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No peace until we wake up from the bad dream…

29 Sep

Yes, this post is finally here. About EXO sasaeng fans/stalker fans/possessed fans/love-their-idols-the-wrong-way fans. Okay, please be reminded to practice self-censorship IN MY BLOG~ If you think you can’t take it, click X before you vomit or faint or anything. AND don’t bash your computer screen~ ^_^ Not worth it. Anyway, whatever I am saying in this post is JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION, nothing to do with anyone, any organisation… BLAH BLAH… And don’t give me negative comments, because your comments will just be left pending ^_^ I HAVE CONTROL OVER MY BLOG TQ~

Okay, here comes the thing. Sasaeng fans is such a big problem that it is actually trending on twitter… SEE!
And this is now, EXO was a little in front a few hours ago… Gosh. Really. I can’t take it. I don’t know if I can remain calm here. ._.
Okay. Here’s the thing. We have no rights to judge whether one is loving his/her idol the right way… But sometimes some actions really piss people off. I mean, yes, these idols become famous, it is their choice to become famous, at the expense of their privacy… And they do their best to show whatever they can to fans. And pleasing their fans become something they do on daily basis, or rather have their lives become like that? I sincerely hope not. When they are working, of course they should do it. But what? Don’t expect them to be doing that off-work. They don’t get paid 24-7… So why should they be an idol 24-7, why should they be pleasing fans 24-7? You get my idea? You can argue they get paid on monthly basis, and they do not have standard working hours and all… But really? So? You expect them to be working even when they need to sleep? Gosh, save me. I know their company isn’t one that is relax or anything, but yea, they have days off and private time. What is private time? PRIVATE TIME IS WHEN THEY ARE NOT WORKING, NOT ON STAGE, NOT ON THE WAY TO WORK…! LOL. If you happen to meet them on the streets and recognise them, yea, say hi, and say hi, I’m your fan, maybe ask for an autograph and run. Maybe snap a photo in the process just to keep for your own good, or share it with a few friends. Yeah, okay, fair enough cause you’re lucky you met them. But PLEASE, not follow them all around, spend your whole day tailing behind them, getting every chance to take a photo of them and then… I don’t know… Stalk them to someone else’s wedding? LOL really…
It must have made Tao so freaking pissed that he posted that weibo post. It must have made EXO so upset that he actually said something like that. He was obviously angry. Think about the many times they got hurt, they got pushed, they got injured, they got… Many many incidents… How do they feel? None of these sasaengs even bother putting themselves in the shoes of their idols… How much trouble was it, to worry for every step they take, every move they make, because there are eyes on them 24-7 and cameras pointing at them 24-7…
They are a PERFORMING GROUP EXO, NOT a pleasing-fans group EXO… Pleasing fans comes under performing, but performing is not a subset of pleasing-fans. If they do it, you’re lucky. If not, then leave them alone.
Following them into their private lives is really a NO NO… HOW ON EARTH DID THESE PEOPLE EVEN GET HOLD OF EXO’s NUMBERS… They probably did some hacking I suppose? Or whatever, this is like so not right… AND HOW DID THEY EVEN KNOW A WEDDING IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE? Oh gosh. So how did they manage to not sneak into the PD’s wedding (a few weeks ago)? Lol, probably because the PD foresee that and made sure no security fault would allow such a thing. And probably no one thought something like that would happen to Baekhyun’s hyung. WTH LIKE REALLY, A WEDDING IS LIKE A GIRL’S DREAM AND YOU FREAKING RUINED IT FOR BAEKHYUN’S HYUNG-SU. And what is the consequence? Baekhyun having to apologise FOR ALL YOUR FREAKING WRONGDOINGS. Oh gosh. The worst thing that could happen is making your love/idol say sorry for something you’ve done wrong yourself, and thinking that you did not do anything wrong… (I remember this from somewhere else… Some celeb, who is my idol I guess, saying sorry because of fans, BUT I FORGOT WHO.)
Okay, that aside but whatever going on twitter seems a little too off. Like the sasaengs blaming international fans? Did they? Okay, maybe they did… But I didn’t find any proof? O_O So I am leaving that as it is because I didn’t see it… [CLAIMED]Someone threatened to cut herself if Luhan dates someone else other than her? Really? Okay, I don’t really know if this is true, but sad life, you little girl. [CLAIMED]Some left menstrual blood outside EXO’s dorm? Really? I doubt this happened. Okay this is just me trying hard not to believe this thingy because I sincerely hope these people are still SANE. [CLAIMED]They lay across on the road?! There is photo evidence but we can’t say anything because they may not be doing that for the idols. But oh well, this is a possible thing that could have happened or may happen in future… Because there should have been a reason why one of the broadcasting stations actually banned EXO fans from entering to watch them perform. And there must have been a reason why EXO fans are located at the gallery section even though they won (it was shown in one of the encores… I saw that EXO fans were upstairs…) But this is just me guessing yeah. There are many crazy things about sasaengs that are trending now. But somehow I wish EXO stans will watch their words… Don’t say inappropriate things. Bashing sasaengs is one thing, but stating things that seems a little too over (?) isn’t going to do any good. We all know sasaengs are like doing things too extreme, I hope this will not apply to other EXO stans too. Sigh*
Sasaengs should just wake up from their crazy acts. Accept that EXO is not theirs, but OURS. Accept that EXO members are human beings, not immortals. Accept that doing too much will bring about unhappiness to EXO. Accept that they are doing wrong. But well, these are just me saying, how will they become SANE? They have to realise it themselves. It doesn’t take all those bashing to make them realise they are doing things wrong, it doesn’t take Tao’s words to make them realise they are doing things wrong, it doesn’t take an incident to make them realise they are doing things wrong, what is needed is the realisation from inside their heart. They need to realise that they are hurting EXO with whatever they are doing. And I pray for this day to come.

I am protective of my idols. I know. But I try so hard to stay sane, and be responsible for whatever I say. I won’t stay sane if I really see someone poking Baek’s throat with a camera. WHO IS IN THE WRONG FIRST? Yeah.. They don’t realise that.
I swear if one day they try to squeeze me, I will push back. And if they ever happen to be beside me and my friends and they are pushing me or us, I will like use all my might to fight back. Because all my girls are younger and look so small. For this, I am going to take up Aikido again. (lol, actually I’ve decided to do martial arts again long time ago… but now I have a new excuse to do so) If they ever come to Singapore, heh, they will get it from me.

Hopefully one day they will all suddenly realise everything they have done wrong and be sorry and support EXO the healthy way. ._. PRAYS.

[Anyway, some of those claims above came from the documentary ‘Reality of sasaengs’ or whatever the name of the show is, but I am just saying that should not apply to all sasaengs. If they really do that why fo the company not sue them? LOL, you get what I mean?]


In love with someone else’s lovestory…

29 Sep

Wheee, needs to add on a fanart~
KEY BDAY3 2013
The last fanart I drew on Key’s birthday~ ^^

My 12 days of Prelims ended! And I had a cold after that. But wheeee~ I survived. I don’t know how well I will do, or how badly may apply more… But at least for these few days, I will leave the worrying to the back of my head. ^^
During the 12 days, I did this…
prelim lock screen
Just nice, 12 days for 12 lock screens~ ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
And finally after my Ipod home screen had been there for a year, I changed it. And it was on Key’s birthday~ ^^ Lovely rainbow hair

After prelims, my family celebrated my mum’s birthday… WHY IS EVERYONE’S BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER? REALLY… But oh well, on her birthday, she bought me some Etude House products~ WHEEEEEEEEE~ She bought herself some stuff too. Because there was a 30% discount. ^_^ And I got my membership. YAY~ Next time I will buy a lot… T^T But really. 30% discount is no joke. And today I went again because for members, there’s 40% discount. And 40% is even… It’s so close to half price already. Oh my!

Okie, anyway~ here’s what my title means…

I am so in love with this couple. I cried watching this video. It actually didn’t occur to me that I have been following them for probably more than 2 years. I mean, I followed beautifymeeh not long ago, but Yunwoo is already 1 year old! Which means I followed that channel for a year and a half. And I follow bubzbeauty even longer… Oh my~ But I really like these 2 channels. Not really for their makeup tutorials but really for their vlogs. ^_^
Seeing bubz and Tim get married is like… WOW~ CONGRATS~! ^_^

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Okay, happy things end here. Because next post is going to be an unpleasant one… WHY! WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THAT! HAISH… There’s no day peace will come until they wake up from their… actions?

KIM KIBUM~ MY LOVE~ Happy Birthday~ ♥

22 Sep

A year ago, I was waiting for the magical moment to come. The first time I ever wish Key happy birthday. The first year I got into Kpop, the first year I liked SHINee, and the first year I knew I could like a person so much, even if he is so extremely out of reach. I think my love for him is deep till a point that I can’t even describe it. It isn’t just love, the possessive one, the one with jealousy; my love seems to be over that stage. I love him for who he is. For the first time, this kind of feeling occurred to me. I respect him, I idolise him, I love him and I support him. Not that he has no flaws, but I see everything and I accept them. I see him co-working with female stars and I like it. With anyone. Eunji and Dana (recently)… I like Eunji from Reply 1997 so that doesn’t really count. But I liked Dana because of Key… Yesterday when I was looking at B&C musical photos of Key and Dana, I was actually really happy. Happy that Key got this role, happy that Key did it, happy that he is that professional and all. I’ve sort of decided to love him and support him till the end of time. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. He isn’t the perfect one. But I still love him, for who he is.
KEY BDAY2 2013
Transformation from pencil to pen!! ^^ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I’ve decided I’m never doing pencil sketching… But what if one day I decided to do a A2 sized drawing?! *^* I don’t know… Pen draw until I drop…
Key pencil and pen

Thank you… Thank you for giving me so much strength, thank you for always showing me your happy face, thank you for being happy always, thank you for your exaggerating laughter, thank you for appearing right in front of my face…
Continue to be happy, continue to smile, continue to love, continue to work hard. I will support you till the end. No matter how old I get, I will proudly say “My idol is Key!”
Have a happy day. Have a happy birthday!♥

When I thought I could hold it in…

20 Sep

I read 10080 because there were just too many people talking about it… [fanfic 10080] It got me so into the story, it made me take interest in binary codes… And it made me cry… Not because I am not a Baekyeol shipper, nor was I imagining scenes, I cried when I finally read “short lifetime”… Because I wasn’t a Baekyeol shipper, I didn’t try to picture the story. I read it just as I was reading any book or story, and boys love story of course. (Because I touched that when I shipped Taiwan artistes XiaoZhu and XiaoGui) I read the story, and I couldn’t resist. In fact I knew the ending because I read a part of it first. I did not cry when I finished the story, but cried when I figured out the last binary code. It made me realise how fragile our lives are. Anything may happen this very minute and I don’t want to see what consequences it brings. Maybe because the song played at the point of time was SHINee’s I’m with you, which made me especially emotional, maybe it was because the time was past midnight and I was feeling really lonely in the dark. Whatever it was, my tears just fall without any notice… I knew many cried because of the story, but I thought I was strong. Well, maybe not. But no matter what, I really like this fanfic. It got me back to reading English fanfics since I took a break from reading Chinese ones because exams were coming up. Wheee! But I know I shouldn’t be reading… T^T Okay. Once in a while!

I bought another XOXO album! LOL. I’ve decided there isn’t much chance of using the money I saved the whole year because I can’t go to the concerts coming up in Singapore… And so…
Sehun ID
Sehun’s ID! Not that this maknae OF MY AGE is my bias… LOL. But I really don’t deny he has a pretty and handsome face!!!
[If you want to know if I’m trading, tweet me @fangSHINeeEXO or comment; ONLY SINGAPORE PLEASE. And I have Chanyeol’s already, and I am okay with trading other album pcs too~]
And last week.. When I was walking around the mall.. HAHAHA I saw a fanboy at the Kpop section of Comics Connection… Hehehe! But well, I saw this! ^^
sehun badge
Last week, I went to meet a bunch of friends, online friends, or shall I call us Whatsapp friends? We got together because of a girl who looked for people to form a dance crew (to get together and be friends and maybe better than friends). Well, because of this I am really thankful to her. She found me a place that I’d like to be, she found me the people I could talk to, and be crazy with. I hugged her on our first meeting. But I was in a rush to leave, so… But it was nice, meeting up. I traveled half a Singapore to get to the meeting place, sat for like around half an hour, while trying to invade the privacy of a Korean guy who sat next to me, and then traveled half a Singapore back home. I THINK I LIVE IN THE VILLAGE… OR COUNTRYSIDE. LOL. Too far from the city… Lucky I am moving next year. But it was worth the time. To meet up with this bunch of people. Oh yes, we all love EXO. Not only EXO, I am glad most or all of them like SHINee too~ ^^ Wheeeeeeee~ We don’t talk that often, and we only met once (and not all came), but it was nice knowing we will have someone to talk to when we want to. We share random pictures on our group and we post crazy selcas or unglam photos, just for the fun of it. I am like the 2nd oldest in the group but I feel like I’m fine with it. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeee~ Having fun while handling crazy exams.

It will be next friday before my next post… (actually no.. Because Key’s birthday is coming up) Another week of exams! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I don’t know why, but I am actually enjoying the exams… Owhhh… I guess as long as I am not having lessons I am fine… LOL. So after exams, how do I survive the 3 weeks?! *sigh… 69 more days? Or 68… To the end of it. The end of my 12 years of education… LOL so far yet so near? I don’t know how I survived the 12 years but I did, so I should be able to hang on for 68 more days..

Happy Birthday CHENCHEN~

20 Sep

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ On this special occasion, I am back to blogging. Awww, sadly, I am in the middle of my prelims. But on the bright side, I don’t have any papers until next Tuesday~~ So I can afford the time now~ And~~~
One of my successful drawings of tonight… But for this I tore 3 pages of paper… My hands were still shacky from a day of exams… 5 hours~ T^T But yay I managed to finally draw a OKAY-looking CHEN~ WHEEEEEEEE!!!
Chen fanart 1
Drawn after but REALLY… LOL I am never good at side views… So I changed the camera angle. HAHA! But hope it’s okay~~ ^^
Chen fanart 2
Lastly, drawn quite a while ago~~ WHEEEE. Maybe I am just better at chibi like drawings.. AWW! BUT I AM DETERMINED TO GET BETTER AT PEN SKETCHING! RARR!
Chen fanart 3
Chen, a boy whom I never thought I’d like so much… The thing that got me attracted to him was his beautiful voice. And I remembered him as a shy boy at first. But of well, I was wrong. Only this year, after becoming a real fan of EXO, do I realise that this boy, is more than what I thought he was. I like the fact that he has a natural ‘3-shaped’ mouth. It somehow turned out to be attractive to me. I like the fact that his eyebrows are always in the 囧 position, so cute, and makes him look like a puppy. I like the fact that his smile is always so bright, just like everyone’s in EXO. I like his trolls. LOL. I just like it. I don’t know why either. Never fail to make me laugh, never fail to brighten up my day. He was the first I saw, the first I noticed, the first I wanted to know more about in EXO. And no matter how many times the others try to crash my bias list (which apparently doesn’t exist because it is too hard to even have one), I will always remember the one who got me interested in the group. I will always tell myself it’s Chen, he was the one who made me take another look at the group, and eventually falling in love with the group. I must say this love for EXO was so unexpected. I never thought I would like this group as much as I do now. But after really falling in love with the 12 boys, I understand how I am attracted to the special character of each of them, as well as their performances and amazing lives~

When I am bored…

8 Sep

Not exactly. I am so busy but… LOL
The following 2 pictures will show that I am really not good at drawing… LOL WHAT ARE THESE! RARR
1st try
2nd try
Okay, finally, I decided side view isn’t the best idea… But the girl look like a mad woman… messy hair…
And wheeeeeeeee~ Another of SHINee’s song~ LOL

I should continue doodling… Maybe it’ll get better… Hopefully~~

Congrats for all the triple crowns!~

8 Sep

EXO deserves the triple crown~~ WHEEE CONGRATS!! ^^
Tao got hurt during Idol Sports competition filming, and he couldn’t dance some parts. Oh my~ I really hoped he could have just sat still and sing his lines… There were so many bending down actions in the dance… His waist (is it?) must have hurt… During one of the encore the other members were on the floor doing fanservice and he couldn’t join. Haish. Hope he recover quick!

I was so impressed by the 130831 performance on Immortal Songs 2. Of course the dance made it much better. But their voices were like WOW anyway. Chen’s and Baekhyun’s~ D.O.’s too~~ And well, Xiumin got a line and could be heard. WHEEE~ But somehow it was soft. Maybe he is developing his soft voice… Anyway, the performance was so great! Sadly there wasn’t Luhan, Kris, Suho Chanyeol and Tao… But they still did very well!! ^^
Here~ some cuties~
Just when I was watching previous Growl stages… I found this. Kekeke. I don’t ship the couple. Neither do I ship Chanbaek or Kai and Baekhyun. LOL. There are like countless OTP for EXO because of the number of people… There are so many permutations, which makes me want to do math, forget it…
KRISYEOL… Imma not a shipper but when these 2 tall guys stand together, I kinda can’t stop staring at them…
Kekeke, yes, from the Drama MV~ I shall not do a seprate post this time…

Wheeeeeeeeee~ I must say THE FIGHT TOOK TOO LONG YA! I mean okay, it was cool to see people fight but… I can’t see their faces, neither is their costumes showing their muscles! RARR! It’s like watching a soccer match… See small figures running around. Sorry, I just don’t appreciate soccer… But well, Luhan’s disappearing tattoo. LOL at the drop of the girl’s tears? Okay. Hahahah the plot has got many parts for me to laugh at~
When they were fighting, 9 ppl came… WHY 9? Other than Kris and Luhan not in there, who’s the last one? (Okay, if you say DO.. but) I mean making it dark doesn’t really help ya… I can count. ^^ And wait, not all the 9 are EXO members am I right? LOL. I know it haven’t been long since I got into EXO as a team.. But I guess I can recognise their figures… Height and such. LOL Who were those beanie guys. (one of which is suho… But still…) LOL (and i realise DO is there actually O_O)
And fighting.. So to show off TAO? Kekekek! The cutie Kungfu Panda AB Style. Ya. Can, then where is Baekhyun? LOL Aikido, Karate… And I wanna see Luhan randomly flipping LOL
So after they made sure Luhan got hit hard on the head they left? If one baseball bat? or whatever the metal or wooden thing they used to hit Luhan’s head could finish everything off… Why kidnap the girl? LOL
Then the girl’s tear removed the scar on Luhan like miracle… Could have done that earlier LOL Luhan’s hair… LOL
And then Kris appears to Growl with red eyes. Hehehehhehe
The above is just for laugh~ ^^ LOL, I was thinking if I’m always saying good things am I too bias, so I should criticise. Well, the MV is still funny! But it is good for spazzing~ ^^
Okay, serious. Enjoy the MV (though it’s pretty late to say such a thing…) and have a good laugh!! ^^