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20 Jan

Oh- That’s totally me. I kinda lack this motivation to keep blogging, for some reason;
Anyway, finals killed me last semester; and being so drained, I fully utilised the holidays to recharge, doing things I like, and having the fun that is long awaited.

I never knew it could be so fun, just hanging out with the people, whom I can never get bored with. It’s not like we’ve met that long, but the bond is just so strong. With a bit of awkwardness here and there at times, we’re still moving on as one, and coming together more. The decision to step up, to make a change to my life, was right. But I would thank my friends, around me too. Without their encouragement, I may not even have taken the first step, then there goes my chance to fulfill my dream. I hold grudges, and I would always remember how I failed my first ever group interview, at age of 12/13? I was just a quiet and scared kid, sitting in a room with 3 interviewers and 4 peers. I was always the last to speak when a question was asked, no wonder I failed it anyway. And I dared not try again in any way, and the fact that people around me weren’t supportive of such activities, the flame in me died too, I became part of those who start criticising student activities behind their backs… Well, only that I don’t see how much effort people put in, and how hard they try. Well, I wouldn’t say they did well, but maybe they did their best. Come on, we’re all students, teenagers… Just learning how to crawl, we shouldn’t have expected them to fly. We should have given them chances, see what they did, instead of what they didn’t; give them the chance to prove that they can, even if they can’t.

At 20, I finally can say I did myself justice, passing the interview, and now, on the path, to hold a great event. Being part of the team for freshmen orientation project, I cannot help but look forward to what to expect; how many new faces would I recognise, how many new friends would I make, how many people will see me… It’s going to be a fun and fulfilling experience for me, build an even from scratch. We’ve finished just the first step. I don’t know what exactly I felt when I saw my poster design advertised everywhere. Maybe I was proud because I made it, learned ps in a few hours and created that design; or maybe I am just pure happy that people are looking at my work, my design (with the help of my fellow members), what I spent hours making. This is the kind of joy no one can place within me, neither can anyone steal it from me.

Anyway, after the disappointing first semester, I kind of… went crazy and I am currently in a very relaxed semester… I mean- I didn’t realise it until the second week of school that I should have spread out the modules of light workload to different semesters, and not cramp everything to this semester. Ah– But what’s done is done, at least the subjects I am taking now are far more interesting… Even the core modules are interesting- Oh just forget about the boring lecturers though. I am still hoping one day that all my modules will be in my faculty and I wouldn’t need to travel around at all- Oh dream on. Hah! Alright, I hope I pull through this semester. Nah– I hope I do well this semester! *v* PRAYS-

And I am so looking forward to my Jonghyun’s single BASE! Waiting for you~ I will slowly wait though. Patience— Will update soon when it is then-

//ps I feel that I would change a blog or something, or rather I am going to post some things on another blog. I would still keep this, since I don’t want to post kpop stuff on there. :3 Oh except for songs to listen to though. But just songs. Heh. Yep, Signing off with the link to my other blog, which is empty now.