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Toheart Album ♥

26 Mar

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ It’s here! After two weeks! Heh! First time ordering from Kpop Mart~ It’s fine though :3 I LOVE THE POSTER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
I dunno… maybe the previous posters were all not so… up to my expectations. heh~ Like Dream Girl and Why So Serious were like pixelated and Everybody one was small, and I only got 1 poster, screw the place that sells CD in Singapore. Hahahha!
Okie anyhow~~ Here~~~~~~

toheart and breath

Hohoho~ Woohyun’s pc~ Meaning I am definitely going to order another.. Or maybe two more… Since this poster is shooo nice~ Definitely getting another poster~ Shall do it after I get my pay, well, it’s not too far, next week… heh heh heh~

p.s. Owh yes I have been away again… Cause was working and yeah.. I have to finish dealing with all the university registration first. heh~ Will be better next month when everything closes and I just have to wait for results..


SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 27

26 Mar

Day 27 – A post dedicated to Minho

I swear I wasn’t really into you at first… Like really.
Until one point of time.. I don’t know when… But I’m guessing it’s cause of Kang Taejun.

Yes him! I guess that was when I really started liking Choi Minho beyond just being Minho of SHINee~

And because I’ve never seen you much on dream team… If I had I guess I would have seen a different you from long ago

Okay.. I can’t find a gif of the jumping part…so…

I still love the couple high jump so much

The moment you went crazy because you won a car was priceless!

The flame in your eyes…

Well, but when you’re Minho of SHINee

I love how you try your best in everything, pursuing your dream even when your parents weren’t so supportive, thanks for becoming Minho.


< 3 Toheart

13 Mar


They were so cute! Oh my gosh! Cuteness overload! *v* So in love~


Well I’m really happy they’re actually promoting Tell me why :3 It’s a great song! RAWR!

Sorry I can’t be updating these few days~ Been trying to sleep early and all~ Needs to recover from my flu fully before I start work this saturday. heeees! XD

WooKey ♡ Toheart

10 Mar

To be very honest… when I was a kid… Not that young, but when I used to plan story plots and never write them… I actually named a brand toheart. AND OH MY GOSH HERE THEY ARE! MUAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH~ Actually.. no link. Okie. Kekekekeke! But my lovelies~~~ XDDD


I have a thing when Key puts extremely smoky eyeliner, espeically on the lower eyeline. OWH GOSH. faintsforamilliontimes.

So lovely to watch… Wow. Like if I am not wrong the mv is trying to make the viewer think that those 2 guys are fighting for her? LOL SO I THINK YEAH~ ESPECIALLY THE PART IN THE CAFE. HFFS~ WHEN KEY THREW WOOHYUN’S FLOWER AWAY. I BET THAT WAS NOT SCRIPTED! LOL. Idk~ I’m just guessing~ XD

I especially love the parts when the boys look like they are brothers, or rather best friends since childhood… Sleeping together and all~ < 3 I wanna get them as twins. Okie.. Kidding. But the part when they were brushing teeth and washing up in the morning~ Shoooooo cute XD And there is an uncut at the end XDDDDDDDDDDDD Lovely!!

Can't wait to get my album!! XD Finally I am ordering it online. I have gotten enough of cd-rama store in Singapore. The only store that ever answers my email for preorders is the one near my school, and I don't go there anymore… And it is so out of the way~ Shall always order my albums online from now on~ They aren't even that much more expensive LOL! Only the postage fee… but well~ If I order 2 albums at a time it seems reasonable~ XD Looks forward to my SM The Ballad Album and Toheart!!! XD

I’m just so glad for them having this chance, to produce an album together~ So so glad. And just hope their friendship last long XD

SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 26

10 Mar

Day 26 – A post dedicated to Onew

LEE.JIN.KI. hff~ Onew you’re such a great guy… to laugh at! LOL Opps~ No offence~~ But I love your onewcondition. XD

When you do things, the effect that turns out are somehow more special than when others do the same. XP

And never once have I got bored of all these onewconditions.

And they don’t seem deliberate. Are you naturally born this way… or…? Kekekekekeke!

But no matter what you’re still the leader that stands by everyone…

Thanks for being such a great man and leading such a great team!
P.s. I see you turning into a comedian in years to come.. Opps! That’s just me.. LOL

SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 25

9 Mar

Day 25 – A post dedicated to Jonghyun

To be honest you’re the first one that I ever noticed in SHINee… The first person who caught my attention out of the five. If I’m not wrong it’s your looks that caught my attention. You look special, everyone is special, but you’re most special.
I love how you have the funniest expressions
I love your pinky LOL
And of course you well built body.. GDI.
I don’t have much words to say, because more things should be kept inside of me~ It’s special that way. ^_^


9 Mar

I’ve left long enough… Months that I spent my time wrongly, doing stuff that didn’t get me anywhere… Or I was too busy… BUT I AM BACK! OH MY GOSH I AM BACK! I CAN’T HIDE HOW EXCITED I AM TO START BLOGGING AGAIN. Oh gosh. I miss babbling.

Yes so I stopped because I moved, and there was no wifi at my new house at that time. But as soon as the wifi came, my job came too. And my shifts usually takes my whole day 10-10… And I couldn’t find an effort to blog. 😦 And then after that, I went back to China to visit my grandparents during the Chinese New Year period and there was no access to wordpress. sigh. And it’s really hard to get back to my normal life after a holiday. Especially at such a cold place. Winter makes people lazy. Laughs. And well but I’ve decided I’m not going to waste my life anymore. I am back!

Yes, I mentioned I may have been busy. Yes, roleplaying… I’ve took some time off it, not totally off, but I’m stopping myself from looking at it 24/7. Yes… It took too much of my time, my effort, and my feels. And I don’t see much things I’ve gotten out of it. At least I think not yet? I don’t know. I need to lead my life normally again.

And I’m finally back to running properly. Yes… Finally… Luckily for me, my weight didn’t bounce back too much during the 1.5 months I stopped. And I’ve tried it out again today, my stamina is still there. phew! And SHINee’s Everybody album is still a great one for pacing myself. ^_^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Shall slowly increase my running time to what my maximum was before I got lazy. sigh.

And I’ve decided to finally settle down, clear my thoughts, and decide for myself what I want. I should stop being a lazy person. And stop being stupid. Stop believing too easily. And stop getting my hopes high. Because people won’t care… No matter how much I wish. I should get back to my normal lifestyle, even if I am still roleplaying, I will.

I’ve gotten sick of all the lies. And I’ve got hurt enough, I’m going to stop myself from it. It sucks. And you don’t know. I treat people the way they do to me. And I’ve seen it. You never tried. You say so, but nothing proves. I lost count on the number of times I believed, now I will stop. I will stop because you hurt me enough. I’ll stop myself. I’ll never take anything from you seriously, anymore.

OKAY OKAY, enough of sadness. ^_^ I’ve gotten my A levels results. Owh, the one I dreaded for 3 months~~ HAHAHHAHA! Not good, but not the worst I imagined. Kinda relieved. phew! Kekekekekeke! And I’ve been learning to drive. Well, taking driving lessons seems like a better description. Because it’s so fun! If they allowed, I’d start driving alr! HAHAHAHAHAH! ^_^ But well they don’t~ So I can only keep booking the freaking expensive lessons so I can drive! HAAHAHAHHA Hopefully I pass at 1st try? Though I shouldn’t give it much hope since so many people I know failed the first time. KEKEKEKEKKEKE BUT STILL THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WILL DEFINITELY FAIL RIGHT? MUAHAHAHHAHA!