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Officially 19 ♡

25 Oct

I am 19!!! WHEEEEEEEEE~ Okay, isn’t too great. The last time my age is going to start with 1… I don’t feel old. Because I’m still like a kid inside. But I feel old when I see Yoogeun… GOSH, we are exatly 13 years apart. OHMY. I am such an old noona.
This baby! ♡
He is getting so many CFs… So happy to be able to keep seeing him. And know how well he’s growing. Wheeeeeeeeee~ The lil boy who has the same birth date as me… It actually sucks to know someone with the same birth date, TO ME… I think it’s just me… But if I am sharing this date with Yoogeun I don’t mind! ^_^

Well, anyway, I’ve graduated, without taking the major exams. I really don’t know how this works… But all schools in Singapore do this so… But seriously, how can you let your kids graduate without taking the exams? LOL.

So yeah, like I’ve been doing for the past few birthdays, I started thinking. I realise I am becoming much like what I want to be over the year. And I think the most influential factor in my life is Key. Yes him… LOL. I don’t love him like a lover, but I respect him like a role model. I am not aspiring to become like him… But he teaches me the things no one else can teach me. He got my confidence level up up up. He told me to be myself and not care about others around me. He made me tell myself I am beautiful in the way I am. So overall, it’s really the confidence thing, or is it self-esteem? Well, it’s like impossible to explain this is words~ ^_^ But no matter what, he is like the person I want to thank most. Even though he don’t know what he’s done… Well, I will be a fan, support him in whatever he is doing. AND I AM OF AGE, TO SEE B&C MUSICAL, I HOPE? LOL IDK. BUT LOL, I SAW IT ON YOUTUBE ALREADY, AND IT WAS SO NICE. I mean… lol, trying not to sound pervertic, but the bed scene was not bad. ._. I AM NOT A PERVERT. Okay, this is bad. The more I deny, the worse it becomes. Well, leave it. ^_^ BUT I LOVE KEY. Someone should bring him to me someday. I DEMAND A KEY=Kim Kibum! ^_^ WHEEEEEEEEEE~ Okay, kidding.

Well, again, I must wish myself Happy Birthday ^_^ Wheeeeeeeeee~ For the first time, Okay, shall put a selca here~ Keke!
selca bday
Not so recent, but good to use because they are decent. ^_^ Tgt with lil Yoogeun. Because I’ve left school, posting a selca seems easier. Phew~


I sincerely think the people who pick my albums have magic hands…

25 Oct

So this time SHINee’s Everybody album came real quick. I don’t know why… Maybe because I tried to preorder it even before they had any information about the album getting to Singapore cd-rama. I think the people in the store know me already… Luckily I am moving away soon so I will change a store to buy from. HAHA~ But wheeee, whoever had the magic hands, helped me get my Taemin pc. AND A KEY BOOKMARK. OMG I LOVE THE PERSON. Just like exactly what I wanted. Totally… The only thing that didn’t go as I thought was they only had 1 poster. I mean… Okay, I understand cd-rama will not give me the full thing.. So… I wasn’t really all that disappointed about no individual poster. Because posters are just not my thing. Cause They will be rolled up and forgotten in a corner. Okay, I bothered to wrap my posters in plastics kay! Cause it’s dusty here… Anyway, with Taemin pc, I’ve completed my individual pc gotten out from albums without trading. ^_^ Onew (Why So Serious) Minho (Sherlock) Jonghyun (Boys Meet U) Key (Misconception of US) Taemin (Everybody). WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~
Everybody Taemin pc
SHINee pc

And then, I couldn’t take it and got another Growl album. So now I have both hug and kiss versions of both Wolf and Growl albums~ ^_^ YAY! And D.O. came this time. I was hoping for a group one. But this isn’t reserved so no magic hands came to my rescue. Had to choose 1 out of 2 albums on the shelve, and I am so curious about the pc in the other album now… ._.
Growl DO pc
EXO pc

Just let me say something. I am as upset with these things as I always am. And especially now that I am a total EXO fan, I am more upset… I look at twitter and see people talking about SHINee and EXO all the time, since I follow people from both fanbases. I mean yes, if you like both and say good things about both I am perfectly alright. But there are just people who goes “Just because SHINee is EXO’s senior doesn’t mean they are better” or something along that line. And why is this happening? Because of MAMA voting… I didn’t see this happen last year. Well, maybe because I wasn’t an EXO fan… I really want to see a stage of SHINee and EXO like last year… But if SHINee don’t win a thing, they probably won’t even fly to Hong Kong for the award… So I am trying so furiously, using 3 accounts (because I just can’t find 5… and I don’t like to create 2 more just for voting) to vote everyday… But lol, my pathetic votes won’t count… It makes me upset that people need to judge the other group. Yes I see many EXO fanbases saying vote for EXO, and well many SHINee fanbases say vote for SHINee, and I am so proud these fanbases care~ Then there are people, fans in particular, talking about the other group. I am like smashing my keyboards. LOL. And yeah, I stopped following these people once I see such thing appearing. That’s just me. Whatever if they use the unfollower thingy and find out I unfollowed them. But yay for SHINee topping Japan and Other countries’ votes. And yay for EXO topping Korea and South-East Asia’s votes. I’m still surprised that they didn’t top China votes… And yay for Jung Joon Young topping USA votes~ ROCKER~ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ ^_^ On a side note, Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi couple is SO CUTE~ ^_^ LOVE THEM. WHEEEEEEEEE~