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WooKey ♡ Toheart

10 Mar

To be very honest… when I was a kid… Not that young, but when I used to plan story plots and never write them… I actually named a brand toheart. AND OH MY GOSH HERE THEY ARE! MUAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH~ Actually.. no link. Okie. Kekekekeke! But my lovelies~~~ XDDD


I have a thing when Key puts extremely smoky eyeliner, espeically on the lower eyeline. OWH GOSH. faintsforamilliontimes.

So lovely to watch… Wow. Like if I am not wrong the mv is trying to make the viewer think that those 2 guys are fighting for her? LOL SO I THINK YEAH~ ESPECIALLY THE PART IN THE CAFE. HFFS~ WHEN KEY THREW WOOHYUN’S FLOWER AWAY. I BET THAT WAS NOT SCRIPTED! LOL. Idk~ I’m just guessing~ XD

I especially love the parts when the boys look like they are brothers, or rather best friends since childhood… Sleeping together and all~ < 3 I wanna get them as twins. Okie.. Kidding. But the part when they were brushing teeth and washing up in the morning~ Shoooooo cute XD And there is an uncut at the end XDDDDDDDDDDDD Lovely!!

Can't wait to get my album!! XD Finally I am ordering it online. I have gotten enough of cd-rama store in Singapore. The only store that ever answers my email for preorders is the one near my school, and I don't go there anymore… And it is so out of the way~ Shall always order my albums online from now on~ They aren't even that much more expensive LOL! Only the postage fee… but well~ If I order 2 albums at a time it seems reasonable~ XD Looks forward to my SM The Ballad Album and Toheart!!! XD

I’m just so glad for them having this chance, to produce an album together~ So so glad. And just hope their friendship last long XD


KIM KIBUM~ MY LOVE~ Happy Birthday~ ♥

22 Sep

A year ago, I was waiting for the magical moment to come. The first time I ever wish Key happy birthday. The first year I got into Kpop, the first year I liked SHINee, and the first year I knew I could like a person so much, even if he is so extremely out of reach. I think my love for him is deep till a point that I can’t even describe it. It isn’t just love, the possessive one, the one with jealousy; my love seems to be over that stage. I love him for who he is. For the first time, this kind of feeling occurred to me. I respect him, I idolise him, I love him and I support him. Not that he has no flaws, but I see everything and I accept them. I see him co-working with female stars and I like it. With anyone. Eunji and Dana (recently)… I like Eunji from Reply 1997 so that doesn’t really count. But I liked Dana because of Key… Yesterday when I was looking at B&C musical photos of Key and Dana, I was actually really happy. Happy that Key got this role, happy that Key did it, happy that he is that professional and all. I’ve sort of decided to love him and support him till the end of time. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. He isn’t the perfect one. But I still love him, for who he is.
KEY BDAY2 2013
Transformation from pencil to pen!! ^^ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I’ve decided I’m never doing pencil sketching… But what if one day I decided to do a A2 sized drawing?! *^* I don’t know… Pen draw until I drop…
Key pencil and pen

Thank you… Thank you for giving me so much strength, thank you for always showing me your happy face, thank you for being happy always, thank you for your exaggerating laughter, thank you for appearing right in front of my face…
Continue to be happy, continue to smile, continue to love, continue to work hard. I will support you till the end. No matter how old I get, I will proudly say “My idol is Key!”
Have a happy day. Have a happy birthday!♥


14 May

Sorry I’ve disappeared for a long time again~ I fell sick again! 😦 I just got sick three months ago and I am sick again! Clearly shows how stressful JC2 life is. I also suspect it is because I am too busy with SYF, tests, tuition, and I keep sleeping at 1am. I shouldn’t have. I am wrong! T^T I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! It’s so not worth it that I sleep so late because I wasted my time on the computer, doing nothing constructive. I shall sleep at 11pm everyday!! ^^ DREAM ON~ LOL. I should try to keep to sleeping at 12 midnight everyday. But anyway IT IS WEEK 8 ALREADY! YAY! JUST TWO AND A HALF MORE WEEKS TO SURVIVE!!! And then comes the one month holiday. Though it will be rather dull because I have to study for mid years during the month, I guess it is still enjoyable to be able to wake up later than 6.30am every morning. BUT I WILL STILL SLEEP AT 12 MIDNIGHT! 😀 I am so sleep deprived because of school that even if I spent all my day time sleeping when I was sick, I still feel tired and sleepy at night. May be because the sickness, but sleep is probably another factor~

Today I went to trade my WSS Onew pc for Key’s~ Yay! First Key PC.
But remember I had 2 Onew pc? Now I have both Onew and Key~~ ^^ HEEHEES~
I never knew I could get asked to trade. I was searching for a person to trade for Key’s on twitter, but maybe whatever I keyed into the search bar isn’t relevant or something, I don’t see many people posting to trade WSS pc. But I am still lucky enough, and I get A KEY PC! ^^

But I am missing Jonghyun badly. Everytime I see the 4 of them dancing to WSS, I will enjoy the song, but afterwards I will think about Jonghyun. Hopefully he will join SHINee SOON!!! ^^ Really hope to see them 5 together again!! I look forward to SWC this year, if there is. And I really hope it will be after my A levels. So I CAN ATTEND! ^^ And if SMTOWN IS COMING TO SG AGAIN~ I WILL NOT MISS IT THIS TIME!! I have so many things to look forward to. But for now, I still have to deal with school, tests, projects… Teachers are never reasonable. We are YEAR 6 ALREADY! LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL, WE ARE FACING A LEVELS, AND WHAT? YOU STILL WANNA GIVE US PROJECTS? Does that even make sense? ._. okie. I should stop complaining, I will go get some rest. Shall sleep now, and I will post on B1A4 and 2PM albums soon! I PROMISE! I AM SO SORRY I ALWAYS TALK ABOUT WHAT I WANNA POST BUT TAKE SO LONG TO DO IT. Shall set myself a time. I should do for at least one album by this weekend! ^^ Okie~ Seeyas~

Keeping myself busy lately.

30 Mar

Hopefully I am doing a picture update… I am not so sure yet, let’s see~

Today, at around 00.10? I am not so sure what time it was. I was at the airport, waiting for my mum to arrive. And there were many people I suspected something was wrong. And it was true. Some stars were arriving, and my dad, went to join the fun. I lost him in the crowd for awhile, then finally spot him. He blended in well with all the fans… ._. Anyway, I prepared my camera, Canon PowerShot SX40 HS, waited and waited, and I figured out Zai Zai Zhou Yu Min and Wu Zun were here. There was someone else, someone I don’t really know of so I don’t remember the name.
You see a Wu Zun? Sadly, I didn’t catch a good shot of Zai Zai (cause I forgot my shutter speed is slow, I should’ve change to sport mode)… T^T So, when Zai Zai came out, those fans just said “hi” and nothing really happened. Then, Wu Zun came and they screamed while I was busy shooting. Then after he walked pass, I checked my camera, and then woooooosh, I got pushed by his fans trying to chase after him. I didn’t like that, but I guess it is unpreventable. I tried that before, being one of the fans of Alien Huang (Xiao gui) I was at the airport, the exact same spot trying to get photos of him. But failed terribly. Which is why I worked and earned $$ to get my own camera, just to realise a x50 zoom came out a year later (for the same price). I almost tore the newspaper advertisement. Heehee. But anyway, my camera came from my hard work, I will still love it. And of course, because the day I went to see Alien Huang was an afternoon, there were more people and people pushed more. I grabbed my friend’s hand and followed after him, till I couldn’t anymore. I was pushed along the way, maybe I was pushing too, but I tried to be careful. But the Wu Zun fan that pushed me was really trying to get me out of her way, that wasn’t nice. Because I wasn’t at the airport as a fangirl, I was waiting for my mum. It was pure coincidence that the stars came, and I just wanted to get some photo for fun, and then the unhappy thing happened. Okay, I have a feeling I am complaining too much. @.@ Anyway, lucky thing is no one was hurt. I urge all fans to really take care of themselves at the airport. You sure don’t want to fall down in front of your idol right?

Well, lately, I’ve been getting into a study mode, and it is a good thing. But I can’t get away from wordpress easily. I want to post, but I am short of time. So I sort of promised myself to post at least once a week. We’ll see how it goes. ^^ And also, during my break time, I started this:
Don’t worry, I fixed it after “painting”
It’s happy and walking~ but let’s take a look at the back!
What do you think it is?
Heehee~~ I really feel that it don’t look perfect. But anyway, life isn’t perfect, so I like the imperfection! ^^ And what do you think I worked with?
YEAH~ NAIL POLISH! Although the base colour is a face it! nail polish, which isn’t in the photo, it came in a nail kit with three colours: pink, yellow and blue. Since it is made to have KEY in it, so it is PINK! ^^ The other nail polish are from SaSa. I hope one day I can make a set of five, with all the SHINee members and send it to them as a gift, provided I know the SAFEST way that it will DEFINITELY reach them. Heehee! ^^ BIG DREAM! But I will always keep it in my to-do list!