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Toheart~ Inserts many hearts~

14 Apr

I know I am such a bad person aiiish! Haven’t been a good girl updating~~ Okay like luckily I submitted all those documents to the universities in time.. LOL~ Lazy me as lazy as ever!
So~ Wheee~ I am such a spender when it comes to kpop items.. really… Well, but not that I don’t earn the money. I count myself lucky I am not earning to pay for like school fees or whatever.. I’m just earning my pocket money and money to spend on kpop stuff :3 heeeeeeeees~
Now I have a total of 4 albums, and 2 more on their way to me… I mean yeah… They are shipped already… So I just keep going to HMV because it is so near my workplace… gosh! Need to control myself!! And the previous time I went I asked the salesperson they said Toheart albums were sold out, then I went again yesterday there were Toheart albums! Now I wonder if they were really sold out or that the salesperson didn’t know so didn’t bother… Because well, I do those stuff too, if someone asks me for a brand I didn’t know I’d say, uhh we don’t carry it. KEKEKEKE~ Okay anyways~ So here~ 4 albums, 4 different pcs~ I count myself lucky for that! Really! Kekekekekek~ I love my pc luck! xD 2 more on the way, if I got all 6 without doing exchange I’ll start to worship myself. Okay kidding.. but yeah… *v* So happy~~
Okay I think I really need to complete my SHINee tag.. ._. aiish! soon~ XD