Toheart Album ♥

26 Mar

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ It’s here! After two weeks! Heh! First time ordering from Kpop Mart~ It’s fine though :3 I LOVE THE POSTER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
I dunno… maybe the previous posters were all not so… up to my expectations. heh~ Like Dream Girl and Why So Serious were like pixelated and Everybody one was small, and I only got 1 poster, screw the place that sells CD in Singapore. Hahahha!
Okie anyhow~~ Here~~~~~~

toheart and breath

Hohoho~ Woohyun’s pc~ Meaning I am definitely going to order another.. Or maybe two more… Since this poster is shooo nice~ Definitely getting another poster~ Shall do it after I get my pay, well, it’s not too far, next week… heh heh heh~

p.s. Owh yes I have been away again… Cause was working and yeah.. I have to finish dealing with all the university registration first. heh~ Will be better next month when everything closes and I just have to wait for results..


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