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Doing the craziest things…

30 Nov

My A levels officially ended! Yay! It was fun doing it. And now it’s over~ I don’t feel much. Maybe because it felt like it never started. I went on with life as usual during the A levels period. And now that I am free from exam, and of course free from school, I seriously feel like I can fly.
Been doing the craziest stuff lately.
1) I started to roleplay. My friend brought me into it, she is the admin of the group. I will just stick to this one roleplay because I start to find myself doing it all the time. I get more notifications on this facebook account than my personal facebook account. LOL I seriously see how I don’t make use of facebook at all from this. And of course my roleplay character is Key. Hahahaha! Almost joined as one of the EXO members, but decided not to.

2) I bought EXO Wolf hoodies~ ^_^ A sleeveless blue-grey one and a long sleeved red one. And because the seller of the long sleeved one was late, making me wait for an hour (because she actually contacted the wrong number. LOL), I had an extra 88 snapback. RARR. Great! Saved me 10 bucks~ Even though I had no intentions to get that. Hahah!

3) Yesterday, I went out to meet friends. I met some of them before and another person was from the roleplay (and I didn’t know). We had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant and I must say I am so happy we ate there. They played a full SNSD concert on their TV, which actually was so distracting… And we were the first customers so we had the best seat. And while BBQ-ing we kept watching the TV. RARR. Then when it finished, they changed to 2AM, but they somehow heard about us talking about SHINee, so they switched again. Keke~ Such nice people. My first time eating Korean BBQ, it was nice. I didn’t know I could take kimchi soup… I thought I’d puke at it. Oh, it saved my life because I am glad I am neutral to it, and I do not dislike it. Well, kimchi is still not what I’d eat with rice at all (I learnt that from the Korean store that existed long ago in my school). But when I had it BBQ-ed and wrapped inside the vege with the meat, it was actually nice. ^_^

4) After the meal we rushed to see LC9. Okay, so it was actually one of the girls I met that likes a person in LC9 and she pushed us to finish all the meat and quickly leave. I am guilty to have hid some meet under the leftover kimchi because we really couldn’t eat anymore. So we flagged a cab and rushed to Bugis Junction for their fansign. And we were lucky we were not that late. The fansign was scheduled to start at 7.30pm but I guess they only arrived at 8pm… We were their around 8.20pm? I am not even sure. And so the other girls, including me, were taking photos while we let the girl watch her idol. And, yes this is crazy for a reason because we actually stood on chairs at the MacDonald’s beside the stage to watch them. LOL. Okay, my mum did this before… But this is my first time… I must say I wouldn’t even dare to do this is I was still in school. I feel like such a free soul because I got no reputation to ruin now. Hahaha! Well, I just committed my first ever Kpop fansign to LC9… Errrr… Okay… Can… But I doubt SHINee or EXO will even be holding fansigns in Singapore anymore so I guess this is worth it. >_>
Clearest of the cutest photos that were in my lousy phone. The guy in white shirt is the one my friend likes. Okay, apart from him being a gentleman I do not know him at all. He handed over his mic to the emcee when the emcee’s one had a problem. And he wasn’t even done wiping his sweat. LOL.
Of course later we were scolded for standing on the chairs (along with other fans we dont know) and some unhappy stuff happened that did not become worse because the 2 crazy people (me and friend) happened to not hear the hush comment so… Luckily we didn’t, that what I thought afterwards.

5) We danced at a corridor… Really, after they start to sit down and sign, we left, and found ourselves a deserted place in a shopping mall. It was at the back of a hall? I suppose. We danced for almost an hour but luckily no one came. Well, at last a waiter pushed a trolley past and we got embarrassed so we left. Of course he did not see us dance. Phew~

6) Today I crazily posed beside the SHINee poster (not really?) outside Etude House at JEM…
Only after looking at this photo that I realise my cousin is really tall. Haha~ And he says Taemin standie is in as an extra. Laughs. But luckily there was no one when I took the photo. Phew.

7) Spent like SGD95 (?) at Etude House in 2 days. (And I am spending another 20 tmr) But I at least know I can do a makeover at Etude for free. LOL. When I went the first time, the makeup artist was there and I was lucky, he just did makeup for me, half teaching me how to do it myself. LOL. But I guess I will still go to him on the day of my Prom. Keke! Don’t dare to risk a screw-up on the day itself

Ohwell, I guess I am crazy enough already, but I think there are more things I’d try out. ^_^

Anyways, Chanyeol’s birthday passed, but still..
Chanyeol bday
Did not do pen drawing and I drew a chibi… I couldn’t stand my ugly drawing of the try-to-look-like-him piece… Keke!


2000 days with SHINee ♡

15 Nov

2013.11.14 was the 2000th day of SHINee’s debut. And it turned into a day full of tears of joy.
So I had 2 papers on the day and it ended my 4 day marathon of exams, which is why I had the time to watch Melon Music Awards. And I am so glad I did. For the first time my streaming was so smooth and did not lag. ^_^ I could take so many great screenshots and it was HD! WHEEEEEEE~
Okay, there were already notice that EXO was doing a Twilight style intro video. And it was cool. Lol spazzing at all of them while thinking why the girl looked so familiar. Then turned out she was the one who acted in Heartstrings. LOL. Anyway, EXO as always looked cool~~~~~~~
Screenshot (57)
Screenshot (61)
Screenshot (63)
Screenshot (71)
Screenshot (72)
I can’t afford the time to upload too many~ ^_^ So here are some awesome ones~
And then of course congrats to SHINee and EXO for their awards~
Yes when EXO went to receive Song of the Year, I was so happy for them. Growl is great and I am serious. And then when Tao cried I was laughing. Sorry, I just had to. He is too cute. ^_^ Baby Tao~ Then Suho ran to Tao. HAHAHAHAHA! Laughing badly. But I was really really glad for them. Such cuties.
Then later when they were announcing Artist of the Year, my heart was seriously beating really fast. I could predict that it was SHINee. But then nothing becomes real until their name was called. Everyone was saying the SHINee members were surprised too. We could all tell they were praying hard, oh, but then Onew was sitting like a boss, pretty relaxed. Then they called SHINee, EXO ran to them to hug them. While Tao was still wiping his tears~ SO CUTE!!!! Then they walked up to receive the award, holding hands. They looked like kids, really. Jumping and skipping all the way to the stage. Then when they stood their, took their award, they just cried. Like all of them literally cried. I saw Key’s eyes become red even before they took the award. I think he wasn’t going to cry but everyone cried which made him cry too. Key and Jonghyun crying isn’t rare, so it was kinda cute. Then of course we see Taemin cry, I was smiling. That baby, finally cried. Onew kept bowing, so we don’t see his face. But then he showed us how much he love the people he is bowing to. Then Minho cried. And he cried like a man. Cried and talked, and thanked the fans. That was when I decided, it’s okay to cry. I teared. Not cried really. Because my dad just happened to walk pass my room. Lucky thing is he didn’t see. But it was really a touching moment. Then when SHINee members finished talking EXO rushed up the stage to hug them. That moment was so cute. I just couldn’t multitask at that time anymore. I couldn’t tweet because I needed to enjoy that moment of SHINee and EXO. I am so happy for all of them. And then when they bowed together, it made my day. My 17 favourite boys just bowed together. Not that they don’t do that during SMTOWN concerts. But this time is different. They shared their joy, they showed their appreciation to their fans. When SHINee cried, so many people cried. I mean audiences. Of course those hiding behind their computer screens too, like me. And I salute to all fansite admins who can continue pressing their camera even though they are crying, behind the camera. Omg, a proud day for all Shawols, EXO stans and Kpop. Yes, Kpop. Everyone respected Ailee’s stages, by standing up to support her. And the fans chanted “Ailee, Ailee…” I was so glad. Even if I didn’t know her well enough, I felt the love. MMA is where everyone cried. Yea~ But I am proud of all of them on stage. ^_^
Screencap spam again
Screenshot (222)
And suddenly it was so fun collecting photos of my idols crying. ^_^
Screenshot (212)
Screenshot (208)
Screenshot (209)
Screenshot (210)
Screenshot (217)
The leader line~ Onew backhugging crying baby Suho. Kekeke! ^_^
They are all so cute~
Jonghyun tweeted to say that he didn’t know whether they were good enough for the award. Everyone was like SURE YOU WERE GOOD ENOUGH. ^_^ I guess in the eyes of the fans it is really enough, maybe more than enough. But for them, they remain this way, so they can always get better.
And yes, when the 5+12 people are together, the photo just… I can’t even describe it in words… I love it too much, really. ♡
shinee exo