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으르렁 으르렁 으르렁 으르렁~♥

31 Jul

I am so very satisfied today (technically yesterday? since it is 00.08)!!! ^^ Though school wasn’t that great, but tonight is like WOW~
This cutie… I didn’t even see him when I watched the Korean Version, because my YouTube refused to give me HD, and I guess it was 360p that I watched in… But there was a close up towards the end so I saw him!! ^^ Lovely black hair~~

Honestly, the first person who actually caught my eye wasn’t Tao even if he appeared first… I saw Xiumin first. OH MY. I never knew he could be so attractive. Really. My impression of him stopped at the cute Baozi phase… I never really did looked at him as a man, I guess. But this time, I got my eyes glued to him. I don’t know why though ^o^
And I am also really impressed by DO and Baekhyun’s dance~ Wow~ I just went a little crazy. And then Baekhyun’s charismatic eye contact (with the viewer) with the camera. WOOOOTS~ ^^ Chen still look so cute dancing. WOOPS when it is supposed to be sexy~ HOHOHOHO Can’t help myself.
The way they kept changing caps was so cute!!
And Sehun does look a little old in white/silver hair? BUT I LOVE IT! Gosh, that white head kept flinging in front of my eyes. O_O
But OMG the way Kris holds the camera is like him holding my face! RARRR!!! I am getting a little too crazy already T^T
And Luhan SANG~ YAY! Orange-pink head! MUAHAHAHA!
Overall the MV has a really really cool concept. It makes me wonder if they had to do the whole thing in one shot. And it was to the extent that Kai’s mistake of dropping his cap wasn’t even cut out? But he made the picking-up-cap process look so cool~ Dance while fighting with accessories. Makes me think of Taemin. No wonder they are good friends~ Heehee~
And this MV actually fits the teaser more LOL. The uniform they are wearing~ ^^ Suho’s tights in pants was raelly cute~ When they were hopping I kept concentrating on his legs. Hehe~ I sound so pervy.
I think I can watch this MV for many more times, but I have to sleep~ T^T Have been feeling sleepy a lot in class… Hehe~
I’m definitely making more gifs. But let me find the time! ^^ Tmr I am going to trade 4 SHINee In Wonderland cards~ YAY! So let me sleep~ ^^ Shall be a good girl! ^^
P.S. Jonghyun’s tweet about EXO
[TRANS cr:shineetweets on twitter]
One of these have to be your type, right…? For that, you need EXO, and they’re here. All the members’ colors are uber charming… Look, first, and then see yourself searching EXO in the search terms.. The commposition is awesome. Sanghoon hyung, Jaewon hyung, Beatburger, you’re the jjang jjang man


First love~ Rum Pum Pum Pum

27 Jul

Wow! How many days have this mv been released? 3 million views chasing after 4 million. This is crazy~~ But I love it!
The song describes first love as the wisdom tooth?! The painful process of growing it and getting it removed… Awww, thinking about it makes me feel the pain! It will be an experience that will not be forgotten just like first love! It is a cute analogy but then… I should stop imagining!!!
Overall the song is really cute and beautiful. I like this song better than electric shock even if the latter is more catchy and makes me want to dance to it. I prefer Rum Pum Pum Pum maybe because it gives a lively and cute feel.
f(x) just made me see them in a different way again~ ^^ It is so amazing seeing these girls acting so differently on stage and on variety shows. From Amazing f(x), they were such fun and outgoing girls. From their comeback stages, they were so charismatic and all that~ Especially Sulli. She isn’t the cute little girl from before. She became really cool and more sexy I would say. Although Krystal is also the maknae and in fact more maknae than Sulli, the sexiness came to Krystal naturally. But from this song, I saw Sulli becoming more sexy~ Kekeke! (But I was just wondering… How is Krystal going to film a drama with her pink hair? Or have they not start filming yet? O_O) And Luna slimmed down a lot! But she is still “muscular” and I am glad because she is still healthy. ^^ Amber is as cool as always. She’s probably the best female rapper I’ve seen! Heehee! And on a side note, she and her sister look like they are clones! O_O Saw them from Go f(x)! and I was so amazed. Victoria seemed a little less lively on Amazing f(x) and I really thought Vic and Luna had something going on between them. But they seem fine now, so I am happy for them! ^^ And Vic umma was really nice to fans at their filming so at least she is okay, I hope.

I am so happy for their comeback! They got a great song. It is really addictive! Hope they will do well and SM quickly get them a official fandom name~ I hope the best for the girls! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Look forward~

22 Jul

The past week was full of ups and downs for me because of my mid year examination results~ Considering I really did not put in enough effort, I guess the kind of results I got was better than expected but it was really NOT SO GOOD. I did improve a little, but I am still lacking a lot. I guess this is really the time for me to buck up. 4 more months to go. 20+ weeks. I guess that little bit of hard work will be worth it. I will continue blogging. Because I think this is also one of the reasons that my General Paper results improved. Apart from tuition, I think I gained much confidence in writing through blogging, even if my blogs are of nothing near discussing current affairs or whatsoever. No matter what, I will give my best for the next few months, I hope I will do whatever I said. FORBIDS PROCRASTINATION!! RARR!
The happiest time of last week was that I decided to get another box of SHINee In Wonderland Starcards. It is sort of a reward for some improvements on my results. Well, more of my wanting to get it. I know that if I don’t I will regret later, so I might as well get it, even if it does cost a little. And I am so happy I got it! ^^ I am 3 more cards to a whole normal set. And I think I will be trading for the 3 this week.
Also, today when I came home, a surprise came to me. Not that I wasn’t waiting for it, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast. It took exactly 2 weeks for my card to come from Germany~ So cool! ^^
Card 5
Hopefully my card reached the trader safely!~~ First time trading overseas, I am a little worried.

SHINee Boys Meet U Teaser

I think I am going to be so in love with these guys~ AWWW! I love the feel of this teaser. So free and so lovely. SUNSHINE~ ^^

And once again~ I had to surrender to their hair~ AWWWW! Key’s hair is so beautiful in this performance. And it totally fit their costume. And the costumes had SHINee printed on it in weird fonts. So cool!!! I just happened to see a photo of jonghyun’s dark brown hair era. Comparing to his hair now, he look so young back then~ Hair colour does make a difference. The mature look he has now is actually more sexy~~ WOOHOO~~ ^^

Just need to get some time when I can actually sit down and be crazy enough to watch Asian Dream Cup. I am not a fan of soccer. I never understand how guys can watch 22 people running after a ball for how long? I don’t know the duration… Heehee. But after watching the short clips of running man at Asian Dream Cup, I’ve decided to give it a try. But I will have to find a time~ ^^

All I saw was the somersault~~ ♥

15 Jul

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Finally SM decided to release the drama versions of Wolf MV~~~ But OH WELL WHEN THE GIRL SAID “WHO ARE YOU” I WAS LIKE “TO BE CONTINUED…” And it really was “To Be Continued…” But I liked that anyway!! That will be part of their repackaged I guess? Wow! My pocket will be tight again later this year. But hopefully the next SMTOWN Concert and SHINee SWC3 in SG will be next year so I won’t have to worry about money then~~ T^T Looks forward to their repackaged!!! ^^
The MV was funny~ I just couldn’t stop smiling when they were fighting. ^^ Especially Kai’s and Tao’s closeup. Heehee! But I appreciate all those scenes~ They worked hard for it! All those jumping and flying around and those somersaults! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ Applaud~~

Proud of my boys!! ♥

14 Jul

130714~Performance by SHINee and EXO

130714 SHINee Dream Girl – Video Dailymotion.

(Had to upload this onto my channel but it is private, so people can only see this from my blog! ^^ SBS blocked all of them from me T^T)
I heard that SHINee went to SBS straight after they landed in Gimpo airport. WOW! I must say they were fantastic! They probably didn’t get much rest but they did so great! ^^ So proud of them. Dream Girl is really a performance that I will never get bored of, along with Wolf, so in my opinion, SM did great this year in choosing songs and choreographer! ^^ Although their ear-mics look so off from their mouth I could hear them sing! ^^ Muahaha! Which is why SHINee never fails to impress me! ^^ And they made me stay as a shawol.^^

And here are the Wolf Boys~ EXO

[1080P]130714 EXO – Wolf [Inkigayo] – Video Dailymotion.

Their goodbye stage!!! ^^ So great! As I’ve said I LOVE LIVES! ^^ Yay!! And I actually like the costume today! ^^ BLACK~~~~ Black is sexy to me, somehow~~ ^^
I said I was going to have a post dedicated to EXO, but then I realised it will take me longer than I thought, I am in the midst of doing it… Sorry for the wait! RARR! There are just too many things to catch up~ I am reading from chinese fansites to get a better understanding of the groups, but then the chinese fansites write ESSAYS! LONG ESSAYS! And they were interesting to read but time consuming, so I need more time! Sorry! ^^ But I promise I will have it up~~~ But for a preview~ Lemme give you a Chanyeol~~
GIF cr: fangkeyyyyy
I am so into making gifs!! ^^ heeheee~ we’ll see more gifs in my posts! Look forward! ^^

EXO on 1000 Song Challenge

8 Jul

【中字】130707 挑戰千曲 EXO (Chen 燦烈 D.O) – 视频Dailymotion.

I was so so so so sooooooooo amazed at Chanyeol’s rap. ^^ Made me dizzy if I kept following the lyrics so I didn’t… But the fact that he successfully finished it! WOW!
D.O was so cute! Bounce is such a nice song, ever since Jonghyun introduced it on twitter. I think both Jonghyun and Taeyeon introduced the song. And I loved it! ^^ And cute Do D.O break voice during the song. How adorable!! ^^
Chen SANG A TROT! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ His voice does give a very nice feel, and suits trot songs. ^^
And RARR! They didn’t pass Ring Ding Dong. T^T Cause the coordination wasn’t good.
But, it was so great to hear them sing!! ^^ Look forward to more~~
Off to watch EXO on After School Club! ^^ (so slow in catching up with everything i missed!!! RARR)

Fortune… Believe or not?

7 Jul

(transcript below) There was one sentence that the reporter said that Guigui will get married 5 years later (that was in 2008). AND IT FREAKING CAME TRUE! I actually didn’t realise until I saw it in the comments… I was still calculating when is the ‘5 years later’. AND I WAS LIKE THIS YEAR! AND SHE GOT MARRIED TO TAECYEON. LIKE OMG I GOT GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER…
By the way, this is the show that Taecyeon and 2PM watched that she kissed the guy, during their housewarming party. Guigui has grown so much from then.

Guigui: Xiaogui (another actor in the show) went to play
Guigui+Reporter: He went to Hong Kong
Reporter: Xiaogui went to Hong Kong to watch Xiaozhu’s concert, Aaron (Yalun) and Guigui are busy filming MIT. This day (the day the reporter visited), Guigui becomes the NG queen. She becomes upset and blames(?) Aaron.
Guigui: You didn’t say a bit of encouragement today
Aaron: Did I do that?
Guigui: You watched with a cold eye (?!!) (Just saying he stayed out of her business and didn’t really care) And you still rolled your eyes
Aaron: I didnt… Because… (nothing to say)
Guigui: When you NG I didn’t even roll my eyes. Jiang xin bi xin (no direct translation I guess, but it just means ‘see, I didn’t even roll my eyes, how could you?!’)
(Awkward laughter…)
Aaron: So I didn’t cheer you on just now, you’re very depressed now?
Guigui: More or less yes…
Reporter: The two are a quarrelsome pair both in the show and offscreen. Even if they are filming in a romantic garden, where one can imagine the main characters of the show may become married one day and have children… and such romatic imagination, the two are still quarreling (jokingly).
Someone with deeper voice: If you two ring the bell together will you get married?
Aaron: I don’t know, let’s try it
Guigui: What if we get married? (WORRIED^^)
Guigui: What if we get married? I want to go Greece (for honeymoon)
Aaron: She says she wanna go … honeymoon…
Guigui: Will you bring me there?
Aaron: Let me think… Greece? You really want to go to Greece? I want to go to Venice first because it is going to disappear soon
*Guigui sings a song related to Venice
The person with deep voice again: Guigui will you agree to go to Venice?
Guigui: I don’t want. I want to go to Greece, I don’t care, you must give in to me
Aaron: Sigh* Can tell how she will be after she gets married
Guigui: ‘San cong si de’ (it actually means woman must always follow men, no matter father, husband or son, but Guigui used it for the opposite)
Reporter: Fortune teller says that Guigui will get married five years later when she is 24 (Korean age 25). Guigui is both wishful but scared of getting hurt. While Aaron talks about (in a gossipy way) the real reason why Guigui wants to get married
Aaron: You really want to get married…
Guigui: Getting married is not bad
Aaron: (says the reason) Because fortune teller says you will meet some hardship two years later
Guigui: SHHHHHHHHHHH Don’t say it out! (HITS)
Aaron: Why not?
Guigui: Don’t say! Or it will not be accurate
Aaron: Then don’t let it be accurate (hopes it won’t come true!)
Guigui: Don’t say it already! T^T Yubai is going to air it (Yubai is a variety show that screened this interview)
The woman with deep voice: (you) said it’s not bad if you have a child at 19 (she was 19 then)
Guigui: No, I was saying if I grow up (turn mature?) Because I am the only child and I only have my mother (I couldn’t catch what she said about her mother… too soft)
Aaron: Wow, a filial daughter