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Let me continue this dream~

30 Aug

So many things to update, but I can’t find a time to. Busy preparing for exams and all. 3 months… THREE MORE FREAKING MONTHS AND I CAN BE FREE FOR AROUND EIGHT MONTHS. Hehehe, then I can blog everyday… But provided I have things to blog.
Watched radio shows of EXO lately. OH MY~ I just went wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Too cute to resist, really.
I just found myself a new EXO couple to take note of. Keke. Baekhyun and DO~ So cute when they were fighting, and DO hitting his hyung. ^^ They must be close to an extent that the younger one can openly hit the older one. And then I saw a short video of them at the airport and Baekhyun had his hands on DO’s shoulders, seemingly shielding him from any attack from crazy fans~ HOW LOVING~~ ♥.♥
Have I mentioned before I am pretty into Krisyeol? ^^ Okay, but yeah, only because of this PICTURE~
Nahh, not only because of the picture but because their standing positions, interactions, etc. Many things and I don’t remember. So well, I am back to reading fanfics, yeah but I don’t really read English ones. There are just very few English fanfic writers that I like, and I am lazy to find. ^^ Asian fanfic rarely have good ones. So I go for Chinese ones, although my phone battery seem to be dying faster, but I like those. Easy to read and I can skip words. I guess Chinese is still ultimately my first language. Heehee.

Recently, I showed my friend this, and she like the song! Successfully got her to know EXO’s nice voice. So glad she likes it. Because my other friend (who is always very critical about things and all) says that Baekhyun is singing too high and that his voice is airy. I totally regret my decision to even show her anything. LOL. But well, my other friend, who originally only knew Sehun for his beauty now sees the talent in EXO~ YAY!
And I showed her this too:

I love this so much because it’s a English song yet EXO did it so well. I must say especially Luhan. I’ve since long ago knew his voice was good, but not till the extent that I went all soft. Of course my friend like it! ^^ YAY! And stupid me showed the other friend again, and she said Chen’s voice is airy now. I SWEAR TO MYSELF I AM NEVER GOING TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT EXO OR SHINEE (even if she is a SHINee “fan” <– Because I don't even count her as one) OR KPOP BUT SHE KEEPS PESTERING ME ABOUT SOME CRAYON POP SONG WHEN I AM SERIOUSLY NOT REALLY INTO ANY GIRLGROUP OTHER THAN SMTOWN. LOL I Should seriously stop being silly and find the right people to talk about the right things. T^T If not I am scared one day I really will blow up. Oh well, but I really enjoy EXO's "Open Arms"~ ^^
*my neighbour next door is blasting music again O_O AND I DID NOT LET HIM HEAR MY KPOP SONGS THIS TIME KAY ^^ I am nice

Yesterday I watched EXO's beatles code. I thought I was going to die T^T Not that I died because of the boys… But really the introduction. WHAAAAAAAAAAT~~~~ I hate horror movies. But being me, I am always curious. The only times I watched horror films are during camps in school, and we had to, well I could opt out to sit with the narcissistic male teacher, but I guess watching the film would be better. And I watched some of movies without my spectacles and some from a cupboard reflection. Funny huh? I am so curious but I am freaking scared at the same time. Hehe. But oh well, the moment I realise some weird things came out I covered my laptop screen with a book… LOL But I continued to read the subtitles. How joke is that. LOL. But I survived through the extremely long introduction. And the episode was funny~ BEG is rather cute I would say…
Recently DO had many chances to say he is fearless. AND I AM SO ATTRACTED TO THAT. LOL. I must say I am not a small sized girl, seriously NOT, but I am scared of a lot of things… LOL. And I seriously like the fact that DO isn't KEKEKEK~ This is too random LOL. Oh well, let's move on~ ^^
Look at this boy… PLEASE SAVE ME!

And Lay just made me fall in love with him… I have a weakness for piano boys. LOL. On top of that, he self-learned piano, and use sense of hearing. My ultimate weakness…


Yesterday I did many funny Kpop tests on ShindanMaker. LOL, it was too funny to even mention. Well, one of those that was titled “short scenario with SHINee” was really wrong, but it was with Key. LOL but it was really wrong so I shall not mention it here. But I did a whole lot of test on EXO, the results were really funny. And I realised many results had Chen and Chanyeol in them. LOL~ There really seem to be something wrong with me and EXO ya~ ^^
And maybe it's because I did too many tests, I dreamt of EXO T^T And Chanyeol as my boyfriend. LOL most of the time I don’t remember about my dream at all, but this time I did. And I know I need to continue this dream~ I hope I can continue tonight! Kekekeke~

Today I was talking to my cute, small-sized, little girlfriend (YES YOU, BECAUSE ONLY YOU HAVE THE URL LOL) and she was laughing at KEY~ RARR AT YOU! LOL Anyway I have other things to laugh at you~ Kekekek! Somehow while trying to joke around and slamming and flipping tables, I realised that to me, Key's looks didn't come first. LOL. (The first one who caught my eye definitely has good looks, Jonghyun~) So what came first? I am asking myself that and I don't know the exact answer. Kekeke. Motherly side? (during and after hello baby that is) or Stage Charisma? LOL But I must say all the male artistes have that stage charisma~ ^^ I don't know. So I concluded I just like him as a person~

I guess it’s time to stop being silly, really. 3 more months is how much I have to endure before saying goodbye forever to you, because I guess I will not be me anymore after that, and I definitely will not be the one standing all your stupid actions. Someone else can take on that role. This inner fight within me should be gone. I cannot stand it anymore, I shall just keep it all to myself. This did not happen just because of one incident, but because I bottled up too much. I am not smiling a lot when I am with you, but I really found myself laughing with others. Is there a problem? I’ve always asked myself. Maybe there is. I need to learn to stop myself from these fake smile and fake laughs. What you ever wanted was for me to listen to you, but you never ever tried to hear me out… you will never, and ever, because I will not say anything, anymore.

P.S. EXO is endorsing for Nature Republic? My mum used that brand! LOL But the Singapore outlet closed down, and my dad isn’t going to Korea for business trip anymore so she switched… I am so getting my mum back to using that brand! ^^ Cause I am going to travel to Korea a lot, hopefully~ ^^


The misconception of US~

19 Aug

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ But what’s with me these days? Seems like lady luck is on my side o_O
US album
The whole process of getting this album is so smooth that I couldn’t even believe it. I emailed Popular CD-Rama asking if they were going to sell this album at all (because the last time I visited the store the guy seemed like he didn’t know anything), and if they do I wanted to reserve an album. Then I got a call not long after saying that the albums arrived few days ago (so the guy was really mr-do-not-know LOL). And so I said I will pick it up the day after. And today I went. Looks like I am so free, but that’s because I’ve only got 2 periods today (but they were 2 long periods…) Yeah so I ended school at 1.30pm and rushed to the store. Lucky thing is the shopping mall is so near my school I could walk there (right after I left the bus-stop 2 buses came ._.) Anyway, I reached home real soon, that’s the good thing about living near school. LOL. And even if I am at the edge of Singapore, things were accessible. LOL. (Why did I even write so much? Aww. Sorry if I bore you…) Anyway, I opened the packaging… And took out the photobook that has the pc, and LOL Key pc fall out by itself. Kekeke, and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~
His face is like a blur kid here~~~~ ^^
US Key pc
Why so cute? ^^
Now, the collection of all pc I’ve collected in 2013. Wow, this is too fast T^T (The middle one is from my friend, she got it when she ordered the maypole shirts)
kpop pc
Kekeke, my photocard file is so thick… Due to all the SHINee In Wonderland cards. OPPPS…
pc file


17 Aug

Short short short post

I literally replayed this video for X number of times. Just to watch and rewatch Kris and the little white dog… WHY ARE YOU HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A DOGGIE?! OMG I AM JEALOUS! RARR!
Total of 4 scenes:
1. Carries the dog and turn turn and shake shake
2. Holds the standing dog and try to look cool
3. The dog try to get a hug from Kris (RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
4. Just finished talking to the dog/looking at the dog from eye level, looks up and look cool, finishing the last sentence
FREAK WHY DO THIS 6 SECONDS PART LOOK SO CUTE AND LOVELY~~ But still make me jealous?! LOL Okay, I should stop myself from being pathetic… JEALOUS OF A DOG?! YOU KIDDING ME?! RARR! Okay… (Do I even make sense? O_O)

What’s with me and EXO?

14 Aug

I think it doesn’t work on the phone T^T
Question now is, when is the continued drama version coming out? I am waiting to see a Luhan-wolf. LOL!
But anyways, many thanks to this camera man~ Beats all the music show shots because he knows how the dance go and could capture the best parts out of it.
The dance MVs were really cute, and you could see them smiling a lot. Heehee~ Like to see them having fun. It was especially cute when Kai pop out his head behind the screen (? or whatever that is…) Both the ending of the dance MVs are so cute~~ Kai tells the camera to go into the cap then realised he was supposed to go to the camera… Heehee, that smile he gave. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Then again, at the end of Chinese version Luhan pointed at his shirt (was it intentional?) and then the camera went it. LOL I had a great laugh about that.
And really, I was spazzing at Xiumin’s arms when watching the videos. Kekekeke! Not my fault! T^T He exposed his arms… And he’s got the nice arms to show off anyway!! ^^ Somehow ‘Growl’ made me really impressed with Xiumin (as I mentioned in the post when Growl mv first came out), and maybe it is because of the dance, once again I focused quite a lot on Xiumin in the dance mv… And then the outcome was…
growl album
growl xiumin photocard
*Opps, I think I was blasting Exo’s song too loud that my neighbour is blasting some english pop song now…*
But oh well, the photocard shows no nice arms~ But okay, I shall be satisfied with this pretty face. Heehee. He isn’t really the most handsome (in my opinion), neither the most pretty (because there’s always Luhan…) But I would say he is more towards the pretty face side. And the forever-young face, because who will actually know this BABY FACE KID is the oldest of Exo at one look?
So, what is the problem with me and Exo? Always getting photocards of the person that got my attention. SO WHERE DID CHEN GO? LOL. Chanyeol first then Xiumin… Lol, let’s see who’s next, and whether the curse will go on? ^^ IF THIS IS FATE THEN WHY DID I NOT LOOK AT THEIR TEASERS?!?!??!?!? RARR! But I wasn’t really fond of History and MAMA, to be honest… Hmmmms, okay, glad that I am their fan now. ^^

Little complains:
I am not oblivious to the incidents involving the sasaeng fans and of course I have my views on that (obviously not supportive) and given my character I have to rant about it a little in a post, but really… I think I need more info about them… LOL. I can’t even believe allkpop. I trust weibo fans more. And their collation of all the incidents made me want to slap people. But oh well… If they appear in front of me (if they chase them to Singapore for concerts etc) I will stand in front of their camera and block their views… LOL, if I can…

All I saw was a hugging and pulling away >.<

9 Aug

Look at this!

All I saw was…
OH MY! For a second I thought Sehun pulled Luhan away, but I realised it was Luhan that pulled Sehun away. Oh my! Why aren’t they twins?! But gosh! That moment. Kekekeke.

I am SOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! They did live today! I mean yeah, we all can’t ignore the freaking loud background music (some parts with their voices)… But their mics are on, and I am 100% sure! ^^ YAYYIIIEEE! From the first sentence Tao said it was obvious! Kekeke. And Tao’s sentence before they changed to 2nd group… Oh my~ Finally sing loud enough for me to hear. Kekekeke! I seriously love how Kris never ever wears the cap. HAHAHAHHAH! And pass it to Suho. LOL.
This made my day~~ YOU SEE THE CAMERA AND YOU SMILE~~~~ ^^
chanyeol smile
Somehow EXO seem pretty happy today~ Hehe~ Did they eat pizza before performing? RARR! And yes, have to mention Kris voice today is much louder! Kekeke! Just like Tao. (Like father like son? O_O) Luhan’s solo was SOOOOOOO ☆.☆
Lastly, there is a need to conclude this post with the cutest little…. LOL
chen cutie
YES, the one in red cap, white shirt, red pants. LOL. I think it’s just me… He look so funny all the time. OPPPS.
Then again… (but camera man isn’t on my side today…)
chen crabbie
I will never miss this part of the song/dance ever again. ^^ Unless cameraman goes against me. RARR! I feel a little bad making fun of him… But I can’t help myself. T^T Forgive me~~~ HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I have even funnier gifs. But I think if I ever share it… My life will be over… Kekekekeke…

All gifs works are painstakenly (like real, cause I had so much fun doing it) done by fangkeyyyyy~ Take out with credits~~~ Cr: fangkeyyyyy

I can’t hide who I am, so I might as well just laugh when I’m happy, cry when I’m sad and growl when I’m angry… Thankful to realise now then to regret after I’ve changed completely.

Distractions, distractions, distractions…

7 Aug

This guy just made me go crazy once again. Sad… Yet it gives me a little peace. Thanks to my dear sister that I saw this! ♥ Lovely.
chen crab
How can he be so funny and cute here and so cool below~~~ RARR!!!
chen cool
chen cool2
Kekeke! I am so going to walk up to Chen one day and proudly pass him a gift and say some words of encouragement and all~ He has a beautiful voice. (I don’t even know why I am in love with him, because he seems like a playboy to me. OPPS No offence intended but he does give me that kind of feel. Aww, what’s wrong with me. T^T)

Lately, I found out about this guy:
He’s Korean-Taiwanese. Mother Korean, Father Taiwanese. And he is freaking talented! RARR! He write his own songs. I won’t say he has a special voice, but his voice is relatively good. He look good definitely, though he is really skinny.
I just got to know more about him thanks to 娱乐百分百 a.k.a. 100% percent entertainment (Taiwanese variety show). Previously I saw him when I was randomly browsing through funny clips of 小鬼 so I watched the episode with him in it and his songs were pretty nice. But I must say I was more attracted to his pretty face. HAHAHAHAH! Today, 130807, there’s another episode of him, which is specifically to introduce himself as a person. He talked about his first love. A really sad one. He grew up in Korea so it happened in Korea. He got together with a girl from is elementary school (when they were in secondary/middle school). They lasted 3 years, they broke up because his friend was chasing her and she liked his friend. Sad, but not yet. He went to Taiwan in High School, and visited Korea when he it was holidays and he met her up and went to play. After he was back in Taiwan for 3 months, he got a call from another friend tell him that she took her life.
I couldn’t feel the immediate impact because the chinese subtitles said the “he” took his life instead of “she” so I was wondering if that was the girl’s new boyfriend or what… Still, it was an extremely sad thing to experience. For me, I am lucky to have yet to experience any life and death situation so I am not even sure how I will feel when it actually comes.
Anyway, he wrote this song “bye bye bye” for this girl or this incident but it wasn’t published. I actually didn’t quite get it whether the song was made by changing lyrics to his another song or how did it come about, but the song is really sad.
This is a short but clearer version of his life singing (during a radio show)

Fan meeting-longer version (includes a little bit of Korean), the sound isn’t that great but I appreciate the fan who filmed and shared this.

Another one (this was before he went to serve the army), he was much younger then and he was talking in the middle which I couldn’t catch at all. T^T Makes me more determined that I must master Korean Language.

Official MV-finally know what those Korean words meant…

Another thing that is bothering me is prom… It’s coming up in 4 months time… And I only have 1 week to prepare after my last A level paper. Gosh. Hopefully it is enough. Sadly, there isn’t a culture of going to Prom with a date in Singapore… (Unless you have a bf/gf) It seems like almost impossible to get a date at all. And I don’t even know many guys to start with. LOL. But I am lucky to have my friends! ^^