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9 Mar

I’ve left long enough… Months that I spent my time wrongly, doing stuff that didn’t get me anywhere… Or I was too busy… BUT I AM BACK! OH MY GOSH I AM BACK! I CAN’T HIDE HOW EXCITED I AM TO START BLOGGING AGAIN. Oh gosh. I miss babbling.

Yes so I stopped because I moved, and there was no wifi at my new house at that time. But as soon as the wifi came, my job came too. And my shifts usually takes my whole day 10-10… And I couldn’t find an effort to blog. 😦 And then after that, I went back to China to visit my grandparents during the Chinese New Year period and there was no access to wordpress. sigh. And it’s really hard to get back to my normal life after a holiday. Especially at such a cold place. Winter makes people lazy. Laughs. And well but I’ve decided I’m not going to waste my life anymore. I am back!

Yes, I mentioned I may have been busy. Yes, roleplaying… I’ve took some time off it, not totally off, but I’m stopping myself from looking at it 24/7. Yes… It took too much of my time, my effort, and my feels. And I don’t see much things I’ve gotten out of it. At least I think not yet? I don’t know. I need to lead my life normally again.

And I’m finally back to running properly. Yes… Finally… Luckily for me, my weight didn’t bounce back too much during the 1.5 months I stopped. And I’ve tried it out again today, my stamina is still there. phew! And SHINee’s Everybody album is still a great one for pacing myself. ^_^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Shall slowly increase my running time to what my maximum was before I got lazy. sigh.

And I’ve decided to finally settle down, clear my thoughts, and decide for myself what I want. I should stop being a lazy person. And stop being stupid. Stop believing too easily. And stop getting my hopes high. Because people won’t care… No matter how much I wish. I should get back to my normal lifestyle, even if I am still roleplaying, I will.

I’ve gotten sick of all the lies. And I’ve got hurt enough, I’m going to stop myself from it. It sucks. And you don’t know. I treat people the way they do to me. And I’ve seen it. You never tried. You say so, but nothing proves. I lost count on the number of times I believed, now I will stop. I will stop because you hurt me enough. I’ll stop myself. I’ll never take anything from you seriously, anymore.

OKAY OKAY, enough of sadness. ^_^ I’ve gotten my A levels results. Owh, the one I dreaded for 3 months~~ HAHAHHAHA! Not good, but not the worst I imagined. Kinda relieved. phew! Kekekekekeke! And I’ve been learning to drive. Well, taking driving lessons seems like a better description. Because it’s so fun! If they allowed, I’d start driving alr! HAHAHAHAHAH! ^_^ But well they don’t~ So I can only keep booking the freaking expensive lessons so I can drive! HAAHAHAHHA Hopefully I pass at 1st try? Though I shouldn’t give it much hope since so many people I know failed the first time. KEKEKEKEKKEKE BUT STILL THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WILL DEFINITELY FAIL RIGHT? MUAHAHAHHAHA!



SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 5

6 Dec

Day 5 – A SHINee song that makes you sad
SHINee’s I’m With You from Boys Meet U album!
It’s a japanese song. It is smooth and and actually it is a really encouraging song, but it makes me sad when I listen to it because of some matters~ But well, that’s the only SHINee song I cried to, so I guess it is the song that makes me sad. I can’t find this song on YouTube. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough or maybe it got blocked, anyways, i have the lyrics in the post: SHINee I’m With You
Okay the song in that post is a recorded live version sang at their Japan concert I suppose. ^^

Doing the craziest things…

30 Nov

My A levels officially ended! Yay! It was fun doing it. And now it’s over~ I don’t feel much. Maybe because it felt like it never started. I went on with life as usual during the A levels period. And now that I am free from exam, and of course free from school, I seriously feel like I can fly.
Been doing the craziest stuff lately.
1) I started to roleplay. My friend brought me into it, she is the admin of the group. I will just stick to this one roleplay because I start to find myself doing it all the time. I get more notifications on this facebook account than my personal facebook account. LOL I seriously see how I don’t make use of facebook at all from this. And of course my roleplay character is Key. Hahahaha! Almost joined as one of the EXO members, but decided not to.

2) I bought EXO Wolf hoodies~ ^_^ A sleeveless blue-grey one and a long sleeved red one. And because the seller of the long sleeved one was late, making me wait for an hour (because she actually contacted the wrong number. LOL), I had an extra 88 snapback. RARR. Great! Saved me 10 bucks~ Even though I had no intentions to get that. Hahah!

3) Yesterday, I went out to meet friends. I met some of them before and another person was from the roleplay (and I didn’t know). We had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant and I must say I am so happy we ate there. They played a full SNSD concert on their TV, which actually was so distracting… And we were the first customers so we had the best seat. And while BBQ-ing we kept watching the TV. RARR. Then when it finished, they changed to 2AM, but they somehow heard about us talking about SHINee, so they switched again. Keke~ Such nice people. My first time eating Korean BBQ, it was nice. I didn’t know I could take kimchi soup… I thought I’d puke at it. Oh, it saved my life because I am glad I am neutral to it, and I do not dislike it. Well, kimchi is still not what I’d eat with rice at all (I learnt that from the Korean store that existed long ago in my school). But when I had it BBQ-ed and wrapped inside the vege with the meat, it was actually nice. ^_^

4) After the meal we rushed to see LC9. Okay, so it was actually one of the girls I met that likes a person in LC9 and she pushed us to finish all the meat and quickly leave. I am guilty to have hid some meet under the leftover kimchi because we really couldn’t eat anymore. So we flagged a cab and rushed to Bugis Junction for their fansign. And we were lucky we were not that late. The fansign was scheduled to start at 7.30pm but I guess they only arrived at 8pm… We were their around 8.20pm? I am not even sure. And so the other girls, including me, were taking photos while we let the girl watch her idol. And, yes this is crazy for a reason because we actually stood on chairs at the MacDonald’s beside the stage to watch them. LOL. Okay, my mum did this before… But this is my first time… I must say I wouldn’t even dare to do this is I was still in school. I feel like such a free soul because I got no reputation to ruin now. Hahaha! Well, I just committed my first ever Kpop fansign to LC9… Errrr… Okay… Can… But I doubt SHINee or EXO will even be holding fansigns in Singapore anymore so I guess this is worth it. >_>
Clearest of the cutest photos that were in my lousy phone. The guy in white shirt is the one my friend likes. Okay, apart from him being a gentleman I do not know him at all. He handed over his mic to the emcee when the emcee’s one had a problem. And he wasn’t even done wiping his sweat. LOL.
Of course later we were scolded for standing on the chairs (along with other fans we dont know) and some unhappy stuff happened that did not become worse because the 2 crazy people (me and friend) happened to not hear the hush comment so… Luckily we didn’t, that what I thought afterwards.

5) We danced at a corridor… Really, after they start to sit down and sign, we left, and found ourselves a deserted place in a shopping mall. It was at the back of a hall? I suppose. We danced for almost an hour but luckily no one came. Well, at last a waiter pushed a trolley past and we got embarrassed so we left. Of course he did not see us dance. Phew~

6) Today I crazily posed beside the SHINee poster (not really?) outside Etude House at JEM…
Only after looking at this photo that I realise my cousin is really tall. Haha~ And he says Taemin standie is in as an extra. Laughs. But luckily there was no one when I took the photo. Phew.

7) Spent like SGD95 (?) at Etude House in 2 days. (And I am spending another 20 tmr) But I at least know I can do a makeover at Etude for free. LOL. When I went the first time, the makeup artist was there and I was lucky, he just did makeup for me, half teaching me how to do it myself. LOL. But I guess I will still go to him on the day of my Prom. Keke! Don’t dare to risk a screw-up on the day itself

Ohwell, I guess I am crazy enough already, but I think there are more things I’d try out. ^_^

Anyways, Chanyeol’s birthday passed, but still..
Chanyeol bday
Did not do pen drawing and I drew a chibi… I couldn’t stand my ugly drawing of the try-to-look-like-him piece… Keke!

[SHINee] I’m with you – english lyrics, 歌詞

2 Sep

This time I decided to do it like that, because I like to see 3 lyrics side by side! Kekekeke! Love the song~ From SHINee’s Japanese album, Boys Meet U~
Recording of live version. There is no CD version on YouTube, or I can’t find. Well, I won’t risk uploading and getting blocked. So yeah~ This is nice enough, listen to Taemin’s soft amazing voice! ^^

SHINee I'm with you
I did the Chinese translations from the English ones, and with a little help of the Google Translator from the Japanese lyrics, which didn’t help at all! LOL.
Doing this because I couldn’t find Chinese translations around (or it’s just me who didn’t find…) But oh well, enjoy~

First love~ Rum Pum Pum Pum

27 Jul

Wow! How many days have this mv been released? 3 million views chasing after 4 million. This is crazy~~ But I love it!
The song describes first love as the wisdom tooth?! The painful process of growing it and getting it removed… Awww, thinking about it makes me feel the pain! It will be an experience that will not be forgotten just like first love! It is a cute analogy but then… I should stop imagining!!!
Overall the song is really cute and beautiful. I like this song better than electric shock even if the latter is more catchy and makes me want to dance to it. I prefer Rum Pum Pum Pum maybe because it gives a lively and cute feel.
f(x) just made me see them in a different way again~ ^^ It is so amazing seeing these girls acting so differently on stage and on variety shows. From Amazing f(x), they were such fun and outgoing girls. From their comeback stages, they were so charismatic and all that~ Especially Sulli. She isn’t the cute little girl from before. She became really cool and more sexy I would say. Although Krystal is also the maknae and in fact more maknae than Sulli, the sexiness came to Krystal naturally. But from this song, I saw Sulli becoming more sexy~ Kekeke! (But I was just wondering… How is Krystal going to film a drama with her pink hair? Or have they not start filming yet? O_O) And Luna slimmed down a lot! But she is still “muscular” and I am glad because she is still healthy. ^^ Amber is as cool as always. She’s probably the best female rapper I’ve seen! Heehee! And on a side note, she and her sister look like they are clones! O_O Saw them from Go f(x)! and I was so amazed. Victoria seemed a little less lively on Amazing f(x) and I really thought Vic and Luna had something going on between them. But they seem fine now, so I am happy for them! ^^ And Vic umma was really nice to fans at their filming so at least she is okay, I hope.

I am so happy for their comeback! They got a great song. It is really addictive! Hope they will do well and SM quickly get them a official fandom name~ I hope the best for the girls! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Proud of my boys!! ♥

14 Jul

130714~Performance by SHINee and EXO

130714 SHINee Dream Girl – Video Dailymotion.

(Had to upload this onto my channel but it is private, so people can only see this from my blog! ^^ SBS blocked all of them from me T^T)
I heard that SHINee went to SBS straight after they landed in Gimpo airport. WOW! I must say they were fantastic! They probably didn’t get much rest but they did so great! ^^ So proud of them. Dream Girl is really a performance that I will never get bored of, along with Wolf, so in my opinion, SM did great this year in choosing songs and choreographer! ^^ Although their ear-mics look so off from their mouth I could hear them sing! ^^ Muahaha! Which is why SHINee never fails to impress me! ^^ And they made me stay as a shawol.^^

And here are the Wolf Boys~ EXO

[1080P]130714 EXO – Wolf [Inkigayo] – Video Dailymotion.

Their goodbye stage!!! ^^ So great! As I’ve said I LOVE LIVES! ^^ Yay!! And I actually like the costume today! ^^ BLACK~~~~ Black is sexy to me, somehow~~ ^^
I said I was going to have a post dedicated to EXO, but then I realised it will take me longer than I thought, I am in the midst of doing it… Sorry for the wait! RARR! There are just too many things to catch up~ I am reading from chinese fansites to get a better understanding of the groups, but then the chinese fansites write ESSAYS! LONG ESSAYS! And they were interesting to read but time consuming, so I need more time! Sorry! ^^ But I promise I will have it up~~~ But for a preview~ Lemme give you a Chanyeol~~
GIF cr: fangkeyyyyy
I am so into making gifs!! ^^ heeheee~ we’ll see more gifs in my posts! Look forward! ^^

Fortune… Believe or not?

7 Jul

(transcript below) There was one sentence that the reporter said that Guigui will get married 5 years later (that was in 2008). AND IT FREAKING CAME TRUE! I actually didn’t realise until I saw it in the comments… I was still calculating when is the ‘5 years later’. AND I WAS LIKE THIS YEAR! AND SHE GOT MARRIED TO TAECYEON. LIKE OMG I GOT GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER…
By the way, this is the show that Taecyeon and 2PM watched that she kissed the guy, during their housewarming party. Guigui has grown so much from then.

Guigui: Xiaogui (another actor in the show) went to play
Guigui+Reporter: He went to Hong Kong
Reporter: Xiaogui went to Hong Kong to watch Xiaozhu’s concert, Aaron (Yalun) and Guigui are busy filming MIT. This day (the day the reporter visited), Guigui becomes the NG queen. She becomes upset and blames(?) Aaron.
Guigui: You didn’t say a bit of encouragement today
Aaron: Did I do that?
Guigui: You watched with a cold eye (?!!) (Just saying he stayed out of her business and didn’t really care) And you still rolled your eyes
Aaron: I didnt… Because… (nothing to say)
Guigui: When you NG I didn’t even roll my eyes. Jiang xin bi xin (no direct translation I guess, but it just means ‘see, I didn’t even roll my eyes, how could you?!’)
(Awkward laughter…)
Aaron: So I didn’t cheer you on just now, you’re very depressed now?
Guigui: More or less yes…
Reporter: The two are a quarrelsome pair both in the show and offscreen. Even if they are filming in a romantic garden, where one can imagine the main characters of the show may become married one day and have children… and such romatic imagination, the two are still quarreling (jokingly).
Someone with deeper voice: If you two ring the bell together will you get married?
Aaron: I don’t know, let’s try it
Guigui: What if we get married? (WORRIED^^)
Guigui: What if we get married? I want to go Greece (for honeymoon)
Aaron: She says she wanna go … honeymoon…
Guigui: Will you bring me there?
Aaron: Let me think… Greece? You really want to go to Greece? I want to go to Venice first because it is going to disappear soon
*Guigui sings a song related to Venice
The person with deep voice again: Guigui will you agree to go to Venice?
Guigui: I don’t want. I want to go to Greece, I don’t care, you must give in to me
Aaron: Sigh* Can tell how she will be after she gets married
Guigui: ‘San cong si de’ (it actually means woman must always follow men, no matter father, husband or son, but Guigui used it for the opposite)
Reporter: Fortune teller says that Guigui will get married five years later when she is 24 (Korean age 25). Guigui is both wishful but scared of getting hurt. While Aaron talks about (in a gossipy way) the real reason why Guigui wants to get married
Aaron: You really want to get married…
Guigui: Getting married is not bad
Aaron: (says the reason) Because fortune teller says you will meet some hardship two years later
Guigui: SHHHHHHHHHHH Don’t say it out! (HITS)
Aaron: Why not?
Guigui: Don’t say! Or it will not be accurate
Aaron: Then don’t let it be accurate (hopes it won’t come true!)
Guigui: Don’t say it already! T^T Yubai is going to air it (Yubai is a variety show that screened this interview)
The woman with deep voice: (you) said it’s not bad if you have a child at 19 (she was 19 then)
Guigui: No, I was saying if I grow up (turn mature?) Because I am the only child and I only have my mother (I couldn’t catch what she said about her mother… too soft)
Aaron: Wow, a filial daughter