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Toheart~ Inserts many hearts~

14 Apr

I know I am such a bad person aiiish! Haven’t been a good girl updating~~ Okay like luckily I submitted all those documents to the universities in time.. LOL~ Lazy me as lazy as ever!
So~ Wheee~ I am such a spender when it comes to kpop items.. really… Well, but not that I don’t earn the money. I count myself lucky I am not earning to pay for like school fees or whatever.. I’m just earning my pocket money and money to spend on kpop stuff :3 heeeeeeeees~
Now I have a total of 4 albums, and 2 more on their way to me… I mean yeah… They are shipped already… So I just keep going to HMV because it is so near my workplace… gosh! Need to control myself!! And the previous time I went I asked the salesperson they said Toheart albums were sold out, then I went again yesterday there were Toheart albums! Now I wonder if they were really sold out or that the salesperson didn’t know so didn’t bother… Because well, I do those stuff too, if someone asks me for a brand I didn’t know I’d say, uhh we don’t carry it. KEKEKEKE~ Okay anyways~ So here~ 4 albums, 4 different pcs~ I count myself lucky for that! Really! Kekekekekek~ I love my pc luck! xD 2 more on the way, if I got all 6 without doing exchange I’ll start to worship myself. Okay kidding.. but yeah… *v* So happy~~
Okay I think I really need to complete my SHINee tag.. ._. aiish! soon~ XD


Toheart Album ♥

26 Mar

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ It’s here! After two weeks! Heh! First time ordering from Kpop Mart~ It’s fine though :3 I LOVE THE POSTER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
I dunno… maybe the previous posters were all not so… up to my expectations. heh~ Like Dream Girl and Why So Serious were like pixelated and Everybody one was small, and I only got 1 poster, screw the place that sells CD in Singapore. Hahahha!
Okie anyhow~~ Here~~~~~~

toheart and breath

Hohoho~ Woohyun’s pc~ Meaning I am definitely going to order another.. Or maybe two more… Since this poster is shooo nice~ Definitely getting another poster~ Shall do it after I get my pay, well, it’s not too far, next week… heh heh heh~

p.s. Owh yes I have been away again… Cause was working and yeah.. I have to finish dealing with all the university registration first. heh~ Will be better next month when everything closes and I just have to wait for results..

< 3 Toheart

13 Mar


They were so cute! Oh my gosh! Cuteness overload! *v* So in love~


Well I’m really happy they’re actually promoting Tell me why :3 It’s a great song! RAWR!

Sorry I can’t be updating these few days~ Been trying to sleep early and all~ Needs to recover from my flu fully before I start work this saturday. heeees! XD

WooKey ♡ Toheart

10 Mar

To be very honest… when I was a kid… Not that young, but when I used to plan story plots and never write them… I actually named a brand toheart. AND OH MY GOSH HERE THEY ARE! MUAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH~ Actually.. no link. Okie. Kekekekeke! But my lovelies~~~ XDDD


I have a thing when Key puts extremely smoky eyeliner, espeically on the lower eyeline. OWH GOSH. faintsforamilliontimes.

So lovely to watch… Wow. Like if I am not wrong the mv is trying to make the viewer think that those 2 guys are fighting for her? LOL SO I THINK YEAH~ ESPECIALLY THE PART IN THE CAFE. HFFS~ WHEN KEY THREW WOOHYUN’S FLOWER AWAY. I BET THAT WAS NOT SCRIPTED! LOL. Idk~ I’m just guessing~ XD

I especially love the parts when the boys look like they are brothers, or rather best friends since childhood… Sleeping together and all~ < 3 I wanna get them as twins. Okie.. Kidding. But the part when they were brushing teeth and washing up in the morning~ Shoooooo cute XD And there is an uncut at the end XDDDDDDDDDDDD Lovely!!

Can't wait to get my album!! XD Finally I am ordering it online. I have gotten enough of cd-rama store in Singapore. The only store that ever answers my email for preorders is the one near my school, and I don't go there anymore… And it is so out of the way~ Shall always order my albums online from now on~ They aren't even that much more expensive LOL! Only the postage fee… but well~ If I order 2 albums at a time it seems reasonable~ XD Looks forward to my SM The Ballad Album and Toheart!!! XD

I’m just so glad for them having this chance, to produce an album together~ So so glad. And just hope their friendship last long XD

Miracles in December

4 Dec

I believe the Korean and the Chinese versions are translation of each other, as they always are. So I can only understand the Korean lyrics through the Chinese lyrics, which will have a little bit of difference, but it shouldn’t be too much difference.
First, it is a great song. For me, I love ballads so naturally I will like it. And especially when this is a sad song, I get attracted to it easily.
The lyrics are beautiful and it can be easily related. As human beings, we tend to only realise how important someone is when we lose them. When they are gone, we suddenly feel an empty space. When they are gone, we suddenly realise how much impact they made on us. When they are gone, we regret.
Okie not much to say~ But I love the songs~
ps I feel like becoming the cute dog~ LOL
Screenshot (226)

2000 days with SHINee ♡

15 Nov

2013.11.14 was the 2000th day of SHINee’s debut. And it turned into a day full of tears of joy.
So I had 2 papers on the day and it ended my 4 day marathon of exams, which is why I had the time to watch Melon Music Awards. And I am so glad I did. For the first time my streaming was so smooth and did not lag. ^_^ I could take so many great screenshots and it was HD! WHEEEEEEE~
Okay, there were already notice that EXO was doing a Twilight style intro video. And it was cool. Lol spazzing at all of them while thinking why the girl looked so familiar. Then turned out she was the one who acted in Heartstrings. LOL. Anyway, EXO as always looked cool~~~~~~~
Screenshot (57)
Screenshot (61)
Screenshot (63)
Screenshot (71)
Screenshot (72)
I can’t afford the time to upload too many~ ^_^ So here are some awesome ones~
And then of course congrats to SHINee and EXO for their awards~
Yes when EXO went to receive Song of the Year, I was so happy for them. Growl is great and I am serious. And then when Tao cried I was laughing. Sorry, I just had to. He is too cute. ^_^ Baby Tao~ Then Suho ran to Tao. HAHAHAHAHA! Laughing badly. But I was really really glad for them. Such cuties.
Then later when they were announcing Artist of the Year, my heart was seriously beating really fast. I could predict that it was SHINee. But then nothing becomes real until their name was called. Everyone was saying the SHINee members were surprised too. We could all tell they were praying hard, oh, but then Onew was sitting like a boss, pretty relaxed. Then they called SHINee, EXO ran to them to hug them. While Tao was still wiping his tears~ SO CUTE!!!! Then they walked up to receive the award, holding hands. They looked like kids, really. Jumping and skipping all the way to the stage. Then when they stood their, took their award, they just cried. Like all of them literally cried. I saw Key’s eyes become red even before they took the award. I think he wasn’t going to cry but everyone cried which made him cry too. Key and Jonghyun crying isn’t rare, so it was kinda cute. Then of course we see Taemin cry, I was smiling. That baby, finally cried. Onew kept bowing, so we don’t see his face. But then he showed us how much he love the people he is bowing to. Then Minho cried. And he cried like a man. Cried and talked, and thanked the fans. That was when I decided, it’s okay to cry. I teared. Not cried really. Because my dad just happened to walk pass my room. Lucky thing is he didn’t see. But it was really a touching moment. Then when SHINee members finished talking EXO rushed up the stage to hug them. That moment was so cute. I just couldn’t multitask at that time anymore. I couldn’t tweet because I needed to enjoy that moment of SHINee and EXO. I am so happy for all of them. And then when they bowed together, it made my day. My 17 favourite boys just bowed together. Not that they don’t do that during SMTOWN concerts. But this time is different. They shared their joy, they showed their appreciation to their fans. When SHINee cried, so many people cried. I mean audiences. Of course those hiding behind their computer screens too, like me. And I salute to all fansite admins who can continue pressing their camera even though they are crying, behind the camera. Omg, a proud day for all Shawols, EXO stans and Kpop. Yes, Kpop. Everyone respected Ailee’s stages, by standing up to support her. And the fans chanted “Ailee, Ailee…” I was so glad. Even if I didn’t know her well enough, I felt the love. MMA is where everyone cried. Yea~ But I am proud of all of them on stage. ^_^
Screencap spam again
Screenshot (222)
And suddenly it was so fun collecting photos of my idols crying. ^_^
Screenshot (212)
Screenshot (208)
Screenshot (209)
Screenshot (210)
Screenshot (217)
The leader line~ Onew backhugging crying baby Suho. Kekeke! ^_^
They are all so cute~
Jonghyun tweeted to say that he didn’t know whether they were good enough for the award. Everyone was like SURE YOU WERE GOOD ENOUGH. ^_^ I guess in the eyes of the fans it is really enough, maybe more than enough. But for them, they remain this way, so they can always get better.
And yes, when the 5+12 people are together, the photo just… I can’t even describe it in words… I love it too much, really. ♡
shinee exo

I sincerely think the people who pick my albums have magic hands…

25 Oct

So this time SHINee’s Everybody album came real quick. I don’t know why… Maybe because I tried to preorder it even before they had any information about the album getting to Singapore cd-rama. I think the people in the store know me already… Luckily I am moving away soon so I will change a store to buy from. HAHA~ But wheeee, whoever had the magic hands, helped me get my Taemin pc. AND A KEY BOOKMARK. OMG I LOVE THE PERSON. Just like exactly what I wanted. Totally… The only thing that didn’t go as I thought was they only had 1 poster. I mean… Okay, I understand cd-rama will not give me the full thing.. So… I wasn’t really all that disappointed about no individual poster. Because posters are just not my thing. Cause They will be rolled up and forgotten in a corner. Okay, I bothered to wrap my posters in plastics kay! Cause it’s dusty here… Anyway, with Taemin pc, I’ve completed my individual pc gotten out from albums without trading. ^_^ Onew (Why So Serious) Minho (Sherlock) Jonghyun (Boys Meet U) Key (Misconception of US) Taemin (Everybody). WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~
Everybody Taemin pc
SHINee pc

And then, I couldn’t take it and got another Growl album. So now I have both hug and kiss versions of both Wolf and Growl albums~ ^_^ YAY! And D.O. came this time. I was hoping for a group one. But this isn’t reserved so no magic hands came to my rescue. Had to choose 1 out of 2 albums on the shelve, and I am so curious about the pc in the other album now… ._.
Growl DO pc
EXO pc

Just let me say something. I am as upset with these things as I always am. And especially now that I am a total EXO fan, I am more upset… I look at twitter and see people talking about SHINee and EXO all the time, since I follow people from both fanbases. I mean yes, if you like both and say good things about both I am perfectly alright. But there are just people who goes “Just because SHINee is EXO’s senior doesn’t mean they are better” or something along that line. And why is this happening? Because of MAMA voting… I didn’t see this happen last year. Well, maybe because I wasn’t an EXO fan… I really want to see a stage of SHINee and EXO like last year… But if SHINee don’t win a thing, they probably won’t even fly to Hong Kong for the award… So I am trying so furiously, using 3 accounts (because I just can’t find 5… and I don’t like to create 2 more just for voting) to vote everyday… But lol, my pathetic votes won’t count… It makes me upset that people need to judge the other group. Yes I see many EXO fanbases saying vote for EXO, and well many SHINee fanbases say vote for SHINee, and I am so proud these fanbases care~ Then there are people, fans in particular, talking about the other group. I am like smashing my keyboards. LOL. And yeah, I stopped following these people once I see such thing appearing. That’s just me. Whatever if they use the unfollower thingy and find out I unfollowed them. But yay for SHINee topping Japan and Other countries’ votes. And yay for EXO topping Korea and South-East Asia’s votes. I’m still surprised that they didn’t top China votes… And yay for Jung Joon Young topping USA votes~ ROCKER~ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ ^_^ On a side note, Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi couple is SO CUTE~ ^_^ LOVE THEM. WHEEEEEEEEE~