20 Jan

Oh- That’s totally me. I kinda lack this motivation to keep blogging, for some reason;
Anyway, finals killed me last semester; and being so drained, I fully utilised the holidays to recharge, doing things I like, and having the fun that is long awaited.

I never knew it could be so fun, just hanging out with the people, whom I can never get bored with. It’s not like we’ve met that long, but the bond is just so strong. With a bit of awkwardness here and there at times, we’re still moving on as one, and coming together more. The decision to step up, to make a change to my life, was right. But I would thank my friends, around me too. Without their encouragement, I may not even have taken the first step, then there goes my chance to fulfill my dream. I hold grudges, and I would always remember how I failed my first ever group interview, at age of 12/13? I was just a quiet and scared kid, sitting in a room with 3 interviewers and 4 peers. I was always the last to speak when a question was asked, no wonder I failed it anyway. And I dared not try again in any way, and the fact that people around me weren’t supportive of such activities, the flame in me died too, I became part of those who start criticising student activities behind their backs… Well, only that I don’t see how much effort people put in, and how hard they try. Well, I wouldn’t say they did well, but maybe they did their best. Come on, we’re all students, teenagers… Just learning how to crawl, we shouldn’t have expected them to fly. We should have given them chances, see what they did, instead of what they didn’t; give them the chance to prove that they can, even if they can’t.

At 20, I finally can say I did myself justice, passing the interview, and now, on the path, to hold a great event. Being part of the team for freshmen orientation project, I cannot help but look forward to what to expect; how many new faces would I recognise, how many new friends would I make, how many people will see me… It’s going to be a fun and fulfilling experience for me, build an even from scratch. We’ve finished just the first step. I don’t know what exactly I felt when I saw my poster design advertised everywhere. Maybe I was proud because I made it, learned ps in a few hours and created that design; or maybe I am just pure happy that people are looking at my work, my design (with the help of my fellow members), what I spent hours making. This is the kind of joy no one can place within me, neither can anyone steal it from me.

Anyway, after the disappointing first semester, I kind of… went crazy and I am currently in a very relaxed semester… I mean- I didn’t realise it until the second week of school that I should have spread out the modules of light workload to different semesters, and not cramp everything to this semester. Ah– But what’s done is done, at least the subjects I am taking now are far more interesting… Even the core modules are interesting- Oh just forget about the boring lecturers though. I am still hoping one day that all my modules will be in my faculty and I wouldn’t need to travel around at all- Oh dream on. Hah! Alright, I hope I pull through this semester. Nah– I hope I do well this semester! *v* PRAYS-

And I am so looking forward to my Jonghyun’s single BASE! Waiting for you~ I will slowly wait though. Patience— Will update soon when it is then-

//ps I feel that I would change a blog or something, or rather I am going to post some things on another blog. I would still keep this, since I don’t want to post kpop stuff on there. :3 Oh except for songs to listen to though. But just songs. Heh. Yep, Signing off with the link to my other blog, which is empty now. https://blissfulabsence.wordpress.com/


Miss me?

20 Sep

I am BACK. Life had been so hectic. Never so hectic ever. It wasn’t a shock I went missing. Okay I honestly don’t know where I disappeared to in May-June. Exactly where? Maybe it was work + driving lessons (And I failed my first driving test – screw me, but it’s okay.)? Not so sure. Then July was really bad since I had 3 camps to attend. Well, and I do realise there are just people I don’t click well with. Ever since primary school, it was like this. Going through 3 camps made me realise this more. I don’t know, but the problem seems to lie in me. Well, that’s not the point. Being anti-social is normal for me, I know, but well, there are just people who… Um… are going to make me shut my mouth and do nothing. Hah, well, who knows. I guess, I’ve accepted it and I won’t change it, I won’t hope to become the most sociable person, I’ll live with this me. ^^

/inserts this cause I am listening to this while blogging/

And well there comes the exciting parts. The very last camp I attend: Science Orientation Week (SOW), was really where I made great friends and enjoyed the most. Well, the camps started fine with the first, LifeScienceCamp. It was really fun too! But of course the highlight of the camp, beach day, was ruined due to wet weather. But it was cool hanging out with the people. They are really cute and nice. And of course we had fun seniors around it made everything even better. And well, our group even won the best group! Hah!

Then second camp was dreaded. I almost thought I wouldn’t go for it. But I went, cause I paid. As I expected, I didn’t like the camp at all. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO LIKE A CAMP WHERE YOU THROW SANITARY PADS AROUND. Ugh. I just didn’t feel good about it. Well, I mean not everyone minded, but then… Well, that doesn’t work for me. So I disappeared for beach day. Well, I didn’t click well with my groupmates anyway. The only part that was really nice was with my special pal. Date night was ruined cause of an attention seeking senior, plus the fact that we had 8 pairs going out together, I just wasn’t the talker in big groups (unless I am super close to all of them, which obviously wasn’t the case).  But the talk was nice, and he was a really nice guy. But well nice guys are always taken. Lucky girlfriend. Hah! Fright night was really frightening. I cried, and I learnt my lesson. I shall NEVER EVER TRY THIS KIND OF STUFF AGAIN. But lucky to have a gentlemen beside yes, but I spent 1 month bathing with my bathroom door open and with loud music cause I was scared.

Okay then the third camp. Truly speaking, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, because of bad experiences from the second camp. But once again, I paid… But the camp turned out to be great! But because there were so many people in the group, I couldn’t even remember everyone’s name by the end of the camp (confession =3=). But we still had fun. Games were same old good, at least no throwing pads… The camp was a great help to bidding for modules. Which I had almost no clue at. Hah! Seniors were nice and approachable! Really! Though the group didn’t seem bonded at all at first, it turned out totally different afterwards. Beach day was fun, but I came home ten shades blacker, and I am still in recovering phase. Hah! I missed a day of the camp for a family meeting but returned for finale. I was debating whether to go back or not, but I did in the end. It was the right choice.

And this time I went for the post-camp activity. Night rider. Well, cycle for a whole night and I slept for 24 hours straight. (which made me miss the chalet with my first camp group, not cause I slept through the days of the chalet but cause I was simply too tired, I just wanted to slump at home) Okay, not straight cause I woke up to watch drama for like 2 hours. But cycling for the whole night made me remember more names. Hah! (secret!) And well it was fun blasting Kpop on the streets when no one is around. But of course it was tiring, I skipped work and skipped an outing because of it. Still, it was a good experience.

night rider

Then there were many activities planned for freshmen and all, I skipped some and attended some. And there came school. It was hard to adapt to sleeping less at first. But I guess I am all good right now. Well, I was still doing last minute work and all until week 6 (this week). I suddenly woke up from my dream or something. I was ahead of time for all my assignments, and I attended all lectures (well I never skipped lectures anyway) and tutorials (though I changed a tutorial slot because my slot was too full and people had to sit on the floor zzz). I am so proud of myself. I shall keep up this good work. But one thing is I have no activities outside of school. Well, I guess it would be even harder to cope if I had one. Maybe after I settled I will get one. Or maybe I will get a class outside. Yes I considered a class. But I gave up because I thought I couldn’t manage my time well. Maybe that’s why I suddenly woke up for week 6. I wanted to show myself I can do it. Hm? Maybe. I will try, and get better. Next week is term break so time to study and catch up with everything I don’t understand and face 3 tests in the 2 coming weeks. Heh! I am sure I can do it! And time to catch up with some blogging hm? ^o^

Okay~ dont with that~ And yes!! Taemin’s DEBUT!!!!!! Oh my! I was really really happy about it!!

I love the CD cover. And of course the poster, and photos and all! And songs! But well, Taemin’s hair TnT HAH!

taemin ace cd

taemin ace

And yes food~ Ugh! FOOD~ I should take photo of my school’s western food someday. CHEAP AND GOOD.

Fat Boy Burger place

Visited Gardens By the Bay when my aunt came to Singapore some time ago, I was proud of the photos my phone could take! Hah!


That was a really mixed-feeling surprise. I know it wasn’t real. But does it mean I am getting tracked? Is my IP getting tracked? O_O Scared…

Screenshot (583)

Done for now, I promise I will be back, soon!

Love ya~

Toheart~ Inserts many hearts~

14 Apr

I know I am such a bad person aiiish! Haven’t been a good girl updating~~ Okay like luckily I submitted all those documents to the universities in time.. LOL~ Lazy me as lazy as ever!
So~ Wheee~ I am such a spender when it comes to kpop items.. really… Well, but not that I don’t earn the money. I count myself lucky I am not earning to pay for like school fees or whatever.. I’m just earning my pocket money and money to spend on kpop stuff :3 heeeeeeeees~
Now I have a total of 4 albums, and 2 more on their way to me… I mean yeah… They are shipped already… So I just keep going to HMV because it is so near my workplace… gosh! Need to control myself!! And the previous time I went I asked the salesperson they said Toheart albums were sold out, then I went again yesterday there were Toheart albums! Now I wonder if they were really sold out or that the salesperson didn’t know so didn’t bother… Because well, I do those stuff too, if someone asks me for a brand I didn’t know I’d say, uhh we don’t carry it. KEKEKEKE~ Okay anyways~ So here~ 4 albums, 4 different pcs~ I count myself lucky for that! Really! Kekekekekek~ I love my pc luck! xD 2 more on the way, if I got all 6 without doing exchange I’ll start to worship myself. Okay kidding.. but yeah… *v* So happy~~
Okay I think I really need to complete my SHINee tag.. ._. aiish! soon~ XD

Toheart Album ♥

26 Mar

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ It’s here! After two weeks! Heh! First time ordering from Kpop Mart~ It’s fine though :3 I LOVE THE POSTER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
I dunno… maybe the previous posters were all not so… up to my expectations. heh~ Like Dream Girl and Why So Serious were like pixelated and Everybody one was small, and I only got 1 poster, screw the place that sells CD in Singapore. Hahahha!
Okie anyhow~~ Here~~~~~~

toheart and breath

Hohoho~ Woohyun’s pc~ Meaning I am definitely going to order another.. Or maybe two more… Since this poster is shooo nice~ Definitely getting another poster~ Shall do it after I get my pay, well, it’s not too far, next week… heh heh heh~

p.s. Owh yes I have been away again… Cause was working and yeah.. I have to finish dealing with all the university registration first. heh~ Will be better next month when everything closes and I just have to wait for results..

SHINee 30 Day Challenge Day 27

26 Mar

Day 27 – A post dedicated to Minho

I swear I wasn’t really into you at first… Like really.
Until one point of time.. I don’t know when… But I’m guessing it’s cause of Kang Taejun.

Yes him! I guess that was when I really started liking Choi Minho beyond just being Minho of SHINee~

And because I’ve never seen you much on dream team… If I had I guess I would have seen a different you from long ago

Okay.. I can’t find a gif of the jumping part…so…

I still love the couple high jump so much

The moment you went crazy because you won a car was priceless!

The flame in your eyes…

Well, but when you’re Minho of SHINee

I love how you try your best in everything, pursuing your dream even when your parents weren’t so supportive, thanks for becoming Minho.


< 3 Toheart

13 Mar


They were so cute! Oh my gosh! Cuteness overload! *v* So in love~


Well I’m really happy they’re actually promoting Tell me why :3 It’s a great song! RAWR!

Sorry I can’t be updating these few days~ Been trying to sleep early and all~ Needs to recover from my flu fully before I start work this saturday. heeees! XD

WooKey ♡ Toheart

10 Mar

To be very honest… when I was a kid… Not that young, but when I used to plan story plots and never write them… I actually named a brand toheart. AND OH MY GOSH HERE THEY ARE! MUAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH~ Actually.. no link. Okie. Kekekekeke! But my lovelies~~~ XDDD


I have a thing when Key puts extremely smoky eyeliner, espeically on the lower eyeline. OWH GOSH. faintsforamilliontimes.

So lovely to watch… Wow. Like if I am not wrong the mv is trying to make the viewer think that those 2 guys are fighting for her? LOL SO I THINK YEAH~ ESPECIALLY THE PART IN THE CAFE. HFFS~ WHEN KEY THREW WOOHYUN’S FLOWER AWAY. I BET THAT WAS NOT SCRIPTED! LOL. Idk~ I’m just guessing~ XD

I especially love the parts when the boys look like they are brothers, or rather best friends since childhood… Sleeping together and all~ < 3 I wanna get them as twins. Okie.. Kidding. But the part when they were brushing teeth and washing up in the morning~ Shoooooo cute XD And there is an uncut at the end XDDDDDDDDDDDD Lovely!!

Can't wait to get my album!! XD Finally I am ordering it online. I have gotten enough of cd-rama store in Singapore. The only store that ever answers my email for preorders is the one near my school, and I don't go there anymore… And it is so out of the way~ Shall always order my albums online from now on~ They aren't even that much more expensive LOL! Only the postage fee… but well~ If I order 2 albums at a time it seems reasonable~ XD Looks forward to my SM The Ballad Album and Toheart!!! XD

I’m just so glad for them having this chance, to produce an album together~ So so glad. And just hope their friendship last long XD