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Fly me to your Neverland

30 Jun

What’s with the title? After reading Sweet apple & Plum blossom’s blog on xoxo, I went to listen to the album more thoroughly. Because I never knew Baby don’t cry was a story of the guy in the mermaid fairytale, and Peter Pan was such a great song. And it became my favourite song. Even if it is a “sad” song, it sounds hopeful, for the ending isn’t written in yet! So YEAH JUST TAKE ME TO YOUR NEVERLAND I WILL COMPLETE YOUR STORY! ^^
I am so proud of myself! I am finally able to tell all 12 members of EXO! LIKE YAY!!!! FINALLY!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! It wasn’t as hard as I imagined to tell them apart. Maybe it’s because I already knew all of EXO-M members. It took me one Kiss The Radio show to be able to recognise them and a shimshimtapa radio show to make me remember who is who and all. And I am so very interested in these 12 guys. They are so cute, so different, so playful, so lovely… I couldn’t help myself but get more and more interested in them. But sad to say I will never become an exotic because I feel old… And it is a pain not to be able to call my idols OPPAS~ LOL, such a lame reason, but I am really not that in love with them yet. So let me just support them like how I support SMTown, but well, a little more than others? ^^
As much as I’ve always like Chen, I couldn’t take my eyes off Chanyeol because he is such a camera guy. Everytime they played a song on the radio he will always be doing some lipsyncing or dance and the camera time will always be his. AND I LOVE IT. He is so good looking too! Oh well, who in EXO isn’t? ^^ I AM HOPING TO GET EITHER OF THEIR CARDS, but I won’t be sad if I get anyone else, because all of them are adorable. That aside, Chanyeol’s photocard photo is much cuter… ^_^v
And yes! Like said above, I’ve decided to get myself a hug version album, but I am not sure from where yet, I will check it out at local stores next Friday, when I finish my last paper. I feel like a busy girl, because I have to send a SHINee in Wonderland card for trade too. Heehee! It’ll be cool though! ^^


Kpop. Lovers? Haters? Frienemies?

30 Jun

This post may be seen as a respond to one of my previous post Haters will hate, lovers will love…. It may contain sesitive issues, so if you think you won’t like it, don’t read on!
I’ve mentioned that I would do a post on SHINee, supporters and haters, and my views on them. But I guess I can expand this topic to Kpop, due to some incidents that happened. But first of all, we still need to start with SHINee, cause that was the reason I wanted to write this post anyway. (the ultimate reason I started this post is because of Taemin and Naeun WGM)

SHINee, came out targeting at noona fans, but I guess this is not the case anymore… I’ve personally seen many people who are much much younger than me who are SHINee fans. It’s good to know they have more fans but sometimes younger people just don’t know how to interact with others. They get everything suited in their way, they like an idol and not like others, they may just criticise the others like nobody’s business. This is definitely not restricted to the younger fans, because generally, people today tend to be critical on other people.
Personally, I have my share of idols I don’t like very much, but I choose to stay silent even if I take my time to watch their videos and think in my mind how badly they do. Nothing comes out in terms of words on their fanpage or comments on their videos. I feel that this is basic respect we all have to give on another in this world. (I will leave a message at the end of this post, not sure how many people will see it, but I hope to reach out to as many people as possible, whether you feel the same as me, or different.)

I have many examples, and I don’t even know where to start. So maybe I will just start with the SHINee part.

SHINee Taemin and APink Naeun on WGM.
Well, it was least expected from me that Taemin will be the first on WGM out of SHINee. But I’ve seen things like because Onew just did something wrong (which I will talk about later too), Jonghyun was injured and Minho was busy with something else (?), and who knows what happened to Key, maybe he asked to be paired with BoA but she refused to go (?). That’s just my conclusion, definitely inaccurate, but just for fun. But oh well, so Taemin was the one who will go on the show. Being paired with Naeun caused fans to be upset. I am not sure whether it is the pairing with Naeun or is it Taemin going on WGM that upset the fans. Some may think that a APink girl isn’t good enough for SHINee’s Taemin. But let me ask you, so was Yonghwa (singer from CNBLUE that just debut at that time) good enough for Seohyun (the righteous girl from famous SNSD)? If you really need to compare, this is what I have. But of course to me, I was pretty happy. APink is pretty special to me too. The first ever dance cover I like was of APink-My My. It’s by a Singaporean cover dancer Jasmine. Even up till now I still remember this, which mean this was really important. I thought it was rather cool to have a girl from APink, plus I was pretty fond of Eunji because of Reply 1997 (even though I haven’t watch the full series yet…) And so, to me, having them together, even if I didn’t know who Naeun was, was pretty much fine to me, and I looked forward to watching them. Some fans may feel that Taemin is still young. But remember, he is 21(Korean age) already. He isnt that 16 year old guy when he debut. No doubt he sustained his good image of a naive cute boy since his debut, but we all cannot deny that he is already an adult. And about the part of fans disliking the girl to be APink’s Naeun. She is an adult too, grow up… Being born in 1994 too, I feel super bad that I’ve not dated anyone before. Because my family is conservative, and I missed my chances, or got cheated before so I gave up. And that she isn’t that famous? Oh well, you might not know, but there are many APink fans around! And they should have gained enough recognition that they achieved their first win in 2012 when they debut only in 2011 (for My My~). I don’t know how… Taemin fans will say bad things about her on the streets, DURING FILMING… It feels ashamed that there are such people around, and they like Taemin like I do. Well, Taemin isn’t my bias, but I like him as much. But having that kind of comments coming out of their/her mouth, it shows that they/she had no thoughts for her own idol either. (If you don’t know what I am referring to, it is episode 3 or 4 of TaeminNaeun WGM, when they went to myeongdong, and some girls sad bad things about Naeun and she pretended she didn’t hear, but she probably did, just that she didn’t want to say or make Taemin feel bad.) Taemin felt bad and apologised to Naeun. Damn, you just made your own idol say sorry to the girl you don’t like? Is it even worth it? Just turn around and walk away, cry at home for all you want that your idol isn’t onscreen “single” and wait till a few months later, he will assume his single status when the show ends… It isn’t that long… Practice self-censorship. Don’t grudge on things you don’t like. It brings misery to yourself and others as well.

Jonghyun and his ex.
I don’t want my blog to get searched so let’s not name the girl… But I mean seriously, don’t those photos of them holding hands look like they were in a drama? Okay… I am in no right to say this, and I would have been really supportive of them if they openly openly dated like Hara and BEAST guy (sorry I don’t know the name… But they broke up already, if I am right…). But they didn’t seem to be. Other than those photos, nothing else happened? So I guess it was reasonable for people to question whether they really dated. But that aside, it brought really bad experience to Jonghyun. He was really sad, probably even depressed, because he was losing fans. Everywhere, he will see bad comments… It was unfair. They need their lovelives. Being and idol takes that away. Some say they need to sacrifice that for the fame, but I believe that they sacrificed enough of their privacy, so leave them alone to love whoever they like. Jonghyun faced all those comments and crap, and it really made him feel touched that Taiwan fans were still supportive of him. (He cried while singing Romantic at the fanmeet) Really, does doing all those things like making negative comments make you happy at all? It won’t, because that will mean you will see your idol sad. And if seeing your idol sad seems like nothing to you, then quit this fandom, you’re not a real fan. I don’t care who dated who or whatsoever, as long as they are happy, I am happy!

I will leave the SHINee examples as it is. There are many minor ones, but since they’ve passed, I hope not to make people remember. Now on to others, mostly coming from We Got Married couples.

They were definitely not that sweet, staying at a polite distance from each other, but we could tell their hearts got closer and closer. Regarding Banmal Song and Love Light, there are many stories. No doubt Banmal Song was written as a combined effort of the 2, and it is which all gogumas will get reminded of the 2. Love Light was a song written by Yonghwa for Seohyun. And he said it himself so there was no controversies. And the fact that “I’m genie for you girl” is inside the lyrics, it shows the link. Although some boice may think differently, because he composed it long ago, and only fit in lyrics that sounded like Seohyun. Well, different people will believe in the different stories definitely. But I saw a fight on a fancam version of Love Light during Blue Light concert, the one which Seohyun went. And all those fanwars made me really sad. There are overlaps between Boice and Gogumas, and I bet it makes their heart break. Boice were saying that video was a CNBLUE video so Gogumas should stay silent while Gogumas fight back because the song mean a lot to them. Why not people just live peacefully? Boice can comment CNBLUE IS SO HANDSOME AND COOL while Gogumas can comment YONGSEO JJIANG on the video and they can just ignore each other’s comments and everything will be fine. Why make people upset and make yourself angry by fighting. Am I an idealistic person? Maybe whatever I wish will never ever happen…

I know they received much support during those days… But I am talking about now. Go on to this site: The Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament – Final Round. I see many ugly scene of Khuntoria fans. Because they are in chinese… And because I can read chinese, my eyes just automatically scanned through those words. And it made me irritated. It was obvious they were really supportive of the couple, even up till today, but some things are shown not through words. The votes show how supportive they are, even if they are cheating them out by logging on to various accounts just to vote, or even creating new emails just to vote… I voted for 4 days, for Taecgui, because they were a couple that I thought will not have their lives crossed again, just like JoonSeo… But Khuntoria’s votes shot up from a less than Taecgui to now 70+% of the votes in just 1 day. I was amazed, but at the same time ashamed. Can’t people just play fair? This is not a competition to determine who has the greatest number of emails… And on top of that, I look at the spammage by Khuntoria fans, I was totally dying. Why spam like nobody’s business? One comment is enough, but some posted consecutive comments full of “Khuntoria”. What do you think you are trying to do? I don’t know…

I mean I talked about it before in this post: JoonSeo, will your lives ever cross again? It was so hurtful to see negative comments about Oh Yeonseo. Just because she finally gained fame after several years of debut and was being more noticed, she had to face more privacy intrusion. I know they are not supposed to date during the time they film WGM, but were they really dating or just doing it to promote the drama? Who knows… I just don’t think it’s nice to say those hurtful things when all we see on the surface may be a lie anyway. It definitely hurt Yeonseo, and even hurt Joon… And that was BAD! Because Mblaq Lee Joon IS GETTING HURT, SERIOUSLY. He is the most honest guy ever, which is why I think he and Onew are friends…

And, recently, Sungkyu made a comment of “old woman” and it was the negative way, and he got flamed. He deleted all his tweets except for his apology. Lucky to say most fans were supportive. And I seriously think he said it because he was joking or it was just a normal word to say among young people. It is true somethings we are too used to saying something, it comes naturally at times and it may imply bad things. The fact that he had done all those means that people are still giving him pressure. Sure, he has to reflect on his actions and his company definitely will tell him that first, before the media judges or anything. But it is being exaggerated so much that he seems to be in pain. I hope he is fine.

There are just too many examples but I am running out of time, I will stop here, and hopefully nothing else happens that make me want to do this kind of post again!

To me Kpop is a family, and I’ve made friends through it, and I hope the same for all. Stop the hurting…

My message:
Don’t hurt them. As much as you love someone else, I love them. As much as you will protect someone else, I will protect them. As much as you will not like negative comments made about your love, I hate people who say bad things about them. So, even if you are not going to support them, even if you are not going to stand by them, even if you are not going to love them, don’t hurt them. Because I will not love your love, neither will I hurt your love. It comes mutually, I always believe, what you do to others, others will to unto you. And if you are hurting fans of others, other fans will hurt you too. If you say you are strong enough to not get hurt, then don’t lie to yourself. Not just Kpop idols, I mean internationally…

The Liebster Award! ♥

19 Jun

To my surprise, I, a normal girl blogging in a direction that I don’t really know, have been nominated for The Liebster Award! First I need to say a big THANK YOU to Be Unique for the nomination. Take a look at her blog too, she’s such a brave girl who has great dreams.
Before this, I never knew about such things. Okay, I saw this once somewhere but I didn’t take much interest in it. So before doing this post I did some research about the award~ And here’s what I got:
-The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
-Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
-It is also known as the Love Blog Award.
This is a really sweet thing to get. ^^

So, here are some rules to follow:
♥ Make a list of 11 Random Facts about yourself.
♥ Answer the Questions that your nominator gave.
♥ Nominate at least 5 more blogs for the award
-Only nominate blogs that have under 200 followers.
-Obviously let those blogs know that they’ve been nominated.
-You can’t tag back bloggers.
♥ Come up with at least 5 questions for your nominees.
♥ Post the badge on your site.

♥ Make a list of 11 Random Facts about yourself.
Before starting anything, I will have to say, I am not going to reveal too much about myself as I’d like to stay a little mysterious! ^^
1. I had a very interesting childhood that I can’t really remember. Sad to say, but because I didn’t really have a place I stayed at for very long, so my memory was blur for most parts of my life before 12.
2. I went to 6 primary/elementary schools in 3 countries in 7 years, causing me to be a year older than my peers now. T^T
3. I have double personalities/mood-swings. I just act differently in front of different people, so when all the different people get together, I can act totally different on the spot.
4. I started to feel conscious about how others view me at 12, when I thought people around me were really judgmental. It didn’t go away until a year ago (?), I started to gain confidence in myself, I thought there was no point in worrying how others view me, I just wanted to be myself.
5. I love to eat chicken rice from my school. ^^
6. I had a guy phobia when I was 12-13/14… Didn’t dare to look them in the guy or be near a guy, unless I am really close to him.
7. None of my friends know I have a blog like this… Maybe they do, because I replied comments in school and they saw, but none of my friends have the URL. ^^
8. I like cats but I can’t keep any, so I play with my cousin’s (fat but cute cat).
9. I like to read stories, fiction or non-fiction.
10. I like to write, but my writing skills isn’t good, and I am often at loss of words.
11. I love to sing, but I used to be half tone-deaf and I can’t even tell I am off-tuned and I got really embarrassed so I stopped singing, but Chinese Orchestra and Kpop (especially) saved me. ^^ I am not pitch perfect but I can tell where I am off now (at least).
Concerned: did I get too personal here? I am not sure… AWW so much for wanting to be mysterious… ^^

♥ Answer the Questions that your nominator gave.
1. What is the story behind starting your blog about your interest/topic?
My blog really started off to be a personal blog with some Kpop inside. But it switched halfway. I thought being too personal on a cyber-world ins’t a good idea after all, because there are always news stating that some people are getting cheated or scammed or whatever else due to internet threats. I am scared. Heehee, not really, but I just don’t like to expose too much of myself. I like to stay mysterious!~ ^^ Plus I am dealing with reader from all over the world, I am not doing a blog to introduce Singapore… So I decided Kpop would be a better common topic/interest to talk about that can connect me and my readers.
2. What are your favorite foods or type of food?
Chinese food. ^^ I am a rice lover. I think I won’t be able to survive in Europe or Western countries, unless I eat burger everyday. I am just not a big fan of mayonnaise and cheesy food. On top of that, home made food is still the best. Whatever I eat at home I feel good. ^^
3. Do you think that you’ll receive enough blogging experience to apply it to your life/everyday things?
Yes definitely. Once I started writing, I think I’ve become more connected to the World. It used to me in this little red dot (Singapore). And I was really not so open to other parts of the world (despite being in so many countries before). I started to feel opened to Western culture, and made friends from Canada and United States. I am a happy girl! ^^ Now I feel that I am not so restricted to just Singapore. Maybe I am still in the Kpop-zone, but I like to see and feel and understand other countries. I also started to think more critically after blogging. ^^
4. Do you think your blog is/will be interesting to others? Why or why not?
Yes! (Being overly confident) And no… I am not that kind that make negative comments at any Kpop idols except at fans because I just feel that some people are unreasonable. So hopefully I didn’t offend anyone. I can get a little critical at times, but I don’t mean bad. I see things a little different from others at times and I am over confident sometimes (I think) so I may not be too pleasing to my readers.
5. What exactly is the topic you absolutely love or are interested in? Do you think you blog about it accurately? If not, do you plan to?
I love Kpop, no doubt. But I like all popular culture, because I am a teen! About Kpop, I am not sure about blogging accurately, maybe yes, from a point of view to supporters, but no to anti-Ks. I guess there will always be antis all around, anywhere and everywhere. But I don’t understand why antis like to stuck up their nose on things they don’t like and make negative comments about how much hatred they have on a matter. If you don’t like it, there’s always a “x” on the top right or top left corner of your screen! ^^ No plans to suit antis or my haters~ I am who I am, so no point changing for others (unless they love me ^^).

♥ Nominate at least 5 more blogs for the award
Sweet apple & Plum blossom A pretty girl who likes to write.
have a slice of Apple Cake A blog that I secretly followed for quite a while, her dances are great!
I cracked my head for this one, but I couldn’t come up with more. We’ll wait and see, maybe some blogs will catch my attention. I will meet this criteria one day! ^^

♥ Come up with at least 5 questions for your nominees.
1. What was the first motivation for you to start a blog?
2. At which moment/instance did you feel most achieved from blogging?
3. Is there any song(s) in your playlist that you just can’t remove (though you barely listen to it nowadays?) What is it and why?
4. Is there a place you would like to be right now? Why? (It can be a country.)
5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

♥ Post the badge on your site.
Will be found on the Carol Page.

Congratulations EXO! 축하해~ ^^

16 Jun

130614 EXO Music Bank 1st Win!

130615 EXO 2nd Win!

130616 EXO 3rd Win!

For some reasons, I love Inkigayo stages. Maybe because it’s the first every music show that I watched before I knew about Music Bank, Music Core, MCountdown etc. OH well, EXO really deserve this win. It may be through that they are getting their first win too soon, but they are good enough to get it. They have put in much effort, they practiced hard, and it shows in their performances. Their song isn’t easy, it is quite demanding, and they are able to do it. For all I know, they did live performances for most of the shows (I think, I am not sure though). Just that they were singing above their own voices. For Inkigayo 130616, they sang live. Not all the parts, but they did sing live. I am pretty sure about that. And I appreciate it. ^^ Was quite obvious when Chen and… Baekhyun? Sorry I am very bad at recognising faces of Exo-K members… Yeah, when they did their long notes (if you get what I mean), it shows that they sang live. ^^ LOVED IT! REALLY!!

And of course, how I can leave out Henry?! ^^ (Please allow me to share the post, because we all know SMTown is a big family right? 🙂 YEAH!!!!!!)

As I’ve said I really like Inkigayo, I really like the costume Henry wore today too~ ^^ For a moment I thought the headband he had on his head was going to be the handkerchief he will use for dance later. Heehee, silly me. I really hope Taemin will stay through the whole promotions, I like it when these 2 guys dance together! ^^ So cute~ ^^ But I do feel a bit bad, when there are really lots of screams for Taemin. I don’t know if those were by ELF to show support for him or was there really Taemin fans there. I hope not, the stage is Henry’s, Henry’s fans should go crazy, not Taemin’s… Okay, I don’t think I am making sense, but I just don’t like it because I heard one prominent voice in Inkigayo stage that keep screaming for Taemin, at weird timings… Hopefully that was just me thinking too much. But I REALLY LOVE THESE 2 GUYS! ^^ Fighting Henry!

I’m Trapped.

14 Jun

SM Entertainment, new male solo artiste~ HENRY’s first full mini album, TRAP.

As of my title, I am really trapped in his album. Ever since I watched the full MV of Trap, I couldn’t forget the rhythm of the song. Even if I forgot about who sang it or what the song name was. Until I watched his music shows (cause there was Taemin), I was like OHHHHHHHHH THATS THE SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD! I getting more and more trapped into his songs. I heard his medley when SM uploaded it to YouTube, but it didn’t leave a great impression in me. But now that I’ve heard his album, I am really impressed. I am so going to love this guy! ^^
After listening to Trap, I really thought his voice is probably suited for fast songs. Because his voice isn’t really that strong, neither is it too soft. But I guess it is also for this reason that his voice was amazing for the last song, my favourite song, I Would. It is my favourite song because it is a slow song, also because it is IN ENGLISH! His voice isn’t soft at all, but it suited just fine with the song. Though it may turn out a little better with a soft voice, but I like it as it is. I really hope he will do a live performance on that for SMTown Concerts! ^^ WITH LIVE PIANO OF COURSE. It was really obvious how much I liked this song, when I was listening to the album, I was desperately trying to multi-task, looking for his mini-album for sale (to check price, but I don’t see it?!) and trying to find lyrics translations for his songs. But when it got to the last song, I stopped everything and listened to it. It was so peaceful, I thought I could sleep. And the lyrics were so clearly sang, it got me into deep thoughts about the lyrics. (Not talking much about it, listen for yourself! ^^)
One thing I really like about his album is that there are English lyrics everywhere! ^^ So at least I know the gist of the songs, with some Korean phrases that I can guess. No doubt Trap is one of my favourite songs too, it is catchy, and as I said, the song got stuck in my mind for days… ^^ And I like it. 1-4-3 I Love You is really cute~ It is saying that language barrier is not a love barrier, reminds me of WGMGlobal… But I also see it as a song to fans. Saying that he isn’t that proficient in Korean yet he will try to look up dictionary to check meanings and so on. I am so happy to hear this song. Well, not that I have language barrier with him, because my first languages are English and Mandarin… But it still feels special. Well, it all depends on how one interpret the meaning of the song~~ My Everything gives a little different feel, but it was nice. Not too fast, nor too slow, but still have a strong beat sense and I love it when Henry raps in English!!^^ Ready 2 Love just got me saying, I AM AVAILABLE. Sorry, I am not sane already. You need somebody????? I AM HERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ^^ Okie, I am really not sane… T^T Needs to calm down. After this, it was back to a really cute song, Holiday. Although it is a sad song… A song that the girl isn’t too much into the relationship and the guy can’t do anything about it… Awww, but the song still makes me shake my head to its beat. Maybe it was better if I didn’t know the lyrics translation. Heehee. ^^

Overall this album is so great~ That I even thought of buying it. But, I really have to consider the price, before I get broke because according to SM, SHINee will release a mini album in second half of the year. T^T And I am still saving up for concerts. I am so not going to miss SMTown Concert in Singapore this year (if there is) And not to say SHINee World Concert. Heehee. Anyway, this album is worth me buying, so I should consider it anyway. ^^ (ASK AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT? Or if SHINee comeback around OCT I will ask for that as gift? HEEHEE, from my parents of course. ^^)

Enough of my babbling, ENJOY THE SONGS! ^^

SHINee In Wonderland

13 Jun

Over the past few days, I kept studying. More than that of every holiday in my whole life. Getting a home tutor is the right choice, or I will just slack my holiday again. I hope part of my hardworking spirit comes from the stress that A levels is near. I should just stop slacking. ._. Lazy me…
Well, other than studying, I’m glad I did have some social life. Met up with my section mates for a barbecue. Had so much fun. Time I spent with these people are definitely the best of my past 5 to 6 years. ^^
And ALSO! I got my SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Cards! Like finally.
SHINee in Wonderland
I got 1 box first, and then I couldn’t resist and got another box. I knew I would be like that. From now on, I will trade, if not I will get lose packs. ^^
Here’s my unboxing video~ Finally finished rendering and uploaded! ^^

I will create yet ANOTHER page… To facilitate my trading~ ^^
Please refer to

Smoky Girl, Smoky Boys~

7 Jun

Heehee, didn’t expect that Sexy Beat will have a mic stand dance. Aww, so in the trend of mic stand dance, well, Dream Girl is still the best. That’s not the point here~ Well, I didn’t quite understand why they had 2 different recordings with different costumes. But they are still daebak! I LOVE THEIR COSTUME! Look so normal from the front but they have HOLES at the back. ^^ Exposed yet hiding~ LOVELY. As much as I am sad that Mir didn’t even stand in the middle for a second, my eyes pop-ed out when the 2 female dancers surrounded him when he was rapping. Well, too sexy for me. And Seungho’s eye-catching white/cream/silvery hair. AWWW! My eyes probably went ♥.♥ Can’t stop myself~ Going to leave this as a short post, I’ve probably talked enough during the previous post Anyway, they did a great job! Loving them more~ ^^ Mblaq fighting!!

P.S. I listened to the mini album while running for 2 days. Great pacing, I finish 1.6km every time celebrate ends. And I listen to the last song for cool-down. ^^ But then I still need to do stretching.. Repeats~~ Heehee.