SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 27

26 Mar

Day 27 – A post dedicated to Minho

I swear I wasn’t really into you at first… Like really.
Until one point of time.. I don’t know when… But I’m guessing it’s cause of Kang Taejun.

Yes him! I guess that was when I really started liking Choi Minho beyond just being Minho of SHINee~

And because I’ve never seen you much on dream team… If I had I guess I would have seen a different you from long ago

Okay.. I can’t find a gif of the jumping part…so…

I still love the couple high jump so much

The moment you went crazy because you won a car was priceless!

The flame in your eyes…

Well, but when you’re Minho of SHINee

I love how you try your best in everything, pursuing your dream even when your parents weren’t so supportive, thanks for becoming Minho.



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