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30 May

Some things I said are really personal opinions, so if you don’t like, or think that I am not sensitive, okay, watch the videos~ Practice self-censorship~~
This is SUCH A GREAT COMEBACK. After I found myself pretty bored using my computer, I found this~ *CLAPS* SM did a great job this time. I LOVE YOU SM! (Actually I’ve always loved you)

After watching these 2 videos I was just a little confused. Because I couldn’t really tell who is who to start with. (But I do know and can recognise EXO-M members because I watched quite a few of their varieties.) And because in Korean ver. EXO-M sang and in Chinese ver. EXO-K sang… But overall I am so glad because now “We’re one, we’re EXO” makes more sense. ^^ I like it when they do stages together during concerts. I was pretty disappointed when EXO-K did all the music shows in Korea last year. I got to watch them because I was following SHINee at that time and EXO debut then. And this time SM didn’t call it the EXO-K or EXO-M, instead the it was just EXO with Korean and Chinese versions~~~ ^^
My biggest dream is that EXO step on Korean Music show stage as one. AND YAY! MY WISH CAME TRUE!^^

I was so happy to see this!! ^^ THEY ARE FINALLY ONE! OH MY!
About the song, maybe you will find it weird but I actually like this one better than History or MAMA. I don’t know why either. When I heard their Highlight Medley, I thought this album was going to be better than the last. And After I watch this dance I feel happy, touched…JUST GREAT!~ I like it when they go “Geurae Wolf, Naega Wolf! Awooooooooo~~” I guess some people probably find this weird. Aww, I do have a weird taste huh? ^^ Still love it! I think I will like “Baby don’t cry” like how I liked “Angel” from the last album.
Well, overall, I would say this comeback is far above my expectations! ^^

[Caution] Stop if you don’t want to bother about this part~ I choose to believe they were not prepared before this (thus came back so late). And they tried very hard to prepare for this and all that. I know there were bad rumours for the delay of their comeback. Also, it made me pretty sad because SOME exotics blamed SHINee for the delay of Exo’s comeback. I was cursing and scolding. But I believe we can’t judge all the Exotics based on these few~ ^^


You Are My Sunshine~♥

25 May

I’ve been looking forward to this song ever since the day I heard it. I don’t remember when… Maybe on TV, when I saw the preview? Or during the interview which is on the GlobalWGM channel? I don’t remember. But I liked the song like mad. I tried finding, during the first few episodes. But to no avail… I don’t find it even if I typed the parts of the lyrics I knew. So I actually assumed it was just the demo version and that the real song is not yet recorded. But I was wrong… I gave up finding after a while cause I thought the song was not even recorded yet. BUT HOW WRONG WAS I… And now that I know… THE SONG IS SANG BY B1A4! AND MY FAVOURITE SENTENCE IS SANG BY GONGCHAN! GOSH! I AM IN LOVE~~~~~♥ This is just extremely totally fantastically LOVELY~~ (if that makes sense) Well, it being sang by B1A4 is so great. And me finally hearing the full song is totally amazing. Just their voices make me melt. I am really happy with this song because Gongchan had much more parts compared to the other songs by B1A4. And that his voice is the main one during chorus ^^ I am happy for him. And I still need to comment of Baro’s great rapping. AWWW~ I just love his deep voice. (I’ve always though the part that goes “neoreul man-nan-geon haneuli naerin areumdawoon seonmul” was sang by Hongki. If you agree with me, Hi-5! Because the voice really really resemble Hongki’s and because Hongki was in the show, I thought his chance of singing was really high. And it never ever struck me that B1A4 was the singer of this song~)
And this song really really always remind me of Guigui and Taecyeon. They are each other’s sunshine, I’d say. They are both mischievous but have deep thoughts at the same time. I knew about Guigui since 2010, because of the taiwanese variety show she debut in. But soon she left the show (rarely appear) and focused on her acting career. Her acting wasn’t perfect at all when she first acted. From Brown Sugar Macchiato to Misterious Incredible Terminator (which I watched because of xiao gui~), her acting was still immature and all. The closest to date show I watched of hers is “I, My Brother”. From there I saw that she wasn’t the small girl from her debut variety already. She has become matured, still mischievous, but she’s grown up already. Maybe being in an acting scene make her grow up, or maybe it’s other factors, but I am happy for her because her. I follow her official FBpage and always get updates. I like how she is close to her fans and all. I watched Global We Got Married because of her, and also because Taecyeon. But I would say I watched it more for Guigui. And of course there is the lovely vocalist of FTIsland there, Hongki. The only one I didn’t quite know was Fujii Mina until the show. Well I didn’t watch much of their episodes because I don’t really have much time. But I did watch bits and pieces of it. They are sweet because Hongki always prepares events for Mina. I like that he bought her a squirrel~~ CUTE~
Back to TaecGui. I like their interactions because they make me feel not a couple-ish couple. They are like brother and sister. And I do agree some couples stay like that forever. And to me I feel that such couples are the ones that last. Although Guigui’s English really isn’t good at all. She’s always not knowing what to say, I like how they replaced words with actions and she will just aegyo her way through. Taecyeon is the one in 2PM that does all these funny actions and be off the norm all the time. So him and Guigui together was going to be a disaster, I thought. But Taecyeon showed his manly side and was actually able to sort of control Guigui, although he gave in most of the time after she does her aegyo… But I liked how Taecyeon was being a man~~ ^^ Well, this couple is cute, naughty and really lovely, and I love them.
Here’s another song that I looked up but couldn’t find then. Now it appears! RARR! I like the lyrics. The song gives a peaceful feel. But this isn’t a song that will go into my Ipod because it isn’t going to give me a good feel when it is heard alone. I think it needs to go with a kind of scene/scenario thing. And it fits the HongkiMina couple more, I guess~

Happy 5th Anniversary SHINee! ♥

24 May

I did this in school and filled in the colours at home. ^^ The bottom part is a little screwed but oh well… Hopefully it is nice enough! I like it still~ ❤
I am quite guilty to be tagging #5YearsWithSHINee since I only joined this fandom not long ago. A year and a few months ago, I first got encouraged to watch the full season 2 of Hello Baby and I fall in love with SHINee, and this love never stopped. It just got deeper, and more blind. I've since then lost myself in the world of SHINee. I wouldn't say I have my whole world revolving around SHINee, because I have to live my life as a normal student, but I am very much blinded by SHINee, I don't know how to explain… I don't dislike this, instead, up till today, I am thankful I saw SHINee first, and it was SHINee that blinded me. Because of SHINee, I've been trying to become a better person, lately. Key's always giving me encouragement, even if he don't know, and he inspires me to become myself, not let others define me, and be confident. I am still lacking a lot, but because of Key, I am determined to become a better person. SHINee played a very large role in my life as an eighteen year old girl. I always regret that I knew them too late, and I try my hardest to find out what I left out. I've since forever knew them, from "Stand By Me"… To "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer"… Because I watched BOF and there was a period I watched Taiwan variety which had dance competition using Kpop songs. But then I finally found out about them in 2012. The year I fall in love with "Sherlock" and Kpop. Ever since, the old me who hated Kpop died and a new me who is in love with SHINee came alive. I believe I've talked enough about how much I love each member in SHINee and how great they are as a group, so I shall not go on about it again.

Saw Onew's posts on Twitter and I smiled to myself. He is such a big boy. He is a fan of SHINee himself. And I like this attitude! ^^ Telling himself congratulations. Heehee! Self celebration~~ Don't worry, he is not alone, all shawols are with him! ^^

Saw Key's instagram post. ^^ His eyes seem a little teary? I don't know. Maybe it's just the photo. But anyway~ He is happy and we can tell from his words!~ ^^ And I am happy too!

I truly hope SHINee is happy for this 5th anniversary~ It's 5 years already… Like Onew said, I think there's 500 more years or even more to go! No matter where this road leads, no matter how hard it is, no matter how long it takes, I will walk down this road, with SHINee. ^^

Be@rbrick JHKEY
If you remember the pink on from previous post… That was my first attempt and here is my second. And together I have JONGKEY~ ^^ But if you see clearly you may be able to tell JH Be@rbrick’s hand is weird… Yes I BROKE IT T^T And I stick it back with superglue. T^T It was such a pity. Both of them are flawed… Key one was first attempt so it was not great and I used a nail polish that is too pale in color and the colour always fades. I need to get a clear polish to cover it. And JH one had its arm broken. T^T RARR! I need to be more careful next time.

(I don’t know how long it takes for this video to be removed, but KBS will/should/may upload an official one so we shall see)
So in love with SHINee, YOU DID WELL! ^^ I like KBSMusicBank’s camera angle better than MCountdown’s… But anyway~ THIS IS JUST GREAT. Seeing them all together~ ^^

P.S. I know I mentioned I was going to do a post on SHINee and supporters, sorry I can’t because it will get a little sensitive here. AND I DON’T WANT TO RUIN THIS HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY~ So let’s put it aside for the time being. ^^


23 May

I can’t even believe I am doing this post. But oh well, because I haven’t been able to go out at all lately (apart from going to school and tuition…) But today my family went out to have dinner, and because of that I missed the live broadcast of Jonghyun’s comeback. T^T But I came back and settled myself and watched it. ^^
So, here is my outfit of the day~ ^^ Shirt and shoes from some unknown brand from some random shops O_O, skirt from Forever21. I am still not confident in revealing my face so, a big smiley~ BECAUSE I AM SO HAPPY! ^^
I have to say the photo above somehow makes me look slimmer. Okay I don’t know how but it seem to me that way. I am actually not that slim! T^T Well, I don’t know…
This photo shows me a little fatter yes? I think this is closer to how I actually look. O_O But well, I don’t know…
The shirt is nice and comfortable because it is made of thin cloth and it is really helpful in a hot place like Singapore. But even with that I sweat a lot. And that is my favourite pair of shoes! ^^ HEEHEE~ Anyway, I bought the skirt without thinking much and I regretted after that because it didn’t really fit my body because I have really wide hips. Generally not suitable for skirts. ._. But when my mum told me to try on this shirt with the skirt it worked quite fine. So I was really happy. I only cut off the label from the skirt today, before leaving house for dinner! ^^ (I bought this skirt last year in Oct…)
There goes, my ootd. ^^ On such rare occasions that I will do such a post. Because I am really busy. It’s end of Term 2 Week 9 already! I’ve survived thus far! ^^ And I passed my Bio and Maths Tests this term (even if I was having fever during maths test~ could have gotten 3 more marks if not for my carelessness) And I am really happy about it. Completed Mid Year Examination for General Paper today, and I can say I am never confident for GP so I shall not make predictions… HEEHEE. But I am generally happy about how I answered the questions. I just don’t know if I got out of point… After today I don’t think I will have much chances to go out. I need to survive one more week to holidays, but holidays will be a month of intense studying because after the holidays I will have Mid Year Examinations for the other subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and History. (that’s my combination of subjects though) Okay, enough of my life, I don’t want to get too personal because after all, the blog is for SHINee and Kpop. HEEHEE. (But isn’t this personal enough? hees) Anyway, I just finished the 4 episodes there are for Taemin Naeun couple for WGM. I will post on it soon~ Together with the post about SHINee and their supporters. (You get what I mean if you follow the couple.) And anyway, I am supportive of whatever they do, and I actually find nothing wrong with them, so I don’t know why things happen, but oh well, we shall see in my next post. And I am getting into Jinwoo and Junhee couple because Key was on the recent 2 episodes so I am watching them from the start too. HEEHEE!


23 May

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! ^^ Can’t really describe how I happy feel now. This just totally made my day! Okay, my day wasn’t bad to start with. ^^ Yes but this is just great! JONGHYUN IS BACK! After more than one and a half months, he is finally here. I thought he’d miss the promotions for Why So Serious entirely, BUT HE CAME BACK! T^T I AM SO TOUCHED!!! Did I mention I looked forward to ‘The misconceptions of Me’ more than ‘The misconceptions of You’? And so I was so disappointed and worried when Jonghyun couldn’t make it for the comeback for ‘The misconceptions of Me’. And I really really expected SHINee to do comeback stages with my favourite song ‘Sleepless Night’ (from ‘The misconceptions of Me’), but because Jonghyun isn’t there, they surely will not do it. T^T But SHINe was great, just feeling bits and pieces of it missing, they cut the song so that there will not be parts with Jonghyun’s solo. But everything is over! YESH! After the rain, there’s always rainbow. ^^
I have to say when I watch Why So Serious and SHINe where Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin perform, I felt lacking at first. But later I got a bit used to it that I feel that they were perfect. I mean they are so great they can do it as 4. But after watching I will think of Jonghyun and how he is not there and all. And then I will feel bad. I want to scold myself for thinking that the 4 were perfectly fine without him. But I guess maybe I can’t lie to myself. However, after watching OT5 perform WSS together, it felt MUCH MORE complete. I know Taemin did really well for Jonghyun’s parts, but well that song and dance just seem full and complete with the 5 of them together. T^T I AM SO TOUCHED AFTER WATCHING IT PROPERLY AND FULLY. It took me quite some time to get to watch the whole song altogether. Because I was actually a little afraid to see. I know they did well, but I wanted myself to concentrate on it when I watch it, so I waited for a long time to get myself prepared for it. I LOVE IT! RARR!
And I did mention I have this weakness for white hair. T^T AND JONGHYUN YOU DARE TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR! OMG IMMA LOVING YOU MORE AND MORE. T^T Sorry, you still come after KEY. And because Key has his hair in a whitish golden color… T^T I liked it all along (Key’s hair that is).
On the side note (I know this post is not to key but…) Key seemed a bit restless or unhappy(?) today. T^T I could feel it even when they were dancing to WSS. WHY! Key oppa, please cheer up okay! I hope you’re not sick or anything. Give yourself some time to rest too! ^^ Lucky you look better during the encore!
And, Jonghyun oppa! EAT MORE! GO TO JAPAN AND EAT YOUR RAW MEAT! T^T YOU ARE SO SKINNY NOW! Is it because of the accident? I hope you’ve fully recovered already and is well enough. Seeing you jumping and dancing is GREAT! Hearing your voice again is EVEN BETTER! And I love it when you (with SHINee) sing Sleepless Night. Hope you are having fun and enjoying the stage. And GAIN MORE WEIGHT! (I know I am evil to make people gain weight, like how I encourage my friends to eat more, I just don’t like to be obsessed with calories controlling…) But Jonghyun oppa you are too skinny now, I want to see you more buff soon! ^^ FIGHTING!
“SHINee oppas, FIGHTING! HAVE MUCH FUN AS FIVE!” I’ll always say this in my mind when I see them as 5. ^^

I just need to say this: Jonghyun’s comeback kicked all the dancers away! (HOPE THEY DIDN’T LOSE THEIR JOB! Just kidding. HEEHEE!)

Congrats to B1A4, you deserved it!

20 May

So cute of them, the oldest cried like crazy while the youngest was brave and held their hyungs. CNU was the cutest because he just cried and pressed on his eyes through his lensless specs. I LOVE HIS SPECS AND HOW HE CAN TOUCH HIS EYES LIKE THAT! HAHA! I like how Jinyoung still had to talk even though he wanted to cry. Sad case because it was a live show they stopped him. I like how Sandeul was trying not to look at the camera all the while and when they finished, he endedd with “BANA SARANGHAMNIDA!” So cute of this boy. I like how Baro quickly hugged CNU when they knew they were first, and then Baro was happy but touched and he didn’t cry. Gongchan just acted like the maknae and held his hyungs. It felt like he was indeed touched but won’t express himself. (Feels like a Taemin when SHINee had their first win. Heehee, Key cried like a small boy, aww, the mother. And how Minho hugged Key, even if they looked like they were not close.♥) Well, B1A4 is just really cute, I am lucky that I watched them attained their first win. (Because I missed SHINee’s and I regret that.)
Back to B1A4’s new album… What’s Happening?

Of course my loved parts will include Baro’s rap. But I also like the last part, I don’t know what’s the name for the part of the song, but when they danced to it, that was my favourite. The part that goes “Everytime I think about you, everyday…” Because the words following are Korean so I shall stop. But I love this whole part. I guess it’s this kind of parts of the song that makes a song special. And this is a successful attempt. I like their live performances where the dancers will kneel in front and then they do it together. It isn’t some complicated dance move, but it fits the feeling of the song. And that’s why I love it! ^^
Well, the whole mini-ablum is great! ^^ LOVE IT!
1.Starlight’s song

This song is so beautiful. Look up the lyrics trans, this song has got nice lyrics. I love how Jinyoung sings “so many times I try… cause baby I cry cry cry…” and how the background had the “heyheyheyheyhey~~” when Jingyoung goes “lonely~~~~~ lonely~~~~~~” Although this song has quite a strong beat, I really love the kind of rock that is smooth at the same time. The only thing this song lacks is GONGCHAN’S SOLO PARTS! T^T TOO LITTLE REALLY!
2.What’s Going On (title song) As of above, I’ve mentioned already, so I shall move on.

This song just happens to fall in the genre I love so… Sad songs, regrets… From a guy’s point of view that he neglected his girl and when he finally realises, it was too late. She cried too much. It’s hard to turn back time, but I’d be really touched if some guy sing this to me. Heehee! Baro’s rapping in this song is cool, but CNU rapping is real cool too. And I love how Baro’s voice stands out a lot when they sing together! Heehee, I do have a weird preference. ^^ Well, in this song Baro and Jinyoung had a 2 line duet (from the video that is), and it was great! Made the whole song much nicer. OPPPS! ^^ When lovely voices mix, it hits me real hard.
4.Good Love

Once again it falls in the genre of song I love. While I was looking for lyrics trans, I saw that someone considered it as a ballard. I feel that it isn’t really kind of ballard-ish. It have some kind of “rock” feel. I guess it’s just in the B1A4 style, so this may just as well be considered as ballard. But I do love the song, as well as the lyrics. Once again, a sad song, with the guy being a “bad” guy. WHY IS B1A4 ALWAYS “BAD” GUYS? (from baby, good night to this song.) Whether it is a high song or a smooth song, they just have to be “bad guys”???? T^T They are such cute boys. Heehee! But I do look forward to hearing them sing this song live. I feel that they have very strong vocals and live performances. But it just seem like they don’t get much recognition for that. T^T (personal opinion ya!)
5. How Many Times

Happens to be the whole album’s songs are in the genre of song I love. WHICH IS WHY I LIKE THIS ALBUM! HEEHEE! Once again a sad song. FINALLY NOT BAD GUYS THIS TIME. Sometimes in love there are just things that won’t work out, causing people to get hurt. It seems like this song is trying to say this, while no on is at fault, people will still get hurt; although there is love, but love can’t seem to overcome everything; SAD T^T. BUT I LOVE THE SONG. I like that it started with a long rap. Songs that start with raps are always getting my attention. Hehe (SHINee’s Romantic) and because Baro’s voice is as sexy as ever. Awww. WHY IS HIS VOICE SO SPECIAL? WHY IS IT ALWAYS MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE? Well, this song keeps repeating “how many times, how many nights…” Shows well that there is this struggle that we always want to treat ourselves better and move on, but doing this is so difficult. Because in our hearts we still feel the love. So touching and lovely. I like how Gongchan has relatively more parts here! ^^ (from what I hear it seems like he do have more solos in this song. Sorry if I got it wrong because sadly I still can’t really differentiate their voices. Especially between Jinyoung and CNU, though their singing styles are different, I have to see them perform live to tell their voices apart. T^T)
Generally, this mini-album is great! I know I didn’t do much of a evaluation of this album in this post, but I hope more people will listen to B1A4 because I do think they are great! ^^ I still don’t consider myself as a BANA (for one, I don’t buy their albums), because it takes courage to stand by artistes and I don’t have the confidence in myself that I will look at B1A4 forever. I would love to just support them as fans, because I really love them for who they are, I love their music, I love their characters. Once again, B1A4 congrats! Fighting! ^^
Like always, I don’t do professional critics/reviews BECAUSE I AM NOT PROFESSIONSAL, I only write what I think and what I feel, and I hope I can express myself well. ^^

P.S. Well, next post I need to talk about SHINee, and their supporters, and… I am a shawol, I’ll always be a shawol, I’ll always stand by SHINee, I’ll love them for whatever they do. You may call this blind love, but I do agree I am blinded by SHINee to an extent that all I see is them, all I know is them, and I am proud of it.

It’s 2PM (somewhere in the world)

18 May

It’s 2PM~
All Day I Think Of You

It is a great song. And I LOVE THE DANCE. Because of the chairs, and because it shows how sexy 2PM is. I know they came out being beast-idols. And it can be seen from their body build. Especially when you compare them with idols like SHINee (now SHINee really look like small boys. heehee DONT WORRY I STILL LOVE YOU!) I like the fact that 2PM members have or try to have the same body build. In terms of bones, they are similar, so that is a give. And then muscles, I LOVE THEM FOR THAT. Of course there are some with more muscles, like Taecyeon, while others have less, like Wooyoung? (Some wouldn’t even consider that as less muscles, but from my point of view, maybe because wooyoung have an always-kiddish-face, so his muscles look like they are less amusing than taec’s) Well, and their body builds are almost the same and they will look proportionate when they are together. I like that fact, and this song, and this dance totally enhances this. AND I AM LOVING IT. They probably taught me how to appreciate male bodies (in addition to KIM JONGHYUN of SHINee~~ because he is really SEXY~~) And I credit them for beastly idols. ^^ And back to the song, I like how the parts where they used their “fake” voices. Especially Nichkhun’s… Nothing more need to be said. Lovely! ^^

Comeback When You Hear This Song

I like how they gave Chansung many parts in this song (the front). And this song just gives me a certain kind of feeling. That kind of feeling that fits the concept of the album, GROWN. The song truly shows that they have grown, in terms of singing I am saying. First it is singing, and somehow I just feel the song goes very, extremely, incredibly well with the MV. And the MV fits the concept of GROWN as well. With Lust, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, they matured, become better persons and they are going prove to us. Somehow, because there is ready-made translation of the lyrics so I can understand, I think that the lyrics implies something else. But oh well, not everyone will think the same way as me. But for sure it means that 2PM has become more matured, better men, and that they will be loved for their comeback. And I love how this comeback (the album) include so many songs that I CAN HEAR THEM SING!

I know 2PM was meant for their image (I won’t elaborate much on Jay Park because I really don’t know him well, and because I wasn’t a fan when he was still in 2PM, although I do consider him as always the ‘leader’ of 2PM… well… I don’t wanna say much because there will be bashing… and he has got lots of muscles too, just that he is smaller size than the others), because 2AM does the singing part (quick generalisation but I have to admit I like 2AM’s singing more). And out of the 10 guys only Jo Kwon have a different body. And in fact I do think some of 2AM guys have even better/more beastly bodies than those of 2PM (or maybe it’s just because of the contrast to Jo Kwon, idk) And so actually 2PM did get a good beastly sexy men image. And I actually love the fact that they can do variety like non-idols. Maybe it’s just me, but I do feel that way. Of course I have to say that I wasn’t even a fan until Wooyoung came out as solo. Before that it was just Khuntoria that got me into 2PM. Because they appeared together on WGM. And I liked their interactions and all. And I did watch some of their variety and nothing much. It did surprise me a little when Wooyoung made a solo debut/comeback. But after I heard his songs and saw his dance, I thought he deserved it. But I still wonder why it wasn’t Jun.K or Junho. Of course Nichkhun was out of the topic because of his incident. (Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate him for that. Of course I don’t, because till now I still don’t get why people made such a big fuss about it. But it is a sensitive issue, so let’s not talk about it.) And yes, Wooyoung made me love 2PM even more (after Nichkhun) He totally surprised me with his solo. Only after that I found out he was actually the lead dancer. I never knew that. And his ‘Sexy Lady’ made me love him like made. This song made me hear his voice, this song made me look at him dance, and I fall in love with him. He was on my wallpaper (phone) for awhile. And because I have a personal affection for white hair ._. (LIKE KIM BUM’S WHITE HAIR IN THE DRAMA-forgot the title, but it’s something like still wanna get married?) It is also this solo that broke Wooyoung’s image in my mind. I’ve always thought him as a small kid (from WGM and some variety shows of 2PM), and then he turned into a sexy man in this solo. But his face still gives me the LITTLE BOY feel. T^T But I like this combination. BUT I LOVE HIS WHITE HAIR. I was so sad when I heard he almost or did burn his hair when he was trying to bleach his hair.

Well, that should be all for 2PM, I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I WILL NEVER DO A REVIEW ever again. So here goes. It isn’t exactly a review, it’s just my personal opinion and I drifted off a bit to talk about 2PM. Hope you will enjoy their songs, because I love them! ^^

And I do think this time it is quite smart of them, to lead fans into their comeback. With ‘a song for you from 2PM’ from KBS (is it world? cause I watched it from KBSWorld) And of course, the best episode will be #14! 8.05 I have always love this song, out of all 2PM songs. Thank you. Although I don’t consider myself as a hottest, I still love how they express their appreciation for their fans. Thankyou~~

Look at that! Wooyoung look like a small boy again! T^T