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SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 24

23 Dec

Day 24 – The SHINee member you would want as your brother

Elder brother: Onew
He seems like the kind that will secretly show his love for a younger sibling or younger sister. He cares but does not say, he will do many things for his sister. And definitely, he can make his sister laugh all the time! XD

Younger brother: Jonghyun
He has a noona already~ And I totally love how he and his noona are!!! Although he’s younger, but he acts manly in front of his noona. That’s the kind of younger brother I want. He will protect his noona when she’s in trouble and be a man in such cases!! XD

p.s. I will stop for a few days… And finish all the posts at one go~~ Because I really can’t do them one by one~ Because they are together~~ And I am going out during christmas period~~ So yeah~~ Will be back with all the posts~~ XD
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SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 23

23 Dec

Day 23 – Your favorite SHINee collab performance with any other K-Pop band/artist

Surely this one~!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ these 17 boys~ OH GOSH~~~ *v*

SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 22

22 Dec

Day 22 – Your favorite SHINee interview

Of course it’s this~~~

Key’s expression especially~~ Before he says “you’re smart!”
LAUGH LIKE MAD (but is this counted an interview?)

SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 21

22 Dec

Day 21 – Your favorite SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star

I am a great fan of WGM~ So of course…
LOL Not Taeun~~ xD I love Taeun tooooo~~~ But then I love this two moreeeeeee~ 😀 Key and Eunji~
Seriously this is just personal preference kayyy?!

SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 20

21 Dec

Day 20 – Your favorite SHINee moment
The end of every SHINee concert is my favourite moment~ ^^


SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 19

20 Dec

Day 19 – The funniest SHINee member

Onew~ Like of course~
All of them are funny enough~ But well, we have Onew topping this with his Onew Conditions~~ xD


SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 18

19 Dec

Day 18 – The best dancer in the SHINee

Should I say Taemin? I mean undoubtedly he is really good at dancing~~ I am serious…Okay, technically it is Taemin~~ But well, I can answer this question in another way right? Minho… If you see him as Choi Minho alone, it is hard to even imagine he is a dancer… Even when he stands still and sings a ballad I feel awkward. He is just so tall and sporty and all~ Doesn’t look like he’ll be a good dancer… But then when he dances, he’s really good at it. I mean to be honest who isn’t good at dancing in SHINee? LOL and I thought Onew was the same too, but somehow he is shorter thus look less awkward to me. Minho is tall and skinny so him dancing is more not imaginable. LAUGHS~ Look at him in Everybody~ ROAR!