SHAWOLS love you, and once we love you, we will always love you~ REMEMBER? JJONG, YOU SAID SHINEE WORLD IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND! DONT WORRY, YOUR GIRLFRIENDS WILL ALWAYS STAND BY YOU! ♥