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20 Jan

Oh- That’s totally me. I kinda lack this motivation to keep blogging, for some reason;
Anyway, finals killed me last semester; and being so drained, I fully utilised the holidays to recharge, doing things I like, and having the fun that is long awaited.

I never knew it could be so fun, just hanging out with the people, whom I can never get bored with. It’s not like we’ve met that long, but the bond is just so strong. With a bit of awkwardness here and there at times, we’re still moving on as one, and coming together more. The decision to step up, to make a change to my life, was right. But I would thank my friends, around me too. Without their encouragement, I may not even have taken the first step, then there goes my chance to fulfill my dream. I hold grudges, and I would always remember how I failed my first ever group interview, at age of 12/13? I was just a quiet and scared kid, sitting in a room with 3 interviewers and 4 peers. I was always the last to speak when a question was asked, no wonder I failed it anyway. And I dared not try again in any way, and the fact that people around me weren’t supportive of such activities, the flame in me died too, I became part of those who start criticising student activities behind their backs… Well, only that I don’t see how much effort people put in, and how hard they try. Well, I wouldn’t say they did well, but maybe they did their best. Come on, we’re all students, teenagers… Just learning how to crawl, we shouldn’t have expected them to fly. We should have given them chances, see what they did, instead of what they didn’t; give them the chance to prove that they can, even if they can’t.

At 20, I finally can say I did myself justice, passing the interview, and now, on the path, to hold a great event. Being part of the team for freshmen orientation project, I cannot help but look forward to what to expect; how many new faces would I recognise, how many new friends would I make, how many people will see me… It’s going to be a fun and fulfilling experience for me, build an even from scratch. We’ve finished just the first step. I don’t know what exactly I felt when I saw my poster design advertised everywhere. Maybe I was proud because I made it, learned ps in a few hours and created that design; or maybe I am just pure happy that people are looking at my work, my design (with the help of my fellow members), what I spent hours making. This is the kind of joy no one can place within me, neither can anyone steal it from me.

Anyway, after the disappointing first semester, I kind of… went crazy and I am currently in a very relaxed semester… I mean- I didn’t realise it until the second week of school that I should have spread out the modules of light workload to different semesters, and not cramp everything to this semester. Ah– But what’s done is done, at least the subjects I am taking now are far more interesting… Even the core modules are interesting- Oh just forget about the boring lecturers though. I am still hoping one day that all my modules will be in my faculty and I wouldn’t need to travel around at all- Oh dream on. Hah! Alright, I hope I pull through this semester. Nah– I hope I do well this semester! *v* PRAYS-

And I am so looking forward to my Jonghyun’s single BASE! Waiting for you~ I will slowly wait though. Patience— Will update soon when it is then-

//ps I feel that I would change a blog or something, or rather I am going to post some things on another blog. I would still keep this, since I don’t want to post kpop stuff on there. :3 Oh except for songs to listen to though. But just songs. Heh. Yep, Signing off with the link to my other blog, which is empty now.


Miss me?

20 Sep

I am BACK. Life had been so hectic. Never so hectic ever. It wasn’t a shock I went missing. Okay I honestly don’t know where I disappeared to in May-June. Exactly where? Maybe it was work + driving lessons (And I failed my first driving test – screw me, but it’s okay.)? Not so sure. Then July was really bad since I had 3 camps to attend. Well, and I do realise there are just people I don’t click well with. Ever since primary school, it was like this. Going through 3 camps made me realise this more. I don’t know, but the problem seems to lie in me. Well, that’s not the point. Being anti-social is normal for me, I know, but well, there are just people who… Um… are going to make me shut my mouth and do nothing. Hah, well, who knows. I guess, I’ve accepted it and I won’t change it, I won’t hope to become the most sociable person, I’ll live with this me. ^^

/inserts this cause I am listening to this while blogging/

And well there comes the exciting parts. The very last camp I attend: Science Orientation Week (SOW), was really where I made great friends and enjoyed the most. Well, the camps started fine with the first, LifeScienceCamp. It was really fun too! But of course the highlight of the camp, beach day, was ruined due to wet weather. But it was cool hanging out with the people. They are really cute and nice. And of course we had fun seniors around it made everything even better. And well, our group even won the best group! Hah!

Then second camp was dreaded. I almost thought I wouldn’t go for it. But I went, cause I paid. As I expected, I didn’t like the camp at all. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO LIKE A CAMP WHERE YOU THROW SANITARY PADS AROUND. Ugh. I just didn’t feel good about it. Well, I mean not everyone minded, but then… Well, that doesn’t work for me. So I disappeared for beach day. Well, I didn’t click well with my groupmates anyway. The only part that was really nice was with my special pal. Date night was ruined cause of an attention seeking senior, plus the fact that we had 8 pairs going out together, I just wasn’t the talker in big groups (unless I am super close to all of them, which obviously wasn’t the case).  But the talk was nice, and he was a really nice guy. But well nice guys are always taken. Lucky girlfriend. Hah! Fright night was really frightening. I cried, and I learnt my lesson. I shall NEVER EVER TRY THIS KIND OF STUFF AGAIN. But lucky to have a gentlemen beside yes, but I spent 1 month bathing with my bathroom door open and with loud music cause I was scared.

Okay then the third camp. Truly speaking, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, because of bad experiences from the second camp. But once again, I paid… But the camp turned out to be great! But because there were so many people in the group, I couldn’t even remember everyone’s name by the end of the camp (confession =3=). But we still had fun. Games were same old good, at least no throwing pads… The camp was a great help to bidding for modules. Which I had almost no clue at. Hah! Seniors were nice and approachable! Really! Though the group didn’t seem bonded at all at first, it turned out totally different afterwards. Beach day was fun, but I came home ten shades blacker, and I am still in recovering phase. Hah! I missed a day of the camp for a family meeting but returned for finale. I was debating whether to go back or not, but I did in the end. It was the right choice.

And this time I went for the post-camp activity. Night rider. Well, cycle for a whole night and I slept for 24 hours straight. (which made me miss the chalet with my first camp group, not cause I slept through the days of the chalet but cause I was simply too tired, I just wanted to slump at home) Okay, not straight cause I woke up to watch drama for like 2 hours. But cycling for the whole night made me remember more names. Hah! (secret!) And well it was fun blasting Kpop on the streets when no one is around. But of course it was tiring, I skipped work and skipped an outing because of it. Still, it was a good experience.

night rider

Then there were many activities planned for freshmen and all, I skipped some and attended some. And there came school. It was hard to adapt to sleeping less at first. But I guess I am all good right now. Well, I was still doing last minute work and all until week 6 (this week). I suddenly woke up from my dream or something. I was ahead of time for all my assignments, and I attended all lectures (well I never skipped lectures anyway) and tutorials (though I changed a tutorial slot because my slot was too full and people had to sit on the floor zzz). I am so proud of myself. I shall keep up this good work. But one thing is I have no activities outside of school. Well, I guess it would be even harder to cope if I had one. Maybe after I settled I will get one. Or maybe I will get a class outside. Yes I considered a class. But I gave up because I thought I couldn’t manage my time well. Maybe that’s why I suddenly woke up for week 6. I wanted to show myself I can do it. Hm? Maybe. I will try, and get better. Next week is term break so time to study and catch up with everything I don’t understand and face 3 tests in the 2 coming weeks. Heh! I am sure I can do it! And time to catch up with some blogging hm? ^o^

Okay~ dont with that~ And yes!! Taemin’s DEBUT!!!!!! Oh my! I was really really happy about it!!

I love the CD cover. And of course the poster, and photos and all! And songs! But well, Taemin’s hair TnT HAH!

taemin ace cd

taemin ace

And yes food~ Ugh! FOOD~ I should take photo of my school’s western food someday. CHEAP AND GOOD.

Fat Boy Burger place

Visited Gardens By the Bay when my aunt came to Singapore some time ago, I was proud of the photos my phone could take! Hah!


That was a really mixed-feeling surprise. I know it wasn’t real. But does it mean I am getting tracked? Is my IP getting tracked? O_O Scared…

Screenshot (583)

Done for now, I promise I will be back, soon!

Love ya~

Prom in Singapore

5 Dec

Prom in Singapore isn’t like those in other countries. It is more like a graduation night, where the graduating batch of students just come together and have dinner. But still it was fun! ^^
My dress is pretty simple, but I like the detail in the design. Yeah, it can be worn in 2 ways, but I didn’t bother to do it the second way.
I did my makeup at Etude House. They do it for free, if you have a receipt that says you spend $50 and above. LOL. My makeup after I am home, the lip makeup part was gone~ Okay, the picture is not clear enough to see my makeup~ ._.
My hair is just done with flat iron myself. I simply find that it was going to be a waste of money to even do my hair since my dress is simple and I want to keep my hair simple too. I suddenly found a hairband that was nice and fits the outfit thus used it. It wasn’t obvious since it is black, but it has fake crystals that makes it shine~
I really saved a lot of bucks on my whole outfit.
Dress: >$35 I have no idea on the exact number, I forgot, but I can be sure it is less than $50
Shoes: $35 exact from footin
Hair: $0
Makeup: $0 service provided free but only because I bought stuff from Etude House…
Seems like I really got it done within $100? Wow. I mean I wasn’t searching for the grand look. When the makeup artist asked what kind of makeup I would like I said a natural one. Wow, a natural and simple one spent me less than $100 for prom night in Singapore. Laughs~

Officially 19 ♡

25 Oct

I am 19!!! WHEEEEEEEEE~ Okay, isn’t too great. The last time my age is going to start with 1… I don’t feel old. Because I’m still like a kid inside. But I feel old when I see Yoogeun… GOSH, we are exatly 13 years apart. OHMY. I am such an old noona.
This baby! ♡
He is getting so many CFs… So happy to be able to keep seeing him. And know how well he’s growing. Wheeeeeeeeee~ The lil boy who has the same birth date as me… It actually sucks to know someone with the same birth date, TO ME… I think it’s just me… But if I am sharing this date with Yoogeun I don’t mind! ^_^

Well, anyway, I’ve graduated, without taking the major exams. I really don’t know how this works… But all schools in Singapore do this so… But seriously, how can you let your kids graduate without taking the exams? LOL.

So yeah, like I’ve been doing for the past few birthdays, I started thinking. I realise I am becoming much like what I want to be over the year. And I think the most influential factor in my life is Key. Yes him… LOL. I don’t love him like a lover, but I respect him like a role model. I am not aspiring to become like him… But he teaches me the things no one else can teach me. He got my confidence level up up up. He told me to be myself and not care about others around me. He made me tell myself I am beautiful in the way I am. So overall, it’s really the confidence thing, or is it self-esteem? Well, it’s like impossible to explain this is words~ ^_^ But no matter what, he is like the person I want to thank most. Even though he don’t know what he’s done… Well, I will be a fan, support him in whatever he is doing. AND I AM OF AGE, TO SEE B&C MUSICAL, I HOPE? LOL IDK. BUT LOL, I SAW IT ON YOUTUBE ALREADY, AND IT WAS SO NICE. I mean… lol, trying not to sound pervertic, but the bed scene was not bad. ._. I AM NOT A PERVERT. Okay, this is bad. The more I deny, the worse it becomes. Well, leave it. ^_^ BUT I LOVE KEY. Someone should bring him to me someday. I DEMAND A KEY=Kim Kibum! ^_^ WHEEEEEEEEEE~ Okay, kidding.

Well, again, I must wish myself Happy Birthday ^_^ Wheeeeeeeeee~ For the first time, Okay, shall put a selca here~ Keke!
selca bday
Not so recent, but good to use because they are decent. ^_^ Tgt with lil Yoogeun. Because I’ve left school, posting a selca seems easier. Phew~

In love with someone else’s lovestory…

29 Sep

Wheee, needs to add on a fanart~
KEY BDAY3 2013
The last fanart I drew on Key’s birthday~ ^^

My 12 days of Prelims ended! And I had a cold after that. But wheeee~ I survived. I don’t know how well I will do, or how badly may apply more… But at least for these few days, I will leave the worrying to the back of my head. ^^
During the 12 days, I did this…
prelim lock screen
Just nice, 12 days for 12 lock screens~ ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
And finally after my Ipod home screen had been there for a year, I changed it. And it was on Key’s birthday~ ^^ Lovely rainbow hair

After prelims, my family celebrated my mum’s birthday… WHY IS EVERYONE’S BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER? REALLY… But oh well, on her birthday, she bought me some Etude House products~ WHEEEEEEEEE~ She bought herself some stuff too. Because there was a 30% discount. ^_^ And I got my membership. YAY~ Next time I will buy a lot… T^T But really. 30% discount is no joke. And today I went again because for members, there’s 40% discount. And 40% is even… It’s so close to half price already. Oh my!

Okie, anyway~ here’s what my title means…

I am so in love with this couple. I cried watching this video. It actually didn’t occur to me that I have been following them for probably more than 2 years. I mean, I followed beautifymeeh not long ago, but Yunwoo is already 1 year old! Which means I followed that channel for a year and a half. And I follow bubzbeauty even longer… Oh my~ But I really like these 2 channels. Not really for their makeup tutorials but really for their vlogs. ^_^
Seeing bubz and Tim get married is like… WOW~ CONGRATS~! ^_^

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Okay, happy things end here. Because next post is going to be an unpleasant one… WHY! WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THAT! HAISH… There’s no day peace will come until they wake up from their… actions?

When I thought I could hold it in…

20 Sep

I read 10080 because there were just too many people talking about it… [fanfic 10080] It got me so into the story, it made me take interest in binary codes… And it made me cry… Not because I am not a Baekyeol shipper, nor was I imagining scenes, I cried when I finally read “short lifetime”… Because I wasn’t a Baekyeol shipper, I didn’t try to picture the story. I read it just as I was reading any book or story, and boys love story of course. (Because I touched that when I shipped Taiwan artistes XiaoZhu and XiaoGui) I read the story, and I couldn’t resist. In fact I knew the ending because I read a part of it first. I did not cry when I finished the story, but cried when I figured out the last binary code. It made me realise how fragile our lives are. Anything may happen this very minute and I don’t want to see what consequences it brings. Maybe because the song played at the point of time was SHINee’s I’m with you, which made me especially emotional, maybe it was because the time was past midnight and I was feeling really lonely in the dark. Whatever it was, my tears just fall without any notice… I knew many cried because of the story, but I thought I was strong. Well, maybe not. But no matter what, I really like this fanfic. It got me back to reading English fanfics since I took a break from reading Chinese ones because exams were coming up. Wheee! But I know I shouldn’t be reading… T^T Okay. Once in a while!

I bought another XOXO album! LOL. I’ve decided there isn’t much chance of using the money I saved the whole year because I can’t go to the concerts coming up in Singapore… And so…
Sehun ID
Sehun’s ID! Not that this maknae OF MY AGE is my bias… LOL. But I really don’t deny he has a pretty and handsome face!!!
[If you want to know if I’m trading, tweet me @fangSHINeeEXO or comment; ONLY SINGAPORE PLEASE. And I have Chanyeol’s already, and I am okay with trading other album pcs too~]
And last week.. When I was walking around the mall.. HAHAHA I saw a fanboy at the Kpop section of Comics Connection… Hehehe! But well, I saw this! ^^
sehun badge
Last week, I went to meet a bunch of friends, online friends, or shall I call us Whatsapp friends? We got together because of a girl who looked for people to form a dance crew (to get together and be friends and maybe better than friends). Well, because of this I am really thankful to her. She found me a place that I’d like to be, she found me the people I could talk to, and be crazy with. I hugged her on our first meeting. But I was in a rush to leave, so… But it was nice, meeting up. I traveled half a Singapore to get to the meeting place, sat for like around half an hour, while trying to invade the privacy of a Korean guy who sat next to me, and then traveled half a Singapore back home. I THINK I LIVE IN THE VILLAGE… OR COUNTRYSIDE. LOL. Too far from the city… Lucky I am moving next year. But it was worth the time. To meet up with this bunch of people. Oh yes, we all love EXO. Not only EXO, I am glad most or all of them like SHINee too~ ^^ Wheeeeeeee~ We don’t talk that often, and we only met once (and not all came), but it was nice knowing we will have someone to talk to when we want to. We share random pictures on our group and we post crazy selcas or unglam photos, just for the fun of it. I am like the 2nd oldest in the group but I feel like I’m fine with it. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeee~ Having fun while handling crazy exams.

It will be next friday before my next post… (actually no.. Because Key’s birthday is coming up) Another week of exams! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I don’t know why, but I am actually enjoying the exams… Owhhh… I guess as long as I am not having lessons I am fine… LOL. So after exams, how do I survive the 3 weeks?! *sigh… 69 more days? Or 68… To the end of it. The end of my 12 years of education… LOL so far yet so near? I don’t know how I survived the 12 years but I did, so I should be able to hang on for 68 more days..

When I am bored…

8 Sep

Not exactly. I am so busy but… LOL
The following 2 pictures will show that I am really not good at drawing… LOL WHAT ARE THESE! RARR
1st try
2nd try
Okay, finally, I decided side view isn’t the best idea… But the girl look like a mad woman… messy hair…
And wheeeeeeeee~ Another of SHINee’s song~ LOL

I should continue doodling… Maybe it’ll get better… Hopefully~~