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Distractions, distractions, distractions…

7 Aug

This guy just made me go crazy once again. Sad… Yet it gives me a little peace. Thanks to my dear sister that I saw this! ♥ Lovely.
chen crab
How can he be so funny and cute here and so cool below~~~ RARR!!!
chen cool
chen cool2
Kekeke! I am so going to walk up to Chen one day and proudly pass him a gift and say some words of encouragement and all~ He has a beautiful voice. (I don’t even know why I am in love with him, because he seems like a playboy to me. OPPS No offence intended but he does give me that kind of feel. Aww, what’s wrong with me. T^T)

Lately, I found out about this guy:
He’s Korean-Taiwanese. Mother Korean, Father Taiwanese. And he is freaking talented! RARR! He write his own songs. I won’t say he has a special voice, but his voice is relatively good. He look good definitely, though he is really skinny.
I just got to know more about him thanks to 娱乐百分百 a.k.a. 100% percent entertainment (Taiwanese variety show). Previously I saw him when I was randomly browsing through funny clips of 小鬼 so I watched the episode with him in it and his songs were pretty nice. But I must say I was more attracted to his pretty face. HAHAHAHAH! Today, 130807, there’s another episode of him, which is specifically to introduce himself as a person. He talked about his first love. A really sad one. He grew up in Korea so it happened in Korea. He got together with a girl from is elementary school (when they were in secondary/middle school). They lasted 3 years, they broke up because his friend was chasing her and she liked his friend. Sad, but not yet. He went to Taiwan in High School, and visited Korea when he it was holidays and he met her up and went to play. After he was back in Taiwan for 3 months, he got a call from another friend tell him that she took her life.
I couldn’t feel the immediate impact because the chinese subtitles said the “he” took his life instead of “she” so I was wondering if that was the girl’s new boyfriend or what… Still, it was an extremely sad thing to experience. For me, I am lucky to have yet to experience any life and death situation so I am not even sure how I will feel when it actually comes.
Anyway, he wrote this song “bye bye bye” for this girl or this incident but it wasn’t published. I actually didn’t quite get it whether the song was made by changing lyrics to his another song or how did it come about, but the song is really sad.
This is a short but clearer version of his life singing (during a radio show)

Fan meeting-longer version (includes a little bit of Korean), the sound isn’t that great but I appreciate the fan who filmed and shared this.

Another one (this was before he went to serve the army), he was much younger then and he was talking in the middle which I couldn’t catch at all. T^T Makes me more determined that I must master Korean Language.

Official MV-finally know what those Korean words meant…

Another thing that is bothering me is prom… It’s coming up in 4 months time… And I only have 1 week to prepare after my last A level paper. Gosh. Hopefully it is enough. Sadly, there isn’t a culture of going to Prom with a date in Singapore… (Unless you have a bf/gf) It seems like almost impossible to get a date at all. And I don’t even know many guys to start with. LOL. But I am lucky to have my friends! ^^